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  1. Thanks again for the review and pictures. While that is a HUGE amount of pics (you did warn us ahead of time) and I am not a big picture person (I take maybe 3-4 pics year on my phone), the array you took gives everyone at least some that are very helpful. On another note, I want to say (not in the creepy internat stalker guy way, please) that yoru daughter is a reak cutie. Also you and you husband look familiar, I may have seen Y'ALL (he he he) on a crusie or two. I'll watch for you guys on any roll calls for future crusies... Oh yeah, in the Miami area the hotels just south of teh airpory in the Blue Lagoon area are really nice and not too expensive! Give them a try next time.
  2. Great review, very informative. One of the best reviews I have read here, One minor thing... Any true Southerner knows the word is Y'ALL not YA'LL. Y'all is a contraction of "you all". Take out the "ou" and add the ap[ostrophe and you get Y'ALL. LOL 🙂 🙂 😉 Happy cruising to you and your family!
  3. Not sue why you would check twice (phone then PC). I just check in for everyone on my C and I', doen with it. As far as the picyure goes, it really does not matter since they almsot always take a new pic when you check in. I simply use a silhouette pic for everyone.
  4. Bring your own cord, just make sure it is a plain extension cord and does not have a built in surge suppressor. They will provide distilled water for you. Let them know ahead of time. There is a page on the NCL site to make ADA or other special requests, Enjoy your cruise.
  5. Well I do not know anyone named "U" but you can surrender as in a land based casino.
  6. I was speaking of the 5% the OP mentioned that was one day, which could have been easily deduced by the wording of the post I made.
  7. Most table games are a $10 minimum. Poker is $100 min $500 max to start. Have fun and good luck!
  8. No, it just goes to prove that the OP has no clue about how meaningless a one day price move for any given srock is in most instances. He is probably one of those silly day traders.
  9. Well seeing as there is no such thing as cabin tips in the first place, I doubt it is legit. Most likely something someone typed up based on opinions and other people's post across the internet. There is a DSC (Daily Service Charge) that, according to NCL is used to fund employee incentive programs. How that all is handled, no one outside ncl knows and honestly it is not anyone else's business. Enjoy your cruise! BTW per the FAQ on ncl's web site, while it is encouraged, tipping is not at all required on ncl.
  10. I had hashbrowms at Waffle House this morning. They were really good!
  11. Bye bye, don't let the cabin door hit you where the good lord split you!
  12. Apologies if my last couple of posts under my wife's account freaked people out. After months of trying to get her to sign up here, my wife finally got her own account and of course she did it on my computer instead of her laptop which is in for repairs and she did not log out when she was done... Some time you just can't win! Anyway, back to teh discussionat hand abd as before I hope everyone has a great cruise coming up soon!
  13. I don't think that there is any pronlem to fix. If you do not like the atrium simply do not go there. EOS
  14. There is always someone who pops in with that useless and meaningless bit of trivia. Yet none ever define 'popular' or provide support for that. Of course it is played by moer people, all you need to play is being able to kick a round bal that is hopefully not flat into a huge net with onf guy standing in front of it.. Then if you break a rule (what little there are) all they do is wane a yellow or red credit card in your face. 99% of the game is a guy methodically kicking the ball from one end of the field to the other then another guy doing the same thing the other way. YAWN. I'd rather watch real sports than kickball.
  15. Hi Tia, We VERY much prefer Cagney's over Le Bistro. I have never had an issue with noise level in any of the specialty dining (Tepppanyaki is noisy by nature of course), The food and menu selections are much much better at Cagney.s. As far as noise level goes, that all is kind of hit or miss anyway,, It depends on when ou go and what the crowd make up is at the time.
  16. "does anyone know if you can go to guest relations at the start of the cruise and put cash on your account" I know
  17. I'm not sure what ligit is, but most cruise lines show that lame kickball (a.k.a. soccer, the most boring game in the world) more than anything else. I'd much prefer they show a variety of real sports. But that is the way it is, legit or not.
  18. Hi Tia, welcoem to CC. Eiterh is fien , you will save money either way. Enjoy yoru cruises.
  19. It is an absolute fact. Thanks for asking, I did not intend to create such a ruckus. Sorry that so many people are choosing to get in such a stir iver my post! I'lll all of you to get back on track with the original topic od discussion. Enjoy your cruises...
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