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  1. Yes, overall very fair of HAL and grateful for the refund and future cruise credit. Best wishes to everyone booked on the NA in the coming weeks. We were disappointed to get cancelled but it would be even more disappointing if our holiday week cruise was cancelled.. From what I understand from researching this issue, it does not sound like they can repair it in the water. My understanding is a similar underwater repair on the Oosterdam has resulted in water leaking into the ship from the seal.
  2. The way the captain was talking the ship is not sea worthy enough to make it to the Carribbean. Any itinerary would likely be limited to the Bahamas. Sounds like they may need to dry dock it somehow to replace the Azipod.
  3. Azipod is "unrepairable". Awaiting one final regulatory approval to set sail on an undisclosed, modified itinerary. If approval does not come by 2pm EST they will cancel.
  4. Thanks for the sanity check, we all need them once in awhile. I understand your point, but isn’t that the service model - to provide passengers with a customized experience? No reason they can’t provide the many locals onboard the option to go home and get a refund, or even rebook any available cabins on the Konigsdam which is leaving today on the same itinerary. While I feel for the crew - they have been marvelous - this “hotel stay” is not what I paid for. Assuming we leave tomorrow morning as scheduled we will have missed nearly 30% of the trip.
  5. Thank you HappyInVan, yes the drain flush took care of the odor.
  6. Captain advised they may cancel the entire cruise. Repairs more significant than originally thought. Final decision by noon today. ☹️
  7. Morning all. No new information given onboard. We have relocated and are docked across from terminal 25 (cannot see the terminal number we are docked at. Celebrity Edge is in the birth across from us). I sure as heck hope we don't have to wait an additional day. As I said, we are local and can stay in a hotel in Ft Lauderdale anytime we want. At this point I'd rather they let us off and pro-rate a refund. I booked through Costco who will be alerted as well. Very, very disappointing experience all around.
  8. All good info. . .thank you! No ETA on departure. We've simply been told they will have more info I'm the morning.
  9. Thanks Stevedan, they did look at that - good thinking.
  10. Thanks all. The odor appears to be drain related. NA is at full capacity so no cabins for us to relocate to. They have flushed the drains Andi it is between but not as we would like. I believe the issue is one of the azipod thrusters and they have divers under the ship doing repairs which might explain the port authority boats
  11. Thanks to both for your responses. The bathroom odor is the worst of it. They've tried several times but no resolution yet. Very dissapointed with HAL. We are 3 star Mariners and this is the first such experience. Certainly changes our opinion of the cruise line. Also just learned the ship issue is the same repair the Oosterdam had in SanDiego a few weeks ago.
  12. We are currently on the Nieuw Amsterdam that is stranded in Port Everglades due to machanical issues. Cabin has strong mildew/musty odors and we didn't have a response for 4 hours after reporting the issue to shipboard services. When we didn't get a response from shipboard services within a couple hours I called HAL directly and finally got our stewards to show up to check out the odor issue (4 hours after reporting it). We're from Florida so we can stay in a hotel in Lauderdale any time we like which essentially is what we are doing now. Surprisingly several bars are out of certain spirits
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