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  1. I had the same question as the OP...Was your questionnaire in the same format? If so what did you select for your exemptions?
  2. Just got the email! If anyone needs the link let me know and I can help you out!
  3. Does anyone have the link for exemptions?(children under 12)I have not gotten an email and can't find anything on the carnival website. I know last time a lot of people never got the email and I want to be proactive.
  4. The key is to NOT cancel for these issues. Try to be patient and wait it out. There are so many horror stories about people missing out on OBC, losing deposits etc.
  5. This also shows the Breeze as 7/1 whereas Carnival already announced the first date as the 14th... keeping fingers crossed
  6. You won't lose the $300 OBC... You will just have to book another cruise to get it 😉
  7. I was on the Panorama the last cruise before shutdown. The workers in the candy shop would get the candy for you similar to the buffets and ice cream. Not sure if that is feasible in the future but is how they were handling it.
  8. We have done this several times with my wife and her mom(separate cabins). They will give you a sticker to put on your SS card. You hand them your card and they give you a key card to get in the heated rooms. On the Horizon they gave us the sticker on card as well as a wrist band to wear while there.
  9. I didn't share the answer but will share how I solved the clue... I noticed a few words were capitalized randomly. Put those words together along with 2020 and got the codes.
  10. We stayed in an ocean view family harbor room on the Horizon. We are booked for one in March on the Panorama. Really didnt have any dislikes. Only thing that might be negative is it is on one end of the ship so you do a little more walking... Likes- Rooms fit 5 people comfortably, lounge makes breakfast with young kids super easy especially on port days, close ice cream, they have finger foods and snacks in the afternoon, a coffee and hot chocolate machine, and one free night for night owls at the camp ocean. My kids are too young for video games but others seems to have a blast playing.
  11. Got it! Thanks again for all your hard work Cabo Bob. the Code is in the Message if you Know Where to Look...
  12. It was actually on an ad in the app that I saw... I would never have figured it out eith It was actually on an ad in the app that I saw... I would never have figured it out either.
  13. I guess I will do the light lifting... 20fanshop 2020fanshop fanshop20 fanshop2020 Thanks Cabo Bob!
  14. While it is true that your child is too young to be left alone at Camp Ocean they do have a time where you can go with them and let them play and have fun. I believe the time was 8:30 or 9am, and it lasts for about an hour. Camp Ocean opens at 10am so definitely before then.
  15. Before your cruise I would call Carnival and see if you can get a confirmation of your reservations over the phone. Print out the original email showing they had availability at 6 and bring it with you. When you get on the ship go to the steakhouse or guest services and explain the situation. I bet you they will make sure you get in at the date and time you want.
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