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  1. 6 rugrats, did you canx 60 days or more before embarkation? If you did my understanding is windstar will fully refund all your money. If you canx within 60 days of embarkation, my understanding until today was 100% of that money is to be held by windstar as a future cruise credit that you will have 24 months to use. I was surprised that they refunded me anything at all as we cancelled within 60 days of embarkation.
  2. Rayon aloha shirts are great for hot weather and acceptable at dinner.
  3. thanks Cabosal1 re Hubert, again sorry it’s going poorly for you.
  4. Windsailer, hopefully you noticed the reassuring remarks from Sarah in her next post
  5. O.k. Sarah, I see the rationale now, thank you. Are you able to disclose whether or not Hubert is on board. He is usually the Star Breeze Dining room manager? funnily enough I speculated on all this on June 16th in another thread ————————————— ” Is it possible that The BVI had a last minute change to covid protocol that blindsided Windstar. It’s hard to believe there was a vaccine requirement the whole time and Windstar missed it. To further muddy the waters, why couldn’t Windstar keep non vaccinated crew on board on port days?” —————————
  6. Hey cabosal I’m sorry about the difficulties you’re encountering, I tried to private message you but it’s disabled at the moment. Can you advise if Hubert, the awesome French Dining Room Manager is onboard ? Thanks
  7. Hi Sarah, thanks for posting. I’ll start with a minor point. You said the BVI announced their vaccine requirements for passengers and crew a few weeks ago, it was March 11th almost 9 weeks and 6 days ago: Premier's Office BVI Ports Authority Ltd Topics: Marine Transport, Tourism Release Date: Friday, 19 March 2021 - 2:15pm The BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA), reopening of the cruise port has been announced with government approval for June, 2021 for cruise vessels with fully vaccinated passengers and crew. One of BVIPA’s first expected passenger cruise calls to the Territory will be the Celebrity Milliennium of Royal Caribbean Group’s Celebrity Cruises starting June, 2021 homeporting out of St. Maarten. The regional itinerary includes stops to Tortola, St. Lucia and Barbados. Mrs. Oleanvine Maynard, Ag. Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority stated that “we are so excited to be part of this new regional itinerary and while the cruise experience will be different than it was pre-pandemic, we are committed to providing our cruise partners and their guests a safe and enjoyable cruise stop.” The BVIPA and The Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park (CBRTPP) teams will be working diligently with the Ministry of Health and Social Development, BVI Tourist Board, Local Cruise Agents, and the Cruise Lines desiring to call to ensure a healthy return to cruising for the Territory. Mr. Vance Lewis, CEO, CBRTPP commented “the health and safety of the cruise guests, crew and our local community is our top priority and we will be working very closely with all partners to ensure for a safe resumption of this sector.” Ship boarding requirements includes for passengers over 18 years of age to be fully vaccinated along with 100% vaccination of crew. Additionally, testing, pre-screening and embarkation measures are in place along with other onboard mitigation measures to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks. ——————————————————— Also can you reassure us that Windstar understands that there is a lag time, commonly considered to be fourteen days, (J&J) between being vaccinated and reaching immunity. I raise this because you should have known that your June 19th cruise was technically ruled out of visiting ports in BVI on June 5th since no one had been vaccinated by that date, yet passengers where not informed of “cruise to nowhere” status until June 15/16th. Could you please explain why there was a delay? You have a very tough job at the moment, I respect that. Transparency and answering the phones will help take the pressure off you and Windstar
  8. This is contact no for their PR dept tel 206-733-2970 PR@WindstarCruises.com Also the ceo Chris.Prelog@WindstarCruises.com If you can write a courteous but embarrassing (for them) account of your experience you may get a response.
  9. Thanks all for that. I guess we’ll never know why they didn’t update travelers June 5th. when the two week immunity build would start in order to make a June 19th cruise itinerary viable
  10. OK thanks, was it a news piece or something a passenger said? Sorry for the cross examination, it’s just that it’s a shocking statistic if it’s accurate.
  11. I’ll be shocked if the on board experience is anything less than superb. It’s always been that way for me.
  12. Mutis, I believe masks may be removed while you are seated, unless Windstar have implemented something stricter than the usual covid safety protocols.
  13. I don’t know if passengers are entitled to an explanation from Windstar as to what disconnect occurred regarding the crew vaccine process, but moving on is a lot easier to do when the offending party “opens their kimono” . I think folks will continue to snipe at Windstar while they appear to be concealing facts about their mishandling of the vaccine. As far as I can tell Windstar have put someone in charge of getting the crew vaccinated who does not understand how the vaccine works. That’s a helll of a mea culpa to have to make, I kind off sympathize with them for shirking it.
  14. Luckily for Windstar the onboard experience is so incredible that it makes up for a the front office’ shortcomings. Still looking forward to September 4th and at least now I know the crew will be vaccinated.
  15. Anyone help me with this? If Windstar know that the crew needs two weeks to build immunity, shouldn’t they have know they had a problem on JUNE 12th That’s the day the 14 day immunity clock starts if the crew were to be full immunized by June 26th
  16. Thanks for pics, cant get them to open, but not your problem
  17. themutis, is there anyway to see this without signing up to Facebook? No worries if not possible.
  18. Thanks themutis. I hope the islands and Windstar are on the same page with regards to the delay between the jab and actual immunity.
  19. Minidonuts That’s an excellent data point, I honestly have no idea what they are doing
  20. I’m not here to excuse Windstars behavior, sorry if it sounded that way. I was just trying to make sense of the current state of play by suggesting Windstar may have got taken by surprise due to some recent change in covid rules. add by all ports of call down there. As much as I love the on board experience with Windstar, it hasn’t always been plain sailing with the office, maybe they’ve made a massive blunder
  21. I understand but my understanding is they never guaranteed all crew would be vaccinated. It’s been a complaint on here in other threads, that they demand pax be vaccinated but will vaccinate crew when vaccine is available. Where did you see that they will vaccinate the crew unequivocally ? Edit: I just saw your post, as soon as it’s available is no guarantee.
  22. sail2day I thought Windstars official word was that crew would be vaccinated when vaccine is available. I haven’t seen any update
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