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  1. Follow-up to post 37: I received $300 per person in OBC due to the discount (checking on refundable vs. non-refundable). I didn't push getting an actual refund since I am confident it will be spent (sometimes I rue the day O upped their gin game!).
  2. One more Alaska-specific observation: The June 28th cruise was part of the NY sale. It is no longer part of a sale on O's site, but the sale prices are still on multiple TA sites (which also reflect the new <=40% sale prices). No guarantees, but it may be worth checking with your TA even if a (previously on sale) cruise date is showing as not-on-sale.
  3. I was holding off booking a May Alaska cruise until a possible conflict was scheduled, but that didn't happen so I went ahead and booked our first choice on Feb. 29th for $2999. It is part of the "<=40%" sale and is now $2699. I used a FCC to book which means I have a lowest-price-guarantee until day of sailing, so I already wrote to my TA to get the discount. This was my first time using a FCC and I'm sold...no risk since they are fully refundable (if refund request made within 1 year), and I get all of the onboard booking perks (although the bonus OBC is a little less). Oh, and just a combinability note...there was a consortium OBC for this cruise, but it was not combinable with the NY sale. I did a quick scan of other Alaska cruises that are part of the current sale. The ones I have looked at have gone down. I don't think the August 16th 12-day was part of the sale, but now it is (starting $900 lower than in Feb).
  4. Cancellation rules are on the last page of your shorex pdf.
  5. Page 15 of the brochure also lists free 1st class RT air: Also the ATW shoreside events are on p. 16 (no details though).
  6. Most of the menus are posted on CC or the Preisman blog, but which night they are served is an unknown until that day (or a day before if you have dietary restrictions).
  7. You are in a excellent position...worst case is you're in an A-cabin on a beautifully refurbed ship πŸ™‚ When your TA returns, have her contact O and explain the situation...maybe they'll honor the sale price (if it goes up), maybe not (then watch the price, although your TA should get price drop notifications). Either way, you'll have a wonderful cabin in which to enjoy your cruise.
  8. If I understand the way O does onboard accounting, I think you'll be OK paying now (and yes, one of the multi-decade regulars will have better advice πŸ˜‰ ). I have not taken culinary classes, but when I have paid for other items (e.g., shorex) in advance there is a "credit" applied to my onboard account for any credit card payments, along with any TA/other OBC. Expenses are then added for shorex (even though pre-paid), drinks, standard-gratuities (usually don't show until a few days in), etc. We have always had a balance due at the end that we have charged to our registered credit card. I am guessing that if we had a credit (hahaha) that it would go back on the credit card that showed as a credit on day 1 (or the registered one).
  9. Data to add to the analysis...today I received a brochure for the 2024 Bermuda and Canada/New England cruises. The prices are higher than the current sale, but the price-end-date is only 4-1-24...maybe a spring sale(?) if not right away, or maybe these cruises have sold enough to not need a sale. I'll break out the popcorn on Friday 🍿πŸ₯³
  10. mauibabes answer applies. Here is the link with the reservation number: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/corporate#contact-us
  11. Huh, that's the older model. They have the WMF 1500 S elsewhere (with espresso). So many reasons to be a tea drinker πŸ˜‰ (my spouse is the espresso guy) So, just wondering...the computers in the internet-services area seem to be gone (maybe just monitors if the photos mean anything). Are there still actual computers on the lounges? I hate carting around a laptop on vacation and using the phone for email/surfing is annoying; real computers in the lounges may make them an appealing option.
  12. Did they change out Riviera's lounge machine? I thought the options hot water, espresso (or americano using the hot water), cappucino, and latte (or the decaf version), but maybe I'm remembering a different location/ship. My most recent ship was Regatta and the machine in Horizons had an espresso option (along with the tiny cups)...very popular with crew.
  13. Have you joined your rollcall? Other people may be organizing tours. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles&nodes=490&q=Mar March
  14. I am so sorry your summer plans have been messed up! Riviera can't/won't go through the Suez canal, and the reroute around Africa takes quite a while to do, so some post-Suez itineraries had to be cancelled. Why not use your plane tickets and have a fun land vacation in Europe? There is a lot to see and do between Trieste and Barcelona! Or just stay in Italy and hop over to Barcelona for the flight home (or return from Italy if easier and/or cheaper). If you're not a seasoned traveler, a TA can help with accommodations, transport, etc. To see what others on your cruise are doing, here is your roll call where it is being discussed. You might find this other discussion interesting:
  15. I miss Heinlein...rereading one if his books at the moment.
  16. "Red Sea cruises: when will they resume?" My Answer: 2029 (please note that this answer is about as reliable as my sports picks, which reminds me...Go Wales/Cymru!!)
  17. I think it's mostly marketing hype, but that's just my opinion. I don't find them particularly unique or special, but maybe that's just me being contrary πŸ˜‰
  18. CC did an article on the PVSA last summer: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles/jones-act-and-pvsa-whats-the-difference-and-how-do-they-affect-my-cruise Cruise lines like Uncruise and American Cruise Lines (exempt from PVSA) were doing business on US routes after the pandemic before the foreign-cruiselines (since they could not stop in Canada for a foreign port). Their entry-level fares prevent a large percentage of people from considering them, but if luxury cruise prices are acceptable, they are an option.
  19. Oh, no...so disappointing! If you have DIY air, maybe you could vacation in Sardinia and take a day trip or two over to Corsica. If you use a TA, I bet they can get you from/to the airports to the island, reserve a hotel, and arrange transport/tours. My husband and I have Sardinia on our list (and not just because we know people there)...the photos are gorgeous!!
  20. If you upgrade (so all day plus liquor), the price is currently $30 per person per day.
  21. O-Life is the legacy plan before SimplyMore. You can ignore it since it will not apply to you.
  22. Orcas are quite awesome even if they are petite. I've done the cancel/book another shorex before (Sept 2023 Vancouver to LA as it happens) in order to trade kayaking for whale watching in Juneau. It was even more complicated since the kayaking was an O-Life shorex and the whales were not, so I also had to add an O-Life qualifying shorex elsewhere. O handled it just fine and I had my updated, itemized shorex pdf that day. Short version - do what you want! πŸ™‚ (Last little add-on...there are a bazillion companies in Victoria offering orca watching, so it should be easy to do DIY there)
  23. Call O to get on a waitlist.
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