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  1. Thanks. I will be on the look out! Was wondering/hoping if there was a loose schedule (i.e. new itineraries released every February!) which would of course make things easier.
  2. How do people know when a cruise line is releasing information about new cruises? 🫣
  3. Spethstation - enjoyed your fun, detailed review. Can you comment about fitness center amenities? Was sauna or steam room available? Did you ever use fitness center showers instead of going back to your cabi and it’s tiny shower? When you were deciding if the basic drink package was worth it, how many drinks a day was your break even point? Did you purchase a soda or coffee package? Seems like paying out of pocket for 3 or 4 drinks a day would almost equal the basic drink package fee.
  4. Thank you all - good information! I do intend to use the fitness center and if lockers, showers, sauna, & steam rooms are available that is great.
  5. Will be sailing on the Caribbean Princess for the first time later this year and am trying to decide if paying the extra $ to be able to get into that spa area would be worth it. From what I can determine, it is not a large thermal spa area like I have seen on other ships. Only 5 or 6 heated tiles lounge chairs in an area without windows. But there are sauna and steam rooms for both men and women and I don't think they can be accessed by passengers unless you have paid for spa access or are getting a spa service. Not sure if there is a heated jacuzzi area to use. Can anyone that has recent experience with this area on the ship comment? Thanks, in advance!
  6. Absolutely, he is a great and experienced guy, promoted within the past year I believe. His staff seems to really like him as well and he genuinely is proud of all staff members on the ship.
  7. We enjoyed the Enrichment talks done by Leo Rossi. The Rock Opera show is great.
  8. Captain Castellano of the Emerald Princess did a MAGNIFICENT job of working with the bay pilot and getting the ship out of the berth, into the bay and heading out to sea under the bridge on the night of July 4 th immediately after the 9:30 pm San Francisco Bay fireworks show. The bay was filled with smaller boats watching the show and it took the Emerald blowing the horn MANY times and inching forward for them to move. It was fascinating to be out on deck to watch the fireworks and our eventual departure through the bay. Castellano is a knowledgeable captain and a professional, congenial person. Well done, Captain!
  9. Interested in trying the Sanctuary. Do you make reservations ahead of time or can you just visit the day off? What was the price and is it for full day, halfway or hourly? Thanks.
  10. Magnolia Blossom, thanks for taking the time to respond and sharing info!!
  11. My question has probably been addressed in this thread, but have spent some time reading old posts and not found it so thought I would ask for clarification: Have not redeemed NCL credit card points before. Understand that a generally double meta is best use of points, sometimes single (OV to ball) depending on price categories. Also makes sense that point redemption for cabin upgrade has most value on longer cruises! 1. Does point redemption need to be done at the time the reservation is first made, or can I make a reservation for a couple years out (points don't expire until 2027) and then call in to request a meta upgrade a few months later? 2. If points are redeemed for an inside to Balc cabin and then costs go down considerably, can reservation be changed from inside to OV cabin and then have less pints redeemed to move to Balc cabin. 3. If redeeming points for stateroom upgrade is it best to do it far, far in advance or does it work also for last minute cruises (those sailing within 2 or 4 months)? 4. On a cruise taken earlier this year and booked a couple years ago, I had NCL do repricing 3 times which resulted in substantial savings. If initial booking is done using point redemption for a stateroom upgrade, if there are future price reductions can guest still call win and have this applied? 5. If plans change and cruise needs to be cancelled before final payment is due, would points used for cabin upgrade be reinstated to my account? Thanks!!!!
  12. Agree about Jayleen’s. We went on a morning tour with her in Aug 2022 - saw lots of “blows” ( big one followed by a small one, so mamma and baby, some tails, no breaching, a huge sea lion colony.
  13. Just finished our cruise and yes, Uber or taxi is the way to go to get to White Bay terminal. I believe our t I was around $34 from the central business district.
  14. Just finished cruise on the NCL Spirit. Ship was about 60% capacity. I did not get a thermal spa pass for the duration - the area did not have thermal pools and we ended up being too busy to have used the heated lounge chairs, etc. Impressed with the entertainment, shows, staff. Did a couple ship sponsored port excursions but arranged our own things in remaining ports. Food was fine. We had a couple specialty dining dinners, Cagney (a bit over rated I think) and Le Bistro.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to share this info!
  16. Cruise will be ending in Auckland. Are there car rental offices right there at/near the port or will we need to take a taxi(?) to one? Early morning arrival on the ship and interested in renting a car for the day until our plane departs late that evening. Car pickup at port and then drop off at airport would be ideal!
  17. We are doing the Hobbiton Movie Set tour. It cost less than the cruise ship offered one and it includes stops at a couple places the ship tour would not be doing. Doing a ship sponsored glow worm cave tour from Bay of Islands.
  18. Cruising in January on NCL for the first time. Are evening shows and acts generally at the same time and, if so, what are those times? Making dinner reservations and would like to allow for show attendance. If someone books a spa service ( say a pedicure) do they get access to the thermal spa for that day? Thermal Spa Pass for entire cruise is pricey- is it true that on the Spirit it only has heated lounge chairs, sauna, showers but NO jetted pool or hot tub like other NCL ships? Thanks.
  19. Maybe check some of the local tour companies out of Tauranga that offer Hobbiton tours?
  20. Bay of Islands is a tender port if that is one of your ports.
  21. Cruise ends in Auckland - getting off the boat on an early Friday morning, but flight home doesn't depart until late that night Looking for recommendations of sites to see in or near Auckland since we have a full day there. There are reasonably priced luggage storage facilities to use for the day so we won't be encumbered and can easily take public transportation or walk to get around. We are also considering renting a car for the day (luggage problem solved) so we'd be a bit more mobile. Would appreciate advice and suggestions!
  22. Will be visiting some of the same ports you are in January. Booked a couple excursions through the cruise line, will do walking "tour" on our own at some ports, booked with Zealandier Tours for an excursion in Tauranga. They were very responsive to work with online.In Christchurch there is a free "penguin express" shuttle to the Antarctic Center if you are interested in that.
  23. Cruise ship arrives in Auckland in mid-January on a Friday, plane back to the states doesn't leave until 11 pm. Would love suggestions for what to see/do that day. Thinking of getting a rental car (that would solve the "what to do with luggage?" issue) so would be able to drive outside of Auckland as well. Another Option is getting an inexpensive hotel room near airport (luggage issue solved) and, after getting around Auckland using public transport or a tour group, maybe grabbing a late evening nap before heading to airport.
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