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  1. Anyone try the Covid testing in the departure area at terminal 3 at Fco Rome airport? it says ok for both arrivals and departures as long as you have ticket. Must be before security area.
  2. Is walk in ok or require an appointment?
  3. I would assume Celebrity US would follow. Did they say extended thru what date?
  4. I have my hotel in the Rome port contacting a local pharmacy on the Monday of my departure day 8/8, since as noted above the day before is Sunday. The request for appointment was made a week ago today but so far no confirmation to the hotel. Is Italy so slow?
  5. I have looked at trip insurance for our 8/8 Rome departure and the best lowest price in $676. But I have never used insurance and don’t know how it would really work. FP in 3 weeks. Correct CWC is 48 hours notification and useless if you wait until embarkation Covid test. Result for me is for non Florida cruises (like Rome) I will cancel either right before FP or make FP and see if some sort of Covid assistance is extended AND the US return test is eliminated and if not, cancel within CWC period. I will limited to US departures only.
  6. Where will you test in Italy? Airport or?
  7. I see your point but I just do not trust my I phone savvy, internet connection and language for a proctored test in Italy. No test required to enter Italy now just the ship. I haven’t heard of issues of flights to Rome from Washington Dulles or Boston. They arrive on embarkation day 7:30 am snd 8:15 am. Port is about an hour away.
  8. If they require a PCR test and no antigen I cancel. My 8/8 cruise is covered by the CWC as is airfare. As it is the one day rule snd return test has me wavering. Princess cruise is testing in Italy at the dock for all, complimentary to relieve all the issues, Celebrity is causing, I might cancel before FP in 3 weeks snd rebook with Princess even though I’m Elite.
  9. I’m trying to get my hotel in Italy to schedule my test 1 day prior. The hotel has requested the necessary appointment for the pharmacy but so far in one week no confirmation. Seems strange. If not completed this week I will change my current flight from the day before to one arriving the morning of my embarkation at 7:30 am Rome time. Allows for testing before the flight here in US and plenty of time in Italy to make cruise. Not the best but required by this onerous 1 day testing rule.will lose my Rome hotel payment as non refundable. Oh well.
  10. Why is the US last to change and why hadn’t it? Would nice if it is eliminated like 5/1.
  11. The news just gets more compelling to cancel my 8/8 Rome cruise before FP on 5/10. Covid assistance gone 4/30, now need an $800 insurance policy in addition, tests one day before embarkation eliminates test in US before leaving, test to fly home still in force with no change on the horizon, new Covid variants out there, air flights not reliable…,,,,,,,
  12. I always use Flights by Celebrity as fares are usually lower and the pay at cruise final payment and refund features. But I always book his phone. And this way I always get my seat assignments too. Yes, sometimes the foreign accent can be challenging but it’s always :worked out well, don’t be turned off!
  13. Self report ? Like non 1099 income gets reported for federal taxes? Everyone on here needs to get real. Unless your really bad off only a few will self report their illness.
  14. Me too for 8/8 Beyond. CWC does go to September and includes airfare with $200p/ p penalty. I’m thinking of paying 5/9 snd pull the plug 8/1 if things don’t improve,
  15. Your response is pretty much where I think. For cruising to survive the testing needs to stop, passengers with no symptoms are left alone and if you get sick enough to see the on board medical group it’s treated like a common sickness not the bubonic plague. Masking needs to optional everywhere not country specific. And the testing includes not just pre boarding but the remaining country entry ones like the US. This will upset some but cruising will never recover to being profitable under current conditions. To be real honest if cruise lines want to be so secure in their sailings just require the booster for all passengers and those over 50 the second booster. I’m up to date with Moderna and getting my 2nd booster with Phizer in July, before my August cruise.
  16. I was on Reflection a few weeks ago in Aqua class and Blu was only moderately full and service was perfect. Plenty of room everywhere outside. Without being revolutionized I passed on my usual sky suite and went Aqua.
  17. Forbes has search engine for types of Covid trip insurance for cruises. You put in all the parameters as mentioned here and it comes back with a list of policies with specific coverage details that you can then purchase direct from the insurance provider.
  18. Covid 19 assistance ends 4/30. I have nothing on an extension. 12 days to go. Anyone know different?
  19. That was for my August 10 day Beyond trip leaving from Rome but primarily in Greece with total cost of $10,000 incl air for two; ages 70 & 72.
  20. I just checked for full trip insurance via Forbes site and it starts at $1500 to $3,000.
  21. After April 30 unless the Covid 19 assistance is extended which it is not right now, you do.
  22. My issue is now the 1 day pretest in Italy. A long way to go and airfare paid to test positive there and have it all fall apart. Cannot use CWC as it requires 48 hour notice and Covid assistance ends 4/30. You have zero protection in this instance,
  23. I wonder how much Celebrity has actually paid out on these Covid costs? I’m sure it’s impossible to find out. Is it too much paid out to date or just time to increase profits again at passenger expense. I just gotten full coverage Covid insurance quotes; $1300-$3000. Sorry, on top of cruise/airfare I will almost certainly cancel with Covid protection extension.
  24. My feeling is similar. If the risk to Celebrity cruising is still severe enough to require a 1 day pre cruise test (Italy), then the Covid assistance plan needs extension for passenger protection.
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