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  1. I go out to restaurants 4x a week and my fitness center 6x a week. Sorry, no concerts on my agenda. The difference is one is at home, the other out the country. That does change my approach.
  2. I worked for a Uk corporation ‘s US HQ and there is a different attitude and personality between the people for sure, I’m not sure The right word is dramatic. Just more detailed.
  3. No. But prefer to see real data to see how I should adjust my approach on board. Ignorance is never a good option.
  4. I think these threads would stop and never appear if the cruise lines were transparent about the number of cases reported on each voyage and was made public. For ships in Europe the CDC color code which is minimal information doesn’t even exist. As an example, I go on the Reflection out of Rome on August 26. I would like to know on all the previous European sailings of Reflection to date how many cases were reported just to get some idea of the risk I face. Right now I haven’t a clue, I’m flying blind. Unacceptable for a cruise line in these days not to supply this data. The only transparency I see is the threads disappear without a trace at some point.
  5. Without a second close to my cruise date I wouldn’t even go. The 3rd here in the US will be a new omicron specific booster.
  6. It protects for a very limited time per an Israeli study; 1-2 months. It’s why my second booster is 17 days prior to my departure for my cruise. The biggest mistake is getting the 2nd booster too far in advance of travel. So the question to people is not did you get the 2nd booster, but how far in advance of your cruise did you get it.
  7. Sure, that’s why they don’t release case counts by each sailing for customers to know the real impact of Covid on cruises.
  8. Unfortunately my favorite Martini includes Russian Standard which was well stocked until the Ukraine invasion. I guess now I’ll go with Stoli since most people now know that’s not made in Russia any longer. I still have my unopened bottle here at home of my Hammer and Sickle Russian vodka but refuse to open it as it may be forever to replace with the politics now.
  9. I’ve been in Blu several cruises, the last in late March on the Reflection. I’ve always find the food excellent, never rushed and service excellent. I’ve gotten each night the escargot off the mdr menu and.the shrimp cocktail. They even remembered each night my wife’s rum raisin ice cream in addition to the selected desert. On lobster night no problem getting me three tails. The tables for two are close but we enjoyed talking to our neighbors. We knew them so well that by the last night that we all got a large table for eight to celebrate the end together.
  10. Thanks!! My wife and I go on this same cruise 9/11/23. I think I’ll use your hotels in both Rome & Barcelona. Been to Rome several times but first time to Barcelona. Will want to spend several days there at the end. As we have been to the Greek Islands before too, Malta and Barcelona are the draws for us.
  11. I’m three weeks after you on the Reflection.
  12. Very illuminating! I’m going in August but once again on the Reflection. After once on the E class I now only want S class. Never had one issue in years. New is not always better,
  13. After years of going on Celebrity I always go Aqua for the Blu restaurant unless a sky suite is really well priced. I don’t go regular Balcony anymore; Blu is excellent and if we go to a specialty restaurant it’s only one night at Murano's. On my upcoming August 26 10 day cruise out of Rome , it’s all Blu only.
  14. 1 of 2 asst ministers wanted mandatory quarantine dropped, the head minister decided to keep. Major league wuss.
  15. I did notice 2 of my excursions booked some time ago were the same or less than the current sale.
  16. Yes, I just canceled an Olympia excursion including the Mecuri winery, it was reduced by $22 and when I did cancel; poof!, it was sold out! Went back and booked the captain curated excursion to same ancient Olympics site but this one then goes to an olive mill where we make our food with the fresh olive oil. Should be good too but watch out!
  17. Having my Covid test the morning of our US flight to Rome. That test will be the one for boarding as two days prior. If we fail we are still home and get full refund from Celebrity. Once on board no test until we get home. As my second booster will be 17 days prior to embarkation we should be ok.
  18. With FCO being pretty disorganized, I will be walking off with luggage at.6:30 AM to meet my RomeCabs at 6:45.
  19. Hope that by September things get better (after the August vacation crush), If not I’ll call FBC emergency group at the airport via my Verizon international travel pass to expedite, if I need to stay an extra day or two, so be it. I’m retired, only 2 of us snd no pressing obligations at home. I’ll pay for the hotel, my travel insurance may pick up. Hard to believe these days baggage drop off could be so long.
  20. If you miss your flight? There must must a number that cuts thru the usual wait time since it is kind of an emergency at that point. I got from one rep an 800 number but want to verify that is the best and correct one for the situation.
  21. Me too. Just think 2 1/2 after arrival at the terminal has to be enough time!
  22. My question as I have only been thru FCO once and that 6 years ago: if you check in online and pay for bags the previous day online from the ship what takes so long to just check bags, go thru security and go to the gate in the International terminal that separates you from the other EU traffic?
  23. Thanks, everything is paid for so I can’t really change the flights anymore. This was what FBC booked me on. Too bad they didn’t book me later but I’ll have Rome cabs pick me up at 6:45 am. Hopefully being after busy August on September 5, a Monday and several months from now will help.
  24. We just purchased the 7 Corners Roundtrip Choice plan for our 11 day Europe cruise. We are 70 snd 73. Pretty good price for the high medical and evacuation coverage, primary medical snd $2,000 for any post cruise quarantine issues. First time. What convinced me was our younger neighbor just back from a RC B2B and 3 days upfront at Venice and yep, at the end he had Covid. Isolating at home now.
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