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  1. I’ll find out on September 5 if a 7:15 am Rome cab pick up from the port for my 11:05 am American flight is sufficient. By then I hope things improve some.
  2. I wonder if the rise in Ba4 snd Ba5 variants will change everything? Study in Israel today suggests they both pretty much evades all vaccines and boosters and the cause in rise of cases in Europe and Asia. Anyone changing their mind on cruising this September and Fall in Europe?
  3. Yes I just booked Rome cabs both ways for my 8/26 & 9/5 transfers and each was 140€ and payable to the driver by cash or credit card. I didn’t see the need to prepay which was the other option.
  4. That after final payment any reduction in price due to current sales cannot be repriced with additional OBC credit bring added. For me my June 10 reservation did not qualify for any repricing under the current 60% off second person sale. Lost $400. Not good.
  5. We have on Sept 5 an 11:05 am flight out of Fco to the US. We plan to walk off the Reflection at 6:30am and Roma cabs will pick us up at 7:15 am. With on line check in the day before I think this should be sufficient time as it is after the July/August vacation crush and on a Monday, not a weekend which is a holiday in the US.
  6. Without stats from the cruise line as to the actual number of passengers that failed the 2 day pre cruise test (and therefore needed to be refunded or FCC) no one really has a clue of how effective or necessary it is. It’s all conjecture, which is all too common these days. I think the CDC will eliminate the pre cruise testing within 2 months. Those up to date in vaccination need no test. Those only fully vaccinated or less may well still need the test to board.
  7. Tap air has quite a few negative comments on the internet. I initially had Tap booked for my Europe cruise this August and changed to US carriers.
  8. Under CWC who issues the refund or FCC, the cruise line. They know or could easily calculate it (if not already done). Cruise passengers have a significantly higher level full vaccination or up to date vaccination then the US general population. If I remember correctly the US is 65% on one and 50% on the other. Cruise passenger are well over 95% I’m sure, so if the US in general would have a fail rate of 1%, most likely skewed to the unvaccinated, then cruise line rates would be quite small. True a negative test doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Another reason why vaccination is more important than a test. It’s why a poster above is correct that any change in pre cruise testing by the CDC would almost certainly apply it at certain tiers of vaccination. Don’t want 1 or 2 boosters? Fine, but a test will be required in a shorter period if under or non vaccinated.
  9. As an old accountant , a test only has merit if it has valid supporting data from a significant database that verifies its merit. Right now I don’t know how many passengers are failing their pre cruise Covid tests and what percentage of total booked passengers that represents. Any other conclusions on the effectiveness of the pre cruise test to significantly improve onboard health is a guess and based on one’s opinion.
  10. The idea is to see the overall impact that’s incurring over time. If it’s been the last two months on cruises, say .1%, then the pre cruise test are not preventing very much. If 10% are canceling on average then the tests have done merit.
  11. That’s a very good question and I have never seen any cruise line disclose that stat. It would be very helpful if each cruise upon sailing issued the percentage of passengers canceling due to failing the pre cruise test. Should be simple as each positive test results in a required refund or FCC. Does a body know the answer to this?
  12. The last message is confusing. When I use FBC I have already listed the flights I want thru research on other sites. I know the times and $. I then call FBC to book, get final $ amount, then I get them to get my seat assignments. It’s all set. I use the locator code to check occasionally to see if a flight change the FBC might be slow to email me.
  13. Somehow a sample size of 5 people is a little light. The boosters are the same vaccine as the original except Moderna which was 1/2 strength and Pfizer was full strength. Of course I’m sure your aware at this point the original 2 shots if done more than 6-9 months ago have a very reduced effect now and the boosters are not nearly as effective if is older than few months. We are scheduling our 2nd booster 4 weeks prior to our cruise. Getting Covid has a lot variables, how old your shots are, how close your contact with infected persons was, your own personal immunity system which varies widely by each person and more. There not a simple answer.
  14. So much for the one country, two systems nonsense. That was always a sidewalk shell game gambit. Same for independent and sovereign Taiwan. needless to say the Chinese Communist party is as honest and reliable as loan shark!
  15. I couldn’t agree more. In the beginning we were worried about hospitals being overwhelmed and people on ventilators. Then mysteriously it all changed about positive cases only. Not severity or symptoms for the large majority. I would say if cruise lines would just require passengers being up to date by age (3 shots under 65, 4 if over 65) the need for pre cruise tests is significantly irrelevant.
  16. Airfares are constantly changing based on demand. I always keep checking. If the demand slackens, the price drops. Demand is the key. My RT to Rome in late August is less $ than my RT to Ft Lauderdale in February!! Both with one stop. My only direct flight is Jet Blue to FLL. The most outrageous price I have ever seen. The one way is almost as much as others RT with one stop.
  17. Odd, I booked and paid for the Reflection out of Rome on August 26. All air done thru FBC and no problems at time of booking air getting all my seats RT. Outbound was Delta snd inbound American.
  18. Reflection. Been on it 3 times. Been on Edge, Silhouette, Summit, Equinox, & Millenium also. Like them all but Reflection is my first choice.
  19. Hopefully not on no activities Celebrity! Go to Carnival!
  20. Actually many states now start before Labor Day. Here in Virginia most schools in the last 2 years changed to before. All Southern states I know of start before. And all colleges I know of start in mid August. Would be interesting to see those states that start after Labor day, I suspect the Northeast may, unsure about the others.
  21. On Reflection August 26, returning September 5. Be interesting as it ends after August vacation period in US snd Europe if it is a little less full.
  22. I always use Celebrity for my flights. I check Kayak for flights and best prices, Celebrity always has beaten those prices snd except for ITA I select at time of booking my assigned seats. And changing due to a price decrease or a change in times is no problem.
  23. The impact on cruising is requiring up to date vaccination to vastly reduce its health impact not a 2 day old test that lets infected on board anyway.
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