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  1. Baloney!! In Virginia where there are 8.5 million people their are currently 579 people diagnosed with Covid in hospitals. Since Covid began over 2 years ago 111,000 were hospitalized and discharged, and this includes a long period with no vaccine (.13%). Your wrong.
  2. On fights by celebrity you only get the one locator code that corresponds to the flight code. If it’s not DL but ITA that is it. You do everything thru ITA. I do not care who operates the plane I wanted a Delta (DL) fight number.
  3. No, they are the new Italian government owned airline taking over from Bankrupt Alitalia. You get their locator vide but you have to wait weeks before you can go online to choose seats. Not good now that planes are full.
  4. Yes , ITA seating charts are not available to Fights by Celebrity, must go thru the airline direct when ticketed. I cancelled my ITA Boston to FCO flight this August for this reason, I had Celebrity book flights that only had a DL flight number attached even if operated by ITA. Then you get your seats right away. Just learned this 4 days ago!
  5. We have in my county in Virginia 100,000 people and numbers are so low it’s not even discussed any more.
  6. I think many in charge now understand it far more important to require passengers to be up to date in their vaccines ( and even beyond) than testing for a positive reading. The up to date vaccinated now so rarely get seriously sick to go to a hospital like before the vaccines were developed that the testing prevents little now. It becomes a nuisance not a life threatening procedure.
  7. Just booked my 8/26 cruise. To and from Civitavecchia /FCO I booked Rome Cabs. 140€ each way, pay CC to driver. Very quick snd complete confirmation on line. Meet you right at ship and in lobby of my pre night hotel (Rome Marriott Park Hotel).
  8. I go economy ($619 RT to Rome in late August!) but I really hate masks but will wear the required N95 over (Italy regulations ) and some mask back . Will even wear on my US connection though not required. The 2 day test prior to my Rome cruise is clearly stated by Celebrity as an Italy requirement. As Italy still requires N95 masks on public transportation this will remain for quite some time. But at least 2 days so I can test here at home before leaving the US. Will be getting my 2nd booster 4 weeks prior to leaving and testing. With that return test gone had to schedule a get away in late August. I’m not young enough to keep delaying.
  9. Article on CNN stated the up and down in cases with very low hospitalization and deaths and it being very regionalized may well be the new normal now for some time. This nay he the new endemic way.
  10. Yep, with booster your ready to go. I’m getting my 2nd booster July 26 for my August 24 Rome flight. The end of return testing to at least September 10 (90 days from today is CDC reassessment) changed my mind as I return September 5.
  11. Great decision but with economy in such a bad state (along with my investments) I’m still holding off to next year. Cruises in 2023 February, September and February 2024. Also have one on NCL, Hawaii inter island cruise July 2024. Just not the time to spend $10K including air, need a clearer picture .
  12. If many ships exceed 3% then the cruise lines have a far bigger problem brewing than wearing a cloth mask.
  13. Another of my cruises for February 2024 in a sky suite was $260 cheaper BUT I booked this onboard my last cruise and got reduced deposit and additional $300 OBC besides the stated $800 ($400 pp). So it evens our more or less. My February 2023 on 9 day Equinox to the ABCs in a Sky Suite has shown as unavailable for weeks now so I can’t price compare. Odd Sky Suites on both of the February sailings to ABCs have no suites available.
  14. My 9/11/23 Rome- Barcelona trip in prime Aqua class under this sale is $1900 more than when I booked during the first week in May.
  15. They are emailed to you with $ amount and certificate number. To use you need to call Celebrity and have those numbers. If you have lost email you need to call them to email you again. That info is not on website,
  16. Been on the Edge in the infinity balcony but I do prefer the S class ships. I always do Murano twice and the price difference between them snd the E class always allows me to do Aqua or Sky Suite. If the M class had Muranos I readily go on them again. On the reflection in March for third time and loved it as is. Until the pricing gets much better I not an E class person.
  17. But only the US of the major countries requires its own citizens to test before returning home. The Canadians, Brits, Italians, French are home free to return home. Once again, we are behind.
  18. Excellent write up. I’ve often thought it is unconstitutional to deny entry to the US by a citizen holding a valid passport for any reason including an illness. I’m surprised no one has filed a lawsuit for such in Federal court. I’m cruising out of FL but holding off any foreign travel until this return test is canceled. The USVI is also an alternative. No test required.
  19. Actually 4th option is the one I took. Canceled my 8/8/22 Greek cruise and rebooked on Reflection for 9/11/23 for Greek Island, Malta and Barcelona with an upgrade to Aqua for $2000 less than balcony on Beyond. Reasonably confident test to return to US will be history by then.
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