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  1. It clearly states in the dress code for Rooftop "casual attire" which includes shorts, Ate there twice on Beyond in March and we all had shorts on both times.
  2. I saw somewhere that Royal is supposedly changing this to where you can book ahead of time, hopefully it's true and gets rolled out soon. Crossing my fingers it then trickles down to Celebrity. 🤞
  3. Book anything and everything you may want to do now. As time goes on, minds are changed, sales happen, you can always cancel and get a refund. Or cancel and re-book under the sale price and receive a refund for the discounted price.
  4. Yes, they keep reservations open for when you board. You can visit any specialty when you get on board to make your reservations, the times maybe limited, so I recommend doing it first thing.
  5. I’ve been on four Celebrity cruises and have never once had my card “swiped”. More like tap to pay type set up.
  6. On Edge they face the sea, so assuming the magic carpet isn’t in the way, it could be a great place to whale watch with a dedicated area to hang out. If the crew is enforcing the extra area you technically get right up to the glass facing the ocean, it again could be excellent for whale watching. I’d agree with the previous comment about waiting until on board to book to make sure it suits your needs.
  7. I was on a Virgin cruise in the Med last summer, a couple that was playing Blackjack every night and betting big, was told at $5000 gambled they would receive a free cruise. They easily gambled that (and were winning big) They ended up going on VV Greece cruise later that summer.
  8. I’ve been on Beyond twice in sunset aft cabins and had no noise issues. Also never had any conversations with other guests complaining about noise. My parents were in a IV cabin on deck 8 mid ship and also had no noise issues.
  9. World Class Bar: Celebrity #10 was a favorite of mine. Also like the Beyond signature at Sunset Bar.
  10. I love the Beyond Signature, I probably had 20+ in March on the same cruise. 🥂 Thanks for the reports, continue enjoying your vaca!!!!
  11. Do you plan to get evacuated? Captain Kate explains this and the procedure on her Insta.
  12. I actively try my best to avoid my room attendant.
  13. I'm not missing anything, I said you can almost walk bow to stern on the port side. You can not walk all the way around the ship on deck 5. Eden in the aft and theater in the front prevent that.
  14. On Apex you can almost walk from bow to stern on deck 5 on the port side not many places to sit, other than the smoking section aft outside Eden. On the starboard side I think Raw on 5 gets in the way to walk bow to stern. On Beyond and Ascent Fine Cut jets out all the way so you cannot walk bow to stern on the port side.
  15. I was on Beyond with the same itinerary back in March and had a fabulous cruise. Enjoy!! 🥂
  16. I had problems yesterday, said password was wrong (it was not) tried this morning, same thing I changed my password and all is good.
  17. The OP posted this over a year ago.
  18. Just off Beyond cabin 11272 zero noise issues. This is my second Beyond cruise with zero cabin noise issues.
  19. Beyond, mainly because of the added venues, world class bar, Le Voyage, mast bar, bigger/better martini bar, better sunset bar…
  20. I’ve been on Apex and Beyond twice in sunset verandas and had no noise or motion issues.
  21. On Beyond and Ascent your facing the pool, and there is little to no “traffic” directly in front of the cabana’s. To each their own and how they spend their money, but you get a bottle of vodka, special lunch menu, fruit, and a dedicated attendant to get things (drinks) for you. I recently had two sea days in a cabana at a really good discount and was worth every penny.
  22. The Caribbean has a long, long, long history of violence, probably safer today than any point in history.
  23. Those were minor issues for me, I just got off Beyond in March and everything was excellent. Our room stew was the one let down, hardly had an affect on overall cruise.
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