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  1. It's a little far from Boston for a port day, but now that Bar Harbor is limiting cruise guests, other Northeast ports are stepping up. I've even seen some calling on Martha's Vineyard... Hyannis might be able to handle a cruise ship... You never know?!!!
  2. Here's the cup in it's natural habitat, a long with it's iced coffee cousin. I think you now need to find a way to visit the actual store!
  3. Wow! That's crazy. It's a great bakery/candy shop/coffee shop on Cape Cod. I've been going there since I was a kid, and now I'm taking my own kid. https://hotchocolatesparrow.com/
  4. I've followed your quest for the whale tail from here, there, and back. I'm finally dropping in just to say how geeked out I am to see your Chocolate Sparrow mug. We stop in there a few times every summer!
  5. No. The specialty dining is not a daily charge. You are only charged 20% gratuity for each meal based on the package price. It is a one time fee.
  6. Feel free to do what you wish with this compliment, but I think your husband has a great eye, and I'm enjoying his compositions. Also, really looking forward to the rest of your report!
  7. They actually changed the scheduled departure time from Bermuda for this single sailing (embarkation from Boston on Aug 18th) many months ago. I'm not sure if they ever provided a reason for the alteration in the regular schedule. This is the final NCL Boston to Bermuda run for the 2023 season.
  8. When dining in Le Bistro on the Pearl, July 28 - Aug 4 2023, with the P+ package, Veuve was easily ordered, and refills were offered whenever our glass emptied. The first night we dined at Le Bistro, we started with Veuve, but chose to switch to a red to pair with the filet. The second night that we dined there, my wife and I shared the duck and the sole as our mains. We asked the wine steward for a wine rec, and he simply suggested to "keep it fancy," and said the the Veuve would be a good choice for both dishes, so he opened up a second bottle for us, and kept it flowing. With our dessert that night, we finished with a port and espresso. I'll also agree that it's crazy a brut isn't offered in any of the bars or other restaurants. However, if you enjoy a rosé, then the Pommery or Le Kool (and the gang) are pretty decent offerings.... Or, to be honest, I've certainly been happy drinking worse. That being said, I do understand that there are people who dislike rosé, and so these are poor substitutions as the only sparkling p+ options.
  9. We're just off the Pearl. In Magnum's, we were served both Pommery rosé and Le Kool rosé (which is actually a pretty pricey bottle). We enjoyed both since we went in with the expectations that only a rosé would be available. Of course, it's mind boggling that they don't offer a standard brut, but if you go in with the proper expectations, you can still enjoy a pretty nice glass of rose. We ate at Le Bistro twice (the food was fantastic both times). The first night we went through a bottle of Veuve during our apps and soup/salad. Then we shared a bottle of the chateau neuf du pape, as we both chose the filet rossini. The second night, we ordered a little lighter, and our wine steward kept the Veuve flowing all night. We were served by the glass, however the wine steward kept "our bottle" chilled nearby. We also had a fantastic time at Maltings. The bartender was our favorite, and we enjoyed blind tastings of many bourbons and whiskeys. Once our bartender trusted us, he even mixed in The Macallan Quest, Terra, and Enigma. If you can adjust expectations, and if you don't have very specific requirements, there's still a lot of value to be found, and a lot of fun to be had.
  10. I'm booked on Anthem out of Bayonne in February 2024. The original itinerary included a stop in Miami before returning to Bayonne. As @xtremegk stated, this led to a customs s**tshow last year. Shortly after that debacle they dropped the Miami port stop. Of course the subject line to this email read: "An exciting update to your itinerary!"
  11. Of course the cruise lines are consistent in being inconsistent :⁠-⁠) Thanks for sharing your experiences as a travel agent. It's very helpful.
  12. @Rollin Tide as a travel agent, would you be able contact the cruise line to move your client's booking in to their preferred cabin (even if you don't see it within your system, but it is available on the cruise line's site)? Or would your client be able to contact the cruise line to move their cabin on their own (or will the cruise line only deal with the booking agent for a matter like this)? Thanks! Appreciate your insight.
  13. @NengEuis Thanks for the (disappointing) report from the Pearl. I'd love to hear updates as your trip progresses. I hope you find a good bar, or bartender who can hook you up.
  14. There is no dinner served at Cabanas; that includes buffet, sit-down, or otherwise. The pizza stand and grill stations are open most of the day and evenings, but all of the options may not be open all of the time. I think since the pizza stand is the "late night" option, it may close down during normal dinner times. It will also depend on the ship and the itinerary. Room service is still free, and it's always available as an option :⁠-⁠)
  15. Thanks for the trip report. I guess you didn't get get off the ship in Bar Harbor? How was the customs process? Did you hear of any excessive issues/problems? Looking forward to your final thoughts :⁠-⁠)
  16. I can confirm that it's applied to every single excursion, even multiple excursions at the same port in the same day. If you get the FASUP+ package, then it's applicable for the second passenger as well.
  17. Awesome. I'm glad to see that it worked out. Very valuable information!
  18. I'm pretty sure that won't work, as I think it will be similarly billed to the ship. However, I do think that you can purchase $1000 worth of on board credit (in advance of the cruise), and then have it refunded in cash at the end of the cruise.
  19. Yes. We also had the offer last fall. At this point we'll be close to saving 20% on our upcoming cruises. Yes. You can get a statement credit (essentially cash), at the rate of 1 point per 1 cent. Gift cards are definitely a terrible use of points. Generally you don't ever want to use points to buy anything directly through AMEX. Usually you get the best exchange rate by transferring the points to a frequent flier program to buy flights with miles. Also there are tons of resources (much more knowledgeable than I am) out there on how to get the best redemption rates with Amex membership rewards points.
  20. I amended my initial post. For me, I will receive AMEX membership rewards points. These can be used simply as a credit for your bill (1point = 1cent), or to book other travel through AMEX. But you get much better value by transferring the points to various airline partners.
  21. Just wanted to alert everyone that I received a spend $1000 on RCL, get 20,000 membership rewards points offer on my Amex Gold card (non-branded).
  22. Don't want to threadjack, but there are a couple questions that pop into mind. Do you know if the stewards will provide extra blankets to use while sitting out on the balcony, or if you'd recommend bringing our own? Along with Inside Passage cruising to and from Vancouver, our itinerary should include Hubbard glacier, and Tracey Arm Fjord. Ideally we'll have great sightseeing opportunities from the balcony. However, are there times you think we should try to stake out a spot on the foreward part of the ship? This will be my family's first trip to Alaska (me, DW, and DS (age 8)) but it hopefully won't be our last. Also, to the OP, @SunsetsNSmiles, good luck snagging 1100 tomorrow!
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