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  1. Copper John, that is a lot of tonnage and crew. It scares me to think of how many are awaiting the ability to "GO HOME" and then the eventual return to the ships.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I sometimes watch the Port Huron ship web cam and know that it was below freezing there, too. Our strawberries usually finish down here by the first week of May and they were plentiful this year and very reasonable as well. Some years ago, the Ryndam was late leaving Tampa as it was waiting for a last minute shipment of berries. I'm sure they were worth waiting for!
  3. Good to see this along with your map. We were docked at that same spot in 2014.
  4. The season is short on this route. You need the longer daylight hours to make up for being so far north and to help make the cloudy and cool days tolerable. I have done the V of the V in July as well as the Viking Passage (Copenhagen to Boston) also in July. Both cruises were travel highlights.
  5. It has been a very rough time to work for the cruise lines. Do you think those onboard the ships and those in Seattle are happy? Many of us who have grown to love Holland America do so because of the staff and they are hurting now and so are we.
  6. HAL hasn't had a ship year round out of Florida for about 15 years now. Princess has the last few years, but most of the Caribbean summer runs are left to Carnival and Royal who sail full with much younger guests. We did a Cuba itinerary in 2018 in August and I was surprised how pleasant it was at sea. Those deck chairs on the promenade were great in the afternoon with a breeze.
  7. Thanks, Copper John, for posting this. It's Saturday sailaway time here in Florida and I am missing it and knowing when my next personal sailaway will be.
  8. Veendam is special to me as well. It home ported in Tampa for many years in the winter season. With urging by several including Stephen Card, we cruised on Veendam from Montreal to Boston and then onto Bermuda in June 2017. Veendam is the largest lengthwise ship that the Front St dock in Hamilton can accommodate. It was a tight squeeze, but we had the prime spot from which to explore the city and island. We returned to Veendam to see Cuba, where we docked in Havana and also made it into Cienfuegos, another difficult to reach port. The Crow's nest is the best because of its near circular views as there are no rooms behind it. The art work and antique pieces are beautiful, too.. Until this season was halted, Veendam had a great itinerary scheduled, similar to what Prinsendam did, with the more unusual ports. I hope to do one if possible!
  9. Looks like the court ruled against the cargo ship, placing 90% blame on it and 10% on Noordam. The damage, above the waterline, was quite extensive.
  10. I just commented on the post regarding NA and RT heading to Cape Town. Sorry to see them leave, as I was hoping one would stay and do Caribbean itineraries and Canada/New England.
  11. I thought that after seeing them in Port Everglades this week, NS, NA, RT and ZA would be leaving. Sorry to see them go, and sorry to see it looks less likely there will be any Canada/New England or Europe season. I was even hoping one ship would stay in Florida for Caribbean itineraries. Here in Florida, it looks like May 1 is starting to allow some businesses to open even if limited. Most of our "snowbird" friends have left for their northern homes. Today is weather perfect with blue skies, lower humidity, and 78F/25C. We know in the next few weeks, we will be hot and humid and ready to look for travel. Guess the summer options will be limited to road trips for now.
  12. I shouldn't be surprised, knowing her sister ship has already been taken apart, but I am somewhat. We were docked next to her in Malaga two years ago and she looked very good. It appeared Marella was keeping her painted up very nicely and I asked two guests returning to the ship if they were enjoying their cruise on her and they were. My first HAL cruise was 14 days on her. I had an inside room mid ship which was ok. Others near the stern had the shakes which I learned was an inherit problem with both of the N class. Both of the N class sailed from Tampa years before Tampa had the other major cruise lines and had loyal Tampa Bay clientele. They were the last ships built for Holland America before Carnival bought HAL.
  13. So Noordam after coming all the way back from Australia, arrives in Calif only to turn around now and head back. I figure she will be repositioned to begin the Australia/New Zealand in October.
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