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  1. Yes, I agree, mostly the ports that all the bigger lines use. No Tampa. Without the smaller ships, the smaller/tighter ports are off the schedules. No Bermuda, no Trinidad/Tobago, and could they return to Cuba if allowed again?
  2. When i was still gainfully employed, I always tried to come up with an amusing April Fools joke. Thanks to Copper John for his this year. His is more likely than mine, which would have been the return of the sold R and S ships to the fleet to be operated by a new small ship division of Holland America. They would never be in port with large ships at the same time, tending to go to the exotic and less visited ports. Fresh flowers would be everywhere and the European bell boy would sound the chimes for dinner every night and there would be live musicians playing above the dining room and at
  3. Your family of posters here sends their sincere sympathy.
  4. Like the others, I have been to Sydney, Nova Scotia several times. Unfortunately, not the one in Australia as of yet. First time was the Maasdam, May 2006, on the reposition from Ft Lauderdale to Montreal. It was very cool and raining, so we didn't appreciate it at all. The last time was July, 2019, on the Zuiderdam on the Viking Passage from Copenhagen to Boston. It was very warm and sunny, so just the opposite of the first visit. We walked the old city and liked the waterfront. Also rode the bus to North Sydney which passes the Ferry Dock to Newfoundland. Cold beer and ice cream were
  5. We enjoyed Rio on the Veendam in Feb 2017 when we stayed overnight for Carnival. We booked excursions after being warned by previous travelers of street crime and remained safe and secure. I think the police have greatly reduced the rampant crime of years past and would encourage those who have yet to see Rio to go. The weather was very warm and humid, but noticeably nicer on top of Sugar Loaf. It was a wonderful experience.
  6. A late winter early spring cold front passed thru last night here in St Petersburg, dropping our temp from 82 yesterday to 68 now. Looks like Ft Lauderdale will be getting it today, so hope NS gets into port soon or awaits until it passes. Has anyone commented on Volendam headed to Corfu? With Europe cruises delayed until mid summer at best, is Volendam repositioning for the Med?
  7. Happy St Patrick's Day. How many remember this from A Mariner's Lunch? There are Good Ships And Wood Ships And Ships That Sail the Sea But the Best Ships Are the Dam Ships And May They Always Be!
  8. It was June, 2013, and the Ryndam with Captain Werner Timmers pulled into Hammerfest, Norway with us onboard. We were on a 14 day itinerary RT out of Dover. Hammerfest, considering the title as the northernmost city of not just Norway, but the world, was actually very delightful. It was cold by this Floridian's recollection, but there was sun and that makes all the difference. After Hammerfest, the Ryndam continued on to Honingsvag which was noticably smaller. There, a German man who was there to see his Norwegian girlfriend, told us that the two communities argued over who was the "Nort
  9. Thanks. Yes, just a few short sentences. I think the yacht is the Azteca, a 72 meter vessel built in 2009 for a mere $80 million. Owner listed as Ricardo Salinas of Mexico City with an estimated worth of $12 billion.
  10. Has anyone been able to get sound on the Ft Lauderdale webcam? Check out the "yacht" on the lower right.
  11. I've not been to Alexandria, but we did a port stop in 2014 on the Rotterdam's Africa circumnavigation cruise at Port Said. Port Said is Egypt's port at the entrance to the Suez Canal. It was the first cruise ship that they had for some time and all the officials were dockside with a band to welcome us. I had booked an excursion to Cairo that included Giza and the Museum. It was certainly an adventure to go by mini bus with armed escorts and the highway traffic scared us for sure. Couldn't believe the tailgating and lane changing. Cairo was very dirty then with junk along the highway and
  12. I like the addition of ports to the Daily, thanks Rich. Surprisingly, I have been to a port that the more traveled Roy hasn't: Greenock. On my first longer cruise in 2009, the Voyage of the Viking cruise,, onboard our beloved Maasdam, called there. I wanted to take the bus to Glasgow, but my travel partner then didn't. It was a pleasant community to visit none the less. After leaving the dock, I was watching from the Crow's Nest when the Captain had to make a hard turn to port causing the Maasdam to list severely which caused great concern. People get upset when their happy hour drin
  13. Not exactly a sailaway, but something to look at. Thanks.
  14. It has puzzled some of us why Holland America would station some of its fleet there this time of year. They even sent the Eurodam over late last year. It can't be easy on the ships or the crew aboard.
  15. Another Saturday without our winter season sailaway gathering. I don't think a day goes by without a fond memory of being aboard ship. Roy, my best wishes and prayers for your health concerns. Looking forward to tonights Florida Orchestra concert featuring Broadway Classics with Debbie Gravitte singing.
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