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  1. Since there are placeholders in our account that you can see on the website, I was thinking we might be able to "convert" them, just like we convert MNVV, as opposed to calling.
  2. Has anyone else attempted to book these? My TA attempted to book one Rockstar and 3 Sea Terraces (want to bring the whole family). For some reason, I only got deposit e-mail messages for the 2 Sea Terraces, and they both say "Limited View", which is a non-starter for an Alaska cruise! Could be just that's what they put for the placeholder, but it's pretty scary to me.
  3. Congrats! I am definitely interested in both the bid amount and where it was on the scale of bids for the MRS, if you are willing to say.
  4. Yes, these are the numbers I was given and declined. I wonder how many people will actually pay this much. I can't imagine why anyone would, considering you can go on an identical ship for the same amount of time for half as much or sometimes 1/3 as much. But it will be really interesting to see what happens with this pricing, because if my gut is correct, they will need to lower them substantially.
  5. On multiple fronts. Background for those who aren't familiar, if you had booked a MerMaiden on Brilliant from December and it was canceled, you were given the ability to choose another cruise of any length (same cabin type) without paying more, plus an extra $1k in loot. THIS was a good deal. However, in addition to that (and whether you accepted it or not), we were also told that we would get first dibs on the actual MerMaiden (same cabin type), with an additional $300 off plus $600 in sailor loot. Well, the first dibs part is real. We have a week to book starting today, where nobody else can. BUT: 1) The $300 off plus $600 in sailor loot is not combinable with with MNVV. This is just stupid. The terms are the same as MNVV, so I'm getting nothing more than I already have. And most people who would be using this deal already have or have access to an MNVV. 2) What they are charging for these voyages is absolutely ridiculous. A central sea terrace for the 6 night Miami MerMaiden is almost $8,000! I have a Rockstar 14 night sailing that's almost $2k less than that. For #1, I'm sure people will say that I should be happy with what I got booking my alternate cruise, which I am. But don't promise me more and give me nothing.
  6. They used to have Scorpion Powder at Pink Agave, but last time they told me they stopped getting it because too many people compained it was too spicy 😞 Below was taken on the ship:
  7. When was the last time you went? When I went last January, I was told that there were cost-cutting changes that had just started. I also saw some videos that showed these changes and the differences in the food, especially the buffet.
  8. These are exactly as they were served...
  9. For me the main thing was the food. The food was pretty bad on Celebrity. Frozen vegitables. I thought our "Concierge Balcony" room on Celebrity was about the same size as our Sea Terrace on Virgin, and although there was more variety of entertainment on Celebrity, the style of entertainment on Virgin was more my personal style. But I would say it was 80% the food and 20% the vibe.
  10. Perhaps taken as a whole, that's true. But for some people, Virgin is better suited than the other lines (and for some people, the other lines are better suited to them). It's fine to say that "Virgin is beyond compare to other lines", for *you*. That doesn't mean it will be true for everyone. But it certainly can be a true statement for that person. I've tried 3 different lines (all within the past year), and Virgin is beyond compare to Celebrity and Norweigan for me, at least for my small sample of one each of the other two.
  11. I still don't get the "cancel the excursion so she gets the money" scam. I'm obviously missing something. I had a weird run-in with that VV security guy who did most of the talking for VV. I had an incorrect charge on my bill and the Sailor Services person called him over and he didn't smile once with me, either. He was also treating me with suspicion. But it eventually got fixed.
  12. I'm in the process of planning this now. On the September 3rd (now "Celebration") cruise from Portsmouth. So planned a trip around it. Flying FLL-LGA (JetBlue), EWR-ATH (Emirates), ATH-JTR (Aegean), JTR-LHR (British), Overnight in London, Train Waterloo-Portsmouth. Then after cruise, train Portsmouth-Gatwick (Have to make a 4pm flight that day!), LGW-OPO (British), train Porto-Lisbon, LIS-MIA (TAP). Will be 2 days in Athens, 3 days in Santorini, 2 days in Porto, 1 day in Lisbon. I looked at hotels in Portsmouth and Southampton, and didn't see anything that was appealing to me.
  13. I think this is a big change, not a slight one. I'm very happy about it.
  14. Maybe you could bring some sugar free vanilla extract? Then you wouldn't be limited to what you have on board, since they have Coke Zero?
  15. It's not real Freestyle. It's what I call "Freestyle Light". You can't mix anything. It does not have Coke Zero Vanilla (but does have Coke Zero and Diet Coke)
  16. Wow, so it wasn't even close to being ready in time. They should have let us know sooner that our voyage would be canceled...
  17. Hmm...That's a shame (I assume your word "any" in the first sentence should have been a "one"). He's by far the best bingo host I've seen. Also, I thought he was on RL. Glad to hear he's on VL.
  18. For my cruise next month on VL it's also listed as "with the Happenings Cast", which took me by surprise. I've always just seen "with the Diva", including the last time on VL. I hope you check it out this trip and report back.
  19. Also, @-The-True-North-, my friend and I have been thinking more about it. Why not (for example, if you have $925 in SL) just bet $25 on each of the 37 numbers on one spin. You then lose $25 for the conversion fee, have converted $875 and have another $25 left over in monopoly money to figure out how to convert.
  20. I meant, have you done the $24/$24/$2 or anything like this at all, @-The-True-North- ?
  21. Have you done this? One person on Reddit said one dealer would not let him do it.
  22. Also, why not just start off with $290 red, $290 black and $20 green?
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