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  1. I hope they put an El loco fresh on the pool deck......would be phenomenal!!
  2. As of last week it was. I saw anthem in San Juan on Tuesday and it was taking people up while it was docked there
  3. i would highly think of flying in the day before.....you never know, especially with a tight schedule like that
  4. That was a huge dry dock too! Wasen't that the one where she got stretched? I'm hoping the 7 days it takes to cross the Atlantic, will take care of the loose ends
  5. I hope that's the case! Didn't plan on being the 1st cruise after drydock....but I guess we'll have to make the best of any situation....better than not being on a cruise i guess lol
  6. Now that more Freedom cruises have been canceled due to an extended dry dock, ours is going to be the fist cruise after dry dock on march 8th 2020.We originally planned this date because there was going to be 2-3 cruises post dry dock before us. My main question is how was your cruise immediately after dry dock? Did you experience any problems? I've heard the horror stories and would hate to have stuff closed. But on the other hand I've heard great things too. I'd hate to cancel, because its a non-refundable deposit. We booked this particular cruise due to the itinerary, port of departure, and the fact that if we take a later cruise my child will be too old for adventure ocean.....he turns 12 during this cruise. Also, what is the timeline for a first sailing? do they have media on-board prior to us boarding? Is boarding the same time? Sorry for all the questions, but i'm just a worrier 😂 Any experience with this or helpful knowledge would be awesome!
  7. All the info is on the boards here. Freedom, Allure and Explorer are all getting amp'd up next year in 2020
  8. i think it must be the search engine. i just checked royal's site and cruises are showing up for every week in may and june
  9. I would have to agree.....hopefully they add a lime & coconut bar and also the el loco fresh like on navigator! i booked after the refurb, hopefully it doesn't disappoint! But then again, any cruise is better than no cruise!
  10. But i do get a HUGE mileage bonus if I can spend 5000 in 3 months....
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