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  1. yes it would. maybe ill wait a day or two before i decide.....maybe some more info will be released
  2. My worry is about upcoming possible cancellations. Like do i have to choose the lift and shift before my july 25th sailing gets cancelled by royal or can i wait and then have the choice? the release doesn't clarify that particular question
  3. To quote the release: To be eligible, the reservation must be an active booking (not previously cancelled) with no other cancellation offers previously accepted....i think this is referring to previously canceled cruises. I think this policy may be the new offering for UPCOMING cancellations too......100% refund/ 125FCC/ and now Lift and shift you pick which is best. Check out the FAQ i attached FAQ.pdf
  4. dont take this the wrong way........Im not saying your wrong, but i never saw that stated in there. i just reread them again. could you copy and paste it for the few of us that are in this specific dilemma
  5. hey ken, just out of curiosity, did that come from royal direct? do you think that they may change that and offer that as an option?
  6. So my biggest question i, will this be available after they cancel another set of cruises? my cruise is July 25th and i really want to go, but i dont want to lose out on this offer to lift and shift to next year.
  7. So I just bought the voom+ultimate package and expected the typical 18% added on, but was pleasently surprised that it said 15.48% would be added on as automatic gratuity. Then for fun, I checked the basic ultimate package and that had 18% as the gratuity.....just found that weird so I thought I'd share.
  8. If im getting the drink package that might not be a bad option😂.....all private islands hmmmmm🤔
  9. The schedules may not have been updated yet... This article just came out this morning
  10. I was going by what the news article states.....and it says 2020 and 2021 ....so until we hear different from royal directly, other dates are speculation
  11. If you go to Nueva dia newspaper's web page this is front page news. 90 stops there have been cancelled including symphony and allure! Sorry can post link but it's front page news on the islands paper
  12. I hope they put an El loco fresh on the pool deck......would be phenomenal!!
  13. As of last week it was. I saw anthem in San Juan on Tuesday and it was taking people up while it was docked there
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