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  1. There is a street not far from terminal that has restaurants , bars, and a couple of liquor stores.

    Those liquor stores are not like you see at home. You walk into a reception area. There is a closed cage and behind it is where the person working there remains.The liquor is also in an enclosed with iron bars room. People tell them what they want and they get it and you pay . We went there and couldn't see the wines offered. I guess we looked honest. Attendant opened a door and let us inside the enclosed see through back room area.

    When we came out with our wines, the locals waiting in line seemed very surprised we were let in. We were there night before cruise staying at a close by hotel. The Pizza restaurant was really good.

    I am originally a Brooklyn resident so I guess my fear level not high but always cautious of my surroundings.

    I had never been to Red Hook before that cruise.

  2. If we want quicker access to theatre from the aft dining room, we go up to 8 instead of 7. No crowds of people to walk across on 8 , Then take the forward elevator down to 6 (or stairs). Less crowds entering on deck 6 than 7 and we always can find a seat.

  3. Wow, was on this cruise too.

    Opinions sure vary. Didn't find the crew burnt out . They were friendly . We had wonderful room stewardess,

    great wait staff (in fixed dining deck 6 aft). And the very best Head waiter.

    Our cabin was spotless and in good condition. Balcony where you see the rust generally, was in good condition.

    Never had a problem getting a good seat for the shows (late shows). Food was good, never had to send a meal back.We cruise Princess often . I know the dining rooms don't have gourmet meals but they are fine. Went to Crown Grill one night and food is better than dining room but we are paying extra and expected great(loved it).

    Sometimes I think that we luck out with the staff that serves us. In January we were on the Coral Princess and had the worst experience with our room steward.

    Being on a cold weather cruise there is always a more crowded feel on the ships, especially on a sea day. The Atrium, coffee area, International café is very crowded.

    My only complaint on the Emerald was lack of additional speakers. They had a very good Naturalist speaker.

    However, on our three days back to LA, there should have been an additional speaker doing a different kind of talk. Found those last three days a bit boring. Since this was the first LA RT cruise to Alaska, don't think Princess prepared for all those sea days. You played trivia, gambled,bingo,Art auction, or watched a movie.

    We liked the Emerald and booked another cruise for next year.

  4. Did it this week on the Emerald Princess.

    They used the Hearts and Mind room (wedding chapel).

    Series of boxes with locks that have to get opened. All kinds of clues. Theme is magician's props.

    The clock starts and you have 30 minutes to open everything and find the missing object.

    Warning, you have to sign a disclosure release of liability that was so bad we had thoughts of not doing it. Agree not to sue for injuries etc. The disclosure really had nothing to do with what actually accurs in that room. Nothing dangerous, I think it was a joke. Fun time was had by all but we didn't make it out of room in the allotted time,. Would do it again.

  5. We had the Sapphire here on the West coast for a long time and loved sailing on her. Beautiful ship. Has a wonderful Promenade deck for walking. Miss the ship, wish they would bring her back here. This ship and the sister ship The Diamond were the only two Princess ships built in Japan(Nagasaki).

  6. Friend on the Golden right now.

    She says the following:

    New Beds, Big Screen TV's, New carpet in hallways to cabins. Refurbished Sabatini's and has new menu. Buffet redone.

    The Sea Witch wasn't painted on bow(like they are doing on all the ship). Reason, in 2020 the ship is going to P&O.(The P&O emblem already on the ship but painted over so not really noticed yet. Same thing with where ship registered has London instead of Hamilton.

  7. Last year at holiday time we brought our 4 grandchildren with us. Three were 16 and one was 13. They weren't bored. Loved the teen center and made some really good friends on board. I love the Ruby and they really did. The counselors in the Teen Center were terrific and made sure all the kids got to know each other. (three of my grandkids were girls, and one a boy),

    I also planned some really fun tours in ports and every one still talking about the trip. (had my kids with us too)

  8. To: CrochetCruise

    You won't be Elite till you have completed 15 cruise credits.

    Looks like with two cruises in a suite and being a single , you only have 6 credits right now.

    Next cruise, in a suite single will bring you up to only 9.


    Outside cabins are only windows, so no balcony to worry about. A balcony cabin

    is listed as a balcony not outside. There are handicapped cabins in all categories

    so it will be comfortable no matter which category you chose.

  9. Did that excursion on a Princess cruise. That day it was extremely windy

    and made for an unpleasant day. Didn't like the buffet. However there was another area where they had hot dogs and the open bar area. Drinks were good.The little boat back was packed with too many people that I would have thought safe. We love Aruba and prefer just going to one of beaches with the beautiful white sand.

  10. It is nice to get to Elite quickly. One of these days Princess will change the criteria to only days not cruise credits (right now 150 days or 15 cruises, and your next cruise will be Elite).

    We got there by days not cruises as we take longer cruises.

    HAL does days for different levels. Since Princess seems to be following them on other things, may happen this way too.

    For Most Traveled honors, Princess doesn't look at how many cruises but only days.

    Rumors have been floating around about changes in the program but so far nothing happening. Hopefully for those trying to get to next levels with cruise credits, there will be enough notice on the changes. Seeing that any changes in other things on board, have happened with no warning, probably it will just happen.

  11. Royal as well as the Emerald will be on the West Coast sailing from San Pedro.

    We have already booked the Royal for Mexico in March 2019.Prices are no different than other ships sailing from here. They start a little high and when we get closer a bit of a price drop. Right now prices are okay but one can only hope they drop.

    There are cruises that leave from San Pedro to Alaska round trip(12 day). Starts end of April this year and another one in September. Hopefully this will repeat next year too.

    Love cruising round trip from San Pedro because no flying and we just park at the terminal.

  12. With no U.S. consulate in St. Petersburg anymore, don't lose your passport there.

    You are required to have it with you when you exit the ship.Have a safe place to hold it on your body. We were warned on several stops by our private guide to watch out because a heavy pickpocket area.

    We felt safe the whole time we were there (two days) and it is a must see city.Would be sad if we no longer can visit.

  13. I have been in that cabin on the Ruby as well as the one next door.

    We always take cabins in that location. Nice and quiet with few people walking by.Easy to run up to the buffet for a snack. We always do fixed dining and it is aconvenience being not far from the aft elevators going down to the dining venue.

    As far as vibrations.I really don't notice any. maybe if we were on a lower deck but not on Caribe.

  14. Embarking ship, never bring more than the two for our cabin.

    We have always bought wine in various port stops especially in Europe. Never had a problem and wasn't stopped coming back through security on the ship.

    On Mexico ports, usually buy wine in Puerto Vallarta and again never asked to pay corkage. They are looking for booze however and when security sees it, sends you over to a table where it is taken away and given back end of cruise.

    Our wine purchases in ports are small, never more than two bottles at a time, usually just one.

  15. I have gotten partial refund while on board ship after a written complaint.

    They Value the feedback and were very pleasant. Took a couple of days for refund to appear and a nice letter was sent to us too.


    Another time purchased departing ship tour(Buenos Aires) with drop off at airport. Bought the expensive tour and then the tour desk said if you want to go to airport after, you need to pay additional $70.00 a person. I said, okay, where will you drop me off, I'll take a cab. They said to the ship not logical answer. We paid the extra or they said we wouldn't be able to take the tour.Found out that a lot of people on our tour refused to pay it. Called customer relations when home and we were refunded plus given some extra future OBC on our next cruise. Also was told they were having the Tour department correct what staff on board was doing.

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