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  1. Wasn't it mentioned somewhere that the second captain came onboard and would quarantine for a period before taking over? I thought I saw that on one of the threads.
  2. We made a booking just last month for a spring 2022 cruise and the gratuities were included -- along with reduced deposit and just about everything else. That promotion still pops up now and then.
  3. I found it on etsy by searching "Botanical print scarf" and then refined the search to "most recent."
  4. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are totally different, I think. RC is very hectic. I mean, when we were in Greece on a shore excursion with HAL, a Royal Caribbean excursion came onsite with music blaring and guys in Roman gladiator costumes leading the way. They didn't stay long -- just appeared in a big way. I'd definitely do a short trial cruise with them to see if they are a good fit before embarking on a long journey.
  5. On the K, there was really good fish and chips in the Lido every day. Which was surprising, because in Alaska it only appeared maybe once. They also had a nice beef roast every day. Everything was of good quality. In my head I'm trying to sort out how we'd approach a long cruise, which is what we prefer. On these short jaunts, it's easy to avoid MDR and, like you did, just restaurant-hop. But for a longer cruise, all that rich food would get to be too much. I really do hope they get MDR up to speed.
  6. Ohhh...not what you wanted to hear. Did they tell you how long a course of radiation is required?
  7. Totally agree with @VMax1700about Canaletto being very good. It's funny, the new menu doesn't really inspire when you read it, but on both Nieuw Amsterdam and Koningsdam, the best meals we had were there at Canaletto. The branzino on the K was a perfectly prepared fish -- best fish of the cruise. And that's taking into account the dover sole at Sel de Mer. Between the two cruises, we tried a variety of dishes. All were excellent. (Sorry if this isn't really the place for review type stuff, but it's nicer to share experiences with a gentler crowd -- tips for future cruises. Who knows what the branzino might trigger elsewhere. 🥴)
  8. I always feel short-changed there on a cruise because some years ago a friend, who knows her way around, told me, "You absolutely HAVE to go to Turks/Caicos." She went on and on about the water, beauty of the island, etc., etc. But she had stayed at a resort somewhere. Not sure where. Seems like there must be more to offer than what we are seeing there at the little cruise beach at Grand Turk.
  9. This is going to sound really rude, but truth is they'd have to pay me to get on an RCI ship for a world cruise. 🤯
  10. We had wonderful service overall, too. (Even the wine, in all but MDR.) It's really heart-warming sharing in the "back to work" enthusiasm of the crew. We had a great time -- as we did in Alaska. These first cruises are memorable.
  11. MDR definitely needs some TLC. The Lido on Koningsdam had some of the best food I've had in a Lido buffet. They seemed to have the same things a lot, but they were so good, it was pleasant to work through them at lunch day by day. Good to hear there was good wine service for you. Maybe because you were in Europe? Our former wine stewards now "beverage runners" were nowhere in sight in MDR. Happily, we brought on a lot of our own wine and self-served. But a cruise shouldn't really be BYOB.
  12. I have a feeling our prayers will be answered as far as the MDR goes. Betcha that was mentioned in 99.9 percent of surveys at the end of cruises, because it fell so far below the excellence found everywhere else. I do ask myself, though, if the food might taste a lot better if the beverage service was on task. HAL is going to have to pencil out which is cheaper to serve in MDR -- more good food or more booze. Gotta do one or the other. lol
  13. Good morning, All. Welcome ms Rotterdam indeed. Beets are a favorite, so it'll be interesting to see how they can be used in a Reuben. Or is it beef? In any case, brandied fruit would be a nice accompaniment, if prepared by a fine chef and served by a helpful waiter. I have laundry done and things back in place after our California Cruise on Koningsdam. It was so much fun, I'm shopping around for someplace to go before our next scheduled jaunt in May. (Hint hint: No matter what you read elsewhere, the problem on a HAL ship right now is how to avoid eating all the good things, rather than a lack of good things.) Wishing @Sharon in AZa wonderful time in Houston at women's retreat. Nice to have something else to do, to shake off the post-cruise blues. Seems like there's been a lot going on with the Daily. @rafinmd is finally getting some important test results today? Holding a good thought for good news. Thank you once again, @richwmnand Company for the Daily. Wishing everyone a lovely day.
  14. It's my understanding that the Club Orange dining room on the Rotterdam is much nicer because it was incorporated into the ship design, rather than just a repurposed space.
  15. Yes. It was very good. Not quite as good as on Nieuw Amsterdam in September, which was out of this world, but our cruise was the first restart for Koningsdam, so I'll cut some slack. It was a very enjoyable meal.
  16. Our 4-star Rudi's bill on Koningsdam last week, per person, was: $49.00, minus $12.25 loyalty discount, plus $8.82 service charge -- for grand total of $45.57 per person. Oddly, DH and I were presented with separate checks.
  17. Good morning. We ended our Koningsdam California Coast cruise yesterday in San Diego. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed visiting with fellow Dailyites @lindalerLinda, @lazey1Jane, and @Sharon in AZSharon, along with her very pleasant DH. Lots of catching up to do here. Meanwhile, here’s a photo taken at the port in Ensenada, as guests are greeted upon return from shore excursions. Just a little bit of Holland America’s warm hospitality that we enjoyed so much. We disembarked our cruise with full hearts.
  18. Good morning. My brother's birthday is October 12 and when growing up, his birthday was always on Columbus Day, so that's the date for us -- now and forever. You guys were all so cute doing your happy hour last night. Sweetest thing ever. My nephew is here to housesit while we are on our California cruise. He holds a place in our family much like "Our Sarah" does for @grapau27. He's a second son to us. But anyhow, we had some bon voyage of our own going on last night with him and DD's family. Clearing my head here this morning with lots of coffee. Bags are packed and now it's just wait for our assigned boarding time for the beautiful Koningsdam. For some reason, boarding is starting a bit later than usual. I think the first group is 1:00. It's great that live symphony is back in action, @rafinmd. Hope you had a wonderful time. That is definitely a good step toward "back to normal." Prayers here this Sunday morning for those on the care list and cheers for those celebrating. I always "unplug" when on a cruise, so won't be posting, but betcha there will be a nice "family photo" here at some point of our Dailyites from the Koningsdam. 😊 Have a great day Everyone! Maxine
  19. @Seasick Sailorand @Quartzsite Cruiser...I did something really dumb with my photos. I had prints made in order to put together travel scrapbooks. And then I deleted the photo files because I was just too darn stubborn to pay the extra Apple fee for more storage. While I love my scrapbooks, there is nothing left to send to people or post on a nice thread like this one. On rare occasions, I'll take a picture of a picture and post that, but of course quality is very poor that way. So folks at home, treasure those photo files. You never know when you will want or need them. In other news, super excited to be stepping on the beautiful Koningsdam tomorrow with a a few of my sweet Daily friends. 😍 As usual, I'm totally disorganized because we're not having to fly to meet the ship. Extra suitcases, hanging bags, superfluous wine...it's all strewn around the house. But the weather is beautiful today in San Diego for those arriving in town. 👍 Okay...back to packing. Wishing all a lovely afternoon/evening. Many thanks to our Daily contributors. 🛳️
  20. You never know what can be an inspiration. I have a good friend who swims every single day and has been encouraging me to do the same. She does laps. Debbie, I believe, does water aerobics. Both are great exercise, but for me that could never become a regular routine. Anyhow, whatever works, right? We do need to maintain strength as we get older -- for all kinds of reasons.
  21. Good morning! So much talent on display here today. Thank you @Heartgroveand @bdrcolefor sharing. Good to hear that surgery went well, @smitty34877. So sorry to hear that DGD needed that extra treatment, though. What an ordeal! Saying prayers for @dfish's family members with covid. It's disheartening that when this pandemic should be winding down, we keep hearing of more cases "close to home." I hope all have mild cases. @Sharon in AZ, hear ya about the anti-vaxxers. We have our own to contend with. Ours are losing valuable friendships unnecessarily. @StLouisCruisers, you are my inspiration to get back on the exercise bike and walking path. I maintained a healthy level of fitness my whole life until a few years ago when I had an emergency abdominal surgery for an obstructed bowel. Apparently this is common if you've had prior abdominal surgeries -- like a hysterectomy. Anyhow...TMI, but that unexpected and random medical emergency, falling hard on the heals of other health problems, finally took the wind out of my sails. I threw in the towel! But no more. I've been on my exercise bike for an hour a day for one week straight now. Thank you, Sandi!! 💪 And thank you to all contributors here on the Daily. TGIF! 😊
  22. OMG...crazy news here on the Daily today. @smitty34877Terry, what next? That angel of yours looks like such a little trooper. Hopefully she heals very quickly. Your DDIL certainly has her hands full. I hope your son gets well quickly and the family is healthy again. @Tbay, very sad news as well that your DH is having to "suffer twice" from his awful disease. My handsome, kind and sweet cousin is having a similar experience. Praying that any setback your DH is having will be very brief indeed. The collection of days is kinda random. Isn't it nice that bald is embraced these days. One of the daytime talk shows years ago (Merv Grffin?) had a "get rid of the combover" day and they gave the guys in the audience shaved heads instead. They all looked good! I had a pasty chef friend who actually baked me a Paris Brest for my birthday. That memory brings a big smile. Not your typical birthday cake. I just saw @Horizon chaser 1957's quote about forgiveness and drinking poison. Great quote and very true. Sometimes it's hard to forgive, but the alternative is probably worse. Everyone, thanks for your contributions here. We're all packed and ready for a quick drive this weekend to port of San Diego to meet the Koningsdam and some Daily friends. These one-week cruises are so hectic that everyone has to talk fast when they meet. But it's still wonderful to see one another, nonetheless. Wishing all a pleasant and safe day. 😊 🍂 🎃 Maxine
  23. Please do tell us later one about your wine tour. I hadn't known them to do this in San Diego before and am curious where you go. There are several nice wineries in Escondido now that have good dining areas for a lunch, dinner or banquet, so it's not necessary to drive all the way out to Temecula. I hope you have a great day.
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