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  1. Yes, to 2021. Three cruises before the end of the year -- shorter itineraries than we usually do, but we'll be back onboard if the ships sail.
  2. @aliaschief, we had a really good pumpkin carving contest on our Westerdam TA, too. I'd forgotten about that until seeing your photos. The crew really got into it.
  3. Well, that was my first thought as well -- communication within teams. But you're braver than I am...
  4. What a gorgeous ship! The chandeliers are beautiful Only thing I'd change is the MDR is too bright for my taste. I don't like "bright" at dinner. But stunning ship. And @Sir PMP, I don't think it has any Las Vegas about it. Some ships do. To me they did a great job of hitting a "transitional" tone -- old school elements presented in a modern way.
  5. Good morning! I can't really comment on dinosaurs or coloring books, but DD is currently using CAD to design tombstones for her front-lawn Halloween display. So many practical uses! lol I hope everyone has a good start to the week. We're now firmly into August and all need to keep cool. Sending prayers to those on the care list and cheers to those celebrating. Happy Monday!
  6. Last was Westerdam 2017 on a transatlantic -- sea day after leaving Cadiz, Spain. There was a great costume party in the BB King Blues venue. It was so much fun that I bought the photo of us taken at the party -- which I'd post here except we look much too lit up. lol Really fun party. I suppose it depends on the ship.
  7. We really like Capital Grille a lot -- have had a whole lot of celebrations there at locations all around the country. It has always delivered the goods.
  8. Good afternoon/evening everyone. Busy day today, but wanted to pop in. I haven't read through the whole thread, but the collection of days is particularly lovely. @Seasick Sailor, we stayed at the Westin Nanea and that stands out as one of our favorite Hawaii vacations. That's so cool that you bought there. @cat shepard, your Iceland travelogue has been a real delight. Thank you for that. Thanks to all my Daily buddies for being right here. Have a great evening Everybody!
  9. Thank you so much for the response! It sounds great. My favorite ports are the ones where you don't have to go far to have a nice day. I'm really looking forward to this interesting itinerary. Thanks again
  10. Oh, we did, too. That was a sort of ritual for us -- breakfast on the aft Lido deck, enjoying the morning sea air and our multiple papers. And then I'd do the crossword puzzle throughout the day. But yes...gone, gone, gone on our last two cruises. Sigh
  11. They have such wonderful fish down there. It sounds like a great day.
  12. They probably do. My mom planted tomatoes against a wall and next to pool equipment that didn't get all that much sun, and she had the best crop ever. We figured the pool equipment was always creating heat and it radiated off the wall. Constant trial and error, right?!
  13. Jane, could you please share a little bit more about what you did in Loreto? We are trying to figure out the ports on that HAL itinerary, and aren't sure what to do there. Thanks so much
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