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  1. Oh man, @DeeniEncinitas...2020 strikes again. 😞 Take care and try to enjoy Thanksgiving anyway. If the fixings seem to be in jeopardy, drink more and eat less. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Good morning, All, and Happy Thanksgiving week! It's so exciting to read about all the vaccines coming soon. Our October 2021 cruise was cancelled recently, but betcha we'll all be onboard again around that time anyhow! My mother's standard cocktail when we dined out was a vodka gimlet. Nice memories! 😍
  3. It's probably just as well. Had they announced it just before the election, everyone would have freaked out that it was rushed ahead of the election and people would be more hesitant to get the jab. Tough call, but probably better for public health that they waited.
  4. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! This post brought to mind the many, many turkey dinners we have enjoyed on a HAL ship to celebrate the Canada Thanksgiving. I have an October birthday, so we usually take an October cruise to celebrate. Not this year, but a nice turkey dinner sounds great anyhow. Nice reminder! 😊🍗😋
  5. Since it's "Name Your Car Day" and pumpkin ravioli is what's cooking, I'll share this... my first car, when 16 years old, was a Toyota Corolla that was an absolutely hideous color of orange. That car, which was about $2,000 new at the time, ran like a top with no repairs for 150,000 miles. We affectionately called her "The Great Pumpkin." Enjoy your day, everyone! It's so nice to be in October! 😊
  6. These tests confuse me. Let's say one is exposed to Covid on the flight to the cruise or at the pre-cruise hotel. Would this instant test detect that recent exposure? I'd assume the illness would incubate and spread during the cruise, without having been detected. Perhaps I'm mistaken.
  7. I have a tradition of watching old Universal Studios monster movies during the dog days of summer, because the sets are always foggy and cool. Nothing like being transported to misty London when you are smoking hot in Southern California. So today, Frankenstein it is! Thanks, @richwmn !
  8. Nowadays I mask up and close my eyes when in the elevator -- listen for the floor announcements and then rush out. Call me a nut. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Also looking forward to itinerary announcements! And also not worried about language. My Finnish cousin summers in Greece. We discussed languages -- a serious matter for the Finns, as their language is all their own. He told me English is ubiquitous in Greece and he manages quite well there, as he's fluent in English.
  10. We have a black diamond crape myrtle in our yard and I really love it. Of course, no two plants or gardens are the same, but for us it blooms a really long time and keeps a beautiful multi-trunk shape that looks good even after leaf-drop. Whichever you choose, enjoy your new garden! 😊
  11. Having Antarctica and South America on the brain today, a particular book came to mind about Patagonia. It's an obscure one that was written in the 1930s -- tedious at times, but it really made the region come to life. Very authentic. A Yankee in Patagonia, Edward Chace, written with Robert Le Moyne Barrett. I really enjoyed reading works by Isabel Allende, and read a whole lot about Eva Peron -- super fascinating, but the old cowboy story of Edward Chace made Patagonia real to me. Of course, we didn't make it all the way to Antarctica last trip, only as far as South Amer
  12. We are still booked for January 10 Antarctica. For some reason, I just can't seem to get on the phone and cancel -- even though I'm sure we won't go and probably nobody else will either. Sentimental, I guess. 😢
  13. We rented a car to drive to Keukenhof from a port stop in Rotterdam. I assume the same would be easy to do from Amsterdam. Easy driving and great to be able to tour around at leisure and get a look at the surrounding growing grounds. We had a lovely and memorable day. The beauty of Keukenhof cannot be overstated. Do it if you can. You will regret missing it, but never regret having made the visit!
  14. One of the Christmas specials of the Brit-com "Keeping Up Appearances" has Hyacinth Bucket on a QEII cruise. It was very funny, if you know the show and the characters. Another shout-out for Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad." That's a personal favorite of mine.
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