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  1. Oh, that is disappointing - I enjoy a fun round of mini golf with my DH a few times. I am not a golfer so a putting green doesn't do it for me. Thanks. Ellen
  2. Thanks c-boy for the quick response. Good, if the sun is not too hot, we enjoy a few fun rounds while on a cruise.
  3. Is there a miniature golf course on the Caribbean Princess?
  4. Yes, Please! Would be interested for sure. Thanks for thinking of it. Ellen
  5. Really appreciate the effort and time this took. Thank you. Ellen
  6. Thanks for these helpful hints. Looking forward to seeing the Patters (and Menus)
  7. Thanks for that info. Really just a matter of hours rather than the whole 14 days.
  8. Thanks for the responses re vibration in aft. Ellen
  9. kycatfanone: You said that you spent most days at the Terrace Pool - Did you notice much vibration? We are in an aft cabin, deck 14 and this is a concern after reading about bad vibration from previous posters. Thanks.
  10. We have a reservation for a day room at Rodeway. Did you call the hotel when you disembarked? Any problems with the shuttle?
  11. How was the vibration aft ship? My big concern since our Cabin is deck 14,aft
  12. We are flying Air Canada and arrive at Terminal 2 so according to the map, we would turn right when we exit. Thanks so much. Ellen
  13. Well, I have to say that I am just a little concerned re vibration. I really liked the location of our cabin for the same reasons most do. But, do I want to "shake', even slightly, for 2 weeks?????? Dear me! Not sure what to do. Seems that most of the talk re vibration is in the past few weeks. If we stay in this aft area cabin, I will report back but our cruise isn't for a few months yet. Thanks for the info.
  14. Thank you so much. Yes, very simple. Do you know about the Ft. Lauderdale Airport? Is there also an area for Uber/Lyft pick-ups?
  15. I have used Uber here several times and no problem at all. But, getting off a ship with the crazy crowds, am concerned how to arrange the pick up at the port. Do you pick a 'post' or what?
  16. ShipsAreTheBest - thanks for all the info. Our cabin is about 8 cabins from the aft on 14. Looking forward to the location but slightly concerned about vibrations. Anything?
  17. Thank You, Sea&SkiCruiser. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Ellen
  18. Thanks for the information. Did you have to wait for table with Anytime dining? Did you dine with others? What time did you go? What time were the shows in theatre? Thanks
  19. So, too far then for me. Thanks for the info Port Royal.
  20. Did would also be interested in this. Thanks.
  21. We are staying disembarkment day at Rodeway Inn in Fort Lauderdale. $69.00. 10am to 6pm. Includes pick up at port and shuttle to airport. I am sure of the shuttle to airport but wonder if the pick up at port will work out. However if not, will call an Uber.
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