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  1. No vaccine is đź’Ż% effective. There may be some people with pre-existing conditions that will not be able to get vaccinated. But for the most part if MOST Would get vaccinated herd immunity then would protect those unvaccinated.
  2. Seriously I don’t think cruising will be safe for anybody until there is a vaccine and in use globally.
  3. I seriously doubt any ships will be taking on passengers in 3 weeks time. Most borders in Europe are closed. Holland & Spain, the itinerary for this TA are closed. Everybody needs to chill and stay home and forget about cruises for awhile. HAL needs to step up, cancel their cruises, and offer compensation packages for booked passengers
  4. If you’re on the Regal you’re not cruising today. And yes some may Take chance and board a cruise only to be refused at ports or end up quarantined to your cabin. Not a cruise - jailed at sea
  5. Do you know if today’s cruise is cancelled or not?
  6. Was supposed to do TA and BI cruise on Regal starting 4/19 but cancelled last week. Don’t want to get stuck in quarantine somewhere
  7. Please tell me how Princess would not lose money running ships that are 1/4 to half full?
  8. I just cancelled a back to back TA and BI cruise but had insurance. My insurance for these cruises was approx $500.00 and would never book a cruise without it. Why should those who refuse to buy insurance be compensated unless Princess cancels their cruise? If their cruise goes, they can certainly cancel with penalties because it is their choice not to go. Princess is a business like any other business and they will operate cruises until they either go out of business or the government tells them they are grounded.
  9. I seriously doubt that your Caribbean cruise will be cancelled unless there is a sudden up tick of cases especially here in florida. Right now there are 4 cases on the west coast of Fl. not community acquired as far as I know. If they start massive testing they are likely to uncover many more cases throughout the country. Not sure if they will EVER have the capacity to do this in the US b/c politically it is not advantageous to the current administration to increase numbers to epidemic proportions. As a seasoned cruiser, I strongly suggest you take your 75% and go. Even NORO virus which is very prevalent right now on Caribbean cruises can really affect your elderly parents with pre-existing medical conditions. And cruise ships are like big Petri dishes that float around the oceans.
  10. Princess has Just cancelled the 3/7 cruise. They are holding the ship out of port, helicopter corona kits in and test B2B passengers and those showing symptoms that could be corona. BTW corona symptoms and symptoms of sea sickness are totally different and should not be compared
  11. Test kits are still not readily available despite what the government is saying, especially enough to test 2500 passengers and crew. There have only been about 150 tests performed in the US so how are they going to suddenly test 2500+ . This is going to be another dilemma there will be asymptomatic passengers who are + when they are eventually tested and what happens? Do they just let them off the ship into the community? The only good thing is that they're not in Japan.
  12. No sympathy here either. If you are at such risk why didn’t you buy insurance? Princess Cruises is a business like anything else. They offer you protection but if you don’t take their offer they certainly are not obligated to do anything else.
  13. I am concerned about being stuck on a ship, not going into ports etc. Now with community transmissions the risk is much greater and reliable testing is not readily available. I just cancelled a B2B transatlantic and British Isles for April & May. I am a nurse and what we are seeing and hearing is not hype. This is serious stuff. People who ate totally asymptomatic Can spread this virus.
  14. If it's non-refundable as the OP mentioned you can't take it home and need to spend it on the ship. Hence non-refundable. Funny, I never have a problem spending OBC.
  15. As a smoker I need to reply here that at least 95% of the ship is non smoking. The casino has non smoking nights and the casinos are empty. There are large non smoking areas in all the ship’s’ casinos. I too would love to see non smoking cruise lines so I don’t have to listen to complainers stomp on my passenger rights.
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