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  1. I saw it on the app last night for my cruise this weekend. It was called watercolor something. Lasts 15 mins.
  2. 30 a day is great price. All included in that price too.
  3. I called and asked about that a week ago, CSR said they hadn't heard about it on princess yet. Saw YouTube vid said carnival gave up the idea due to logistics. I'd call them directly and see what the situation currently is.
  4. I will see if I can play xbox game pass through the wifi late nights on the cruise. I normally wouldn't buy it but it came with princess plus. So most I can use it for is this, and gaming.
  5. Sorry, I obviously don't give a D what you think I should and shouldn't do. I think others should mind their own business and just eat, but they don't. I think I clearly stated I don't like dressing up so duh I know it's not formal. You always have Cunard, you can sail and you will never see my horrible Jean's on formal night. Or dress up eat in your stateroom. I'm not bringing something I don't want to wear, just to impress people I don't even know and will never see again. If it makes a difference for you have at it.
  6. My friends favorite pirate joke. What's a prirats favorite letter? (Everyone says "rrrrrr") You think it'd be Rrr but it's the C. So lame. You're welcome to it. Hope you enjoy your cruise guys. I'm on next week!
  7. Yeah I don't care to much about dressing up. I won't be in a tuxedo for sure. I'll give you jeans and a button down. Also I won't be sitting with anyone else to mess up whatever it is formal night does for them. Just another night to me. If you want to put a bunch into it you're welcome to.
  8. To me you put it where you would anywhere, in the casino. The casino is not fun or entertaining to me. Line it with TVs showing stats and various sports you could use a small corner for taking and placing bets in person if they need that.
  9. All have been replaced with the Amazon delivery man/woman. We're inclusive now too 😉. Service didn't improve but you can get all that type stuff still delivered to your door.
  10. Are you complaining about wifi, or the app? Maybe both. Did you talk to someone about your issue or ever get it solved?
  11. He called them and the said add 3 months to the expiration date. It just seems strange it last such a short time to me I guess.
  12. Now this is a real issue with the expiration date. A member of my roll call just got his tests in and they expire in less then a month from when he got his six test in yesterday. I don't know why they expire so fast. If I knew that I wouldn't have ordered six. Mine will be in today I can't wait to see when they expire.
  13. That crab excursion sounds pretty good. I'm doing the oyster tour version in 2 weeks in Ketchikan. Don't know if it's all you can eat oysters but I'm sure I'll get my fill. Haven't heard much about it, but I do love oysters.
  14. Really? Daily, dang they used to just total everything thing up and subtract at the end. At least that's how I thought it worked lol. Princess wants that money now! Either way works the same I guess.
  15. If they catch one guy with covid they have to do contact tracing and may find more cases. Numbers matter, remember when they didn't want to let people off a ship because our numbers in the states would go up? The numbers go up on the ship it will get shutdown (potentially) so I'm sure that has to play part.
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