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  1. I wouldn't hold my breath for that either. The app isn't at all some high graphics thing. I have a note 8 and it worked. My SO had a iPhone 4s and she had just upgraded when we cruised to a new iPhone. I know that iPhone 4 wouldn't have worked. I guess if you want to stay old school don't worry about the app. Just go and use the medallion like a cruise card. Or take that other guys suggestion and find a new line.
  2. I called princess to deal with things on the app that wouldn't work for me. They entered that info for me. I couldn't book anything till very close to sailing. If you'd rather not try and see if they can help you on the ship with the class that's your own choice.
  3. I didn't have as much issue with the app as some seem to be. I don't know what the problem is some are having. I ordered drinks and food all the time no problems. The token part works fine to get in room and order drinks out of the room. If they offered to teach you how to use something you don't understand I can't see passing an opportunity to learn. I doubt it's a long lesson and you'll be happy knowing how to use it instead of just being pissed and frustrated not knowing what you're doing. Get a beer and sit there.
  4. Well not everything was open so you still have more people grouped together. Like one dinning room is closed the symphony. So we only used the other 2, and half the buffet isn't open. Never had long wait at the bar. Must have was princess plus for me. It's a great deal imo. At the outside pool bar order an ivory coast, I enjoyed many but could only order it there.
  5. I wanted to try it too but it was replaced with general Tso chicken.
  6. My mood was fine I just didn't like the food. I have the ability to separate things. I never complained about service or anything else. I understand weather is not something a cruise line controls. I also understand when food sucks, and the food sucked. Shows were great saw both of em even watched the comedian one night. Those things were fine. But the food was not that great. It just wasn't. It's a opinion just like your "fabulous cruise ", and just as valid.
  7. I didn't find the food worthwhile, in most cases I pushed each dish away after a bite or 2. I find the best comparison to be the aramark of the seas, especially when it comes to the restaurant. A french restaurant that can't cook duck, the steak place can't deliver a proper filet, and a Chinese place with American Chinese take out. I had what they called bisque 2 times, in the restaurant and le mer, french place was the worst of the 2 they at least tried to put lipstick on that pig by putting a puff pastry thing on the bowl but that thin salt bath of a soup was gross. I am not going to get into it about that "chowder" either, horrible. I just wasn't impressed even a little. And it's ok for me to have that feeling. You see plenty people saying they had a great time. I did like the omelet had one each morning, the restaurant made the better one. The weather is not something princess can't control, I obviously know that and I think I mentioned that. But food quality is. I am currently looking where to spend my 35%back and the suggestion of LA from LTDAH looks like a good one I see opportunity there and some reasonable rates. Just dosen't help that most sailings are majestic that I found but I may give her another go.
  8. I can't say I had the best time on this cruise. I give the food a C average across the board. That includes both specialty restaurants crown and mer, buffet, restaurants. The room was cool with the upgrade and all. If I was into just sitting playing games all day the cruise would have been better for me. But I'm more in it for the ports. Obviously you can't blame princess for the weather. However the experience of so many sea days really was not fun or entertaining for me. It is what it is, oh well. I'm not sure I would sail them again unless I can find a reasonable cruise to use my 35% on. I had a much better time the 3 days I spent in Seattle than this entire cruise.
  9. We did the French place. The bisque was really salty, the duck was overcooked. It was not the best dinner. Staff was great but man I cook a better duck through my mail order meal program. Played bingo watched some game shows. Just drinking really. The Lynchburg lemonade is my new favorite. Tried the Beverly Hills iced tea its pretty strong. Waiter guy added some cherry stuff to it was much better, easier to drink. I liked the toasted almond thing that was good Similar to the ivory coast drink. Plenty people in masks. But I see a few without one. I've seen staff ask people to put one on so far haven't seen anyone go Karen on anybody over it yet. It's kinda loose. Hollywood pool just now nobody has on a mask and no one is in the pool just a few in a hot tub but the atrium is pretty solidly masked up. Still here making the best of it. As far as the cruising this is probably the worst I've been on as far as the experience, food. But I will cruise again just make better decisions on when to sail. I wouldn't suggest anyone do this time of year for sure lol. Oh well the bars still open.
  10. Honestly I think they probably use it in more than just the Chinese food. I have la mer tonight. Harmony seems in low demand when I try to book specialty restaurants the grill and French place have no openings, but harmony is always available. If they made it 15 bucks I'd try it but but 30 for Mongolian beef, and general Tso chicken ain't gonna work for me.
  11. Budtender said you're not even supposed to smoke cigs in public. But find a quiet place away from folks and no one really cares. I used the end of a pier with a closed store nobody came by and preroll was probably a half gram so a quick burn.
  12. Well today was a good day in the end. I hope it's not the best of this cruise but it might be. Went to mendenhall glacier and a garden on the side of a mountain. Watched this dude propose to his girlfriend by the mendenhall waterfall, she said yes and they then kissed for the next 20 mins lol. Then ended the day with a great pre roll from the Alaskan kush company great people and friendly budtender there gave me a awesome strain called hillbilly, a selection that I consumed before getting on board. Bought a cool shirt from them for only 10 bucks. Highly suggest trying them out, the guy was eager to help and knowledgeable. Ended the day with dinner of prime rib that was decent and crab that was ok. Not a bad dinner. After a full day, a full belly, and fully baked time for sleep.
  13. People complain about anything. Don't go to the show if it's to loud.
  14. Well today the seas are calm and the view has improved a bit. Hopefully fog will burn off and we get a clear view. Kinda black and white with the fog but I see green ever now and then lol. Saw the show last night it was very good songs and singers were great. Tonight dinner looks good king crab and prime rib on menu. I moved my le mer reservations to tomorrow night. Will update how the day goes later.
  15. Well shawn is feeling better not 100% yet but after some food and dramamine she's perked up and gone to sleep. Back up at 5 and feeling much better we ate at crown grill. I had the bone in rib eye and added a lobster tail. I'm not the worlds biggest lobster fan I like shrimp and crab better heck I'd even chase a crawfish first. But why not give it a go. I actually preferred the tiny lobster roll I got for 15 bucks, much more. Steak was good I like the smoked salt they let you add. She had lamb chops, she liked them a lot. Back in the room now will try and see a show tonight, encore. The weather looks like hot garbage outside. It's like snow or sleet at times. I don't know what port will look like lol. So I liked the vanilla white Russian, and the ivory coast. Now next drink to try will be the Beverly Hills iced tea, then that Manhattan. Thanks for the suggestions.
  16. We are on lido you get some great positive and negative G feelings going. Great for me not so much for the lady. She's ready for this thing to dock. She just took the seasickness pill hopefully she will be up soon.
  17. Its Tuesday cold crisp morning, not as rough. I had an omelet at buffet, mushrooms, ham, and green &red peppers. It was good. Still dark out at that time rockin good. I ordered a Irish coffee and egg mcmuffin type thing just to see how it went. Came fast. I didn't like mcmuffin thing. Never had Irish coffee before, not sure I ever will again. I'm really just trying drinks so any suggestions I'll give it a shot.
  18. Saw people going nuts at a store in piazza area. Found out they had like 75% off Alaska stuff. Looked like black Friday over there. Had breakfast in the restaurant it was fine they make a better omelet than the buffet. Had lunch there too. London broil, it was good too no issues. I think the buffet was better today had some lamb chops. Formal night tonight. I had early dinner as my lady was feeling seasick a bit, and stayed in. Had duck, it was dry. Then leg of lamb, just ok kinda fatty. Not the best dinner. I'm back in my room now. May order a drink after I blaze a bit. Capt said seas are going to 5 meters tonight. We are rocking and rolling. Some parts leading to the outside areas are closed off. Saw a lady draggin her husband back inside he for some reason really wanted to go out there. She won in the end.
  19. We used birth certificate today to board majestic. No issues, but I do plan to get our passports soon.
  20. My dinner was great had short ribs, and a caipirinha. Then went to see the comedian got some good food and laughs in.
  21. Made it on board had my first couple drinks. Went to the CS desk as my bistro la mer reservations disappeared. They told me it's closed for 3 days due to technical issues. Talked to them about an upgrade and not even a blink went from balcony to mini suite. No cost, I was prepared to pay something but free. Captain said seas were 10 meters so we should stay put. He said we will try tomorrow but expect a bumpy ride.
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