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  1. First of all I can’t believe some of the comments from a few about a female Captain being named to a new ship. I will assume that she was chosen based upon her abilities and not her gender. To assume otherwise shows a persons true character. It’s also no ones business other than Celebrity. As far as someone choosing a particular ship based upon the staff is the same in my eyes as booking a cruise due to a certain port or itinerary. Things can change and often do. Just be prepared that it could happen. If one can’t handle that then they probably should rethink booking.
  2. We cruise at the end of next month. We have testing set up and paid for at a local drive through testing facility at our airport. Local pharmacies here in the valley do not offer rapid testing. We have also ordered the kits as a backup. I noticed that Disney is testing at the pier. I wonder why RCI can’t step up and do this? Yes it’s time consuming but we have now spent an extra $320.00 to test two people.
  3. Glad to see the Eclipse move to the west coast for fall 2023. Just booked the eight night MR itinerary.
  4. I’m very happy for her. She deserves this new ship.
  5. I can vouch that we’re living a normal but safe life here. 🙂 This person is known for their hit and run posts. Just ignore.
  6. If Richard Fain has his way, ships in core markets will be back to 100% by years end. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/cruise-leaders-stress-protocols-are-working-demand-building
  7. I think Amex/RCI is using some type algorithm in order to identify who receives the offer. No way of knowing. We have four Amex cards between the two of us. All separate accounts/numbers. So far only one card has the offer. Two are Delta Skymiles cards and no offers.
  8. What triggers the offer is not adding any one thing. You must charge a total of whatever your offer is. In my case it was $1500.00 charged by RCI to receive the $500.00 credit. As far as booking things like drink packages/excursions I suggest checking with Amex. Some say you can do it and the fine print states that it cannot be used for on board purchases. Not sure how they’re defining this. Would hate to see people adding things on to receive the deal and then be denied.
  9. It does work. I have already received my email from Amex confirming my use of the deal.
  10. Actually I had previously added gratuities and moved up to a suite. With this being only a four night cruise, RCI’s cruise insurance was cheap. Added it and it just placed me over the needed threshold.
  11. I have the $500.00 off of $1500.00. I owe $53.00 less on our cruise than the $1500.00.
  12. For us we had to pay at the time of booking. Each location may be different.
  13. Do not expect any changes to the current COVID procedures. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/cruise-covid-protocols-called-effective-and-here-stay
  14. Glad to hear this. We’re having to test on either a Saturday or Sunday and it will be the weekend after Thanksgiving so we were able to make an appointment now. Piece of mind.🙂
  15. Have you checked covidclinic.org ??? I’m in Palm Springs and the closest CVS that performs the rapid testing is in Riverside. I’m using this company. It’s located at our airport, drive up and test. The cost is more expensive. $129.00 for each of us. Good luck.
  16. I’m with the “keep the JS” group. Unless you’re in Star class then RCI’s suite perks leave a lot to be desired for the price. We’re back on RCI next month for the first time in eight years and went with a JS due to the lack of perks for the GS and OS. 🙂
  17. I would take one of the Star lofts. We did not care for the ATS. Balcony was nice but the interior space felt tight. Bathrooms left a lot to be desired for a suite category that expensive. Have cruised in all three loft categories and our favorite Star was #1724 with the aft view. By the way, the balcony on #1724 did not wrap around but is plenty big enough.
  18. I think Asia is becoming a big ? for U.S based lines. RCI announced today that the new Wonder of the Seas will now move to the U.S for her debut in March in place of China. The ship was purpose built for the Asian market.
  19. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25854-royal-caribbean-s-wonder-of-the-seas-to-debut-in-u-s-and-europe.html
  20. Agree. We used to cruise on RCI exclusively but we now enjoy Celebrity much more. Over the last couple of years we have found Celebrity to be less than RCI. To be transparent we book some type suite so when I price a Retreat suite and then price out a similar size suite on RCI and add gratuities, internet and the Premium drink package RCI was always more. Add to that the OBC on X. If someone feels that RCI is less then book it. Simple as that. 🙂
  21. Wow. That was a nice savings on our May 2022 Edge cruise. $1700.00 savings. Thanks for the heads up.
  22. I liked the new message. At least something positive in all of this mess. I too still find X to be competitive. Each time that I price out suites on RCI they are more expensive by the time that I add in gratuities, internet, drink package and no OBC.
  23. Thanks for the great review. Glad that you enjoyed Celebrity and the Edge once again. Very disturbing to read comments about people complaining about something like coffee that is too hot. Really? Get a life and realize who fortunate you are to be able to afford to cruise. I detest people who talk down to crew members. Karma!
  24. If you are age 12 years and older and currently booked on an MSC cruise departing from PortMiami or Port Canaveral beginning September 3, 2021 through and including sailings of October 31, 2021 and you are not fully vaccinated and will not be fully vaccinated 14 days prior to the cruise, you are eligible for a full refund of any funds currently on your booking. Please contact MSC Cruises at 844-575-3185 if you booked directly with MSC Cruises or contact your Travel Advisor.
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