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  1. Wonderful news Hank. We are headed to Riviera Maya golf resort next month.
  2. lol... 😄 thank goodness for the Discovery channel
  3. No, I'm superstitious, these types of activities could jinx us.
  4. HMMmmmm, 🤨 and here I was going to post that cruising will be safer in the future with all on board being vaccinated. Ya sank my battle ship ! lol
  5. Holy 🐮 ! people wanting to 🛳️ on a cruise web site, imagine that.
  6. I read the article from contributor Aaron Saunders today, new guidelines for possible start up.
  7. It was an eye opener. Information was slow in coming and uncertainty was every where. Imagine captain Gennaro Arma got a good start on a stomach ulcer .
  8. clo, you are of the 1.27% that pay the entire amount off monthly.
  9. due to the erupting volcano there were no flights out of DUB. as a consequence we missed our embarkation. We finally caught up to the ship in Lisbon four days later. After that debacle, we decided to cruise first.
  10. My wife and I were giving this some thought last month. My thought was/is, I see interest in cruising waning in America over the next quarter century . The generations following us now aren't interested in this type of holiday. However I do see an increase in ship sizes and bookings coming from Asia.
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