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  1. welcomed in some ports and not welcome in a few....
  2. the tech has been evolving over the years and no doubt covid 19 has spurred new and exciting developments http://www.hydroxylnews.com/hydroxyl-news/understanding-how-new-indoor-air-treatment-systems-optimize-indoor-environmental-quality-and-safety/ I might but one of these for my fall out shelter built in 1960
  3. I see that, maybe she go out for a few laps or better yet down the coast
  4. ..." onward and upward ...." I like this guy's attitude. Wonder if vikand is able to install this technology on older cruise ships
  5. Hmmm. 🤔 It will take a psychological and emotional disregard for my personal safety. Others will weight the risk to the tune of nimby. " I have certainly been exposed by now, and I haven't contracted it yet so I must be invincible" was what I heard from a twenty two year old last week. When the great event of returning to normal activities occurs and stepping onto a cruise ship will be one of them, I encourage you to look around at your fellow passengers and crew and remember human beings are resilient. Now as for " being in my late 70's, I wondering why I would get on a cruise ship with from 600 to 6,000 of my closest friends and feel safe without bein g vaccinated for Covid-19 " Don't !.... whether it's covid 19, 20 , saturn 5 flu, noro virus, last weeks left overs, your at risk as a senior being and your bod' is loosing it's will to fight. Even when there is a vaccine there is no guarantee it will work for everyone.
  6. on second thought, after standing in line at costco and then walmart, I've come to the conclusion that people are honey badgers !
  7. I've been married three times, it's better for me to go with than try to predict the future
  8. casino's opened this week in Nor. Cal. I visited 3 of the 23 that opened. Two of the three didn't have the staffing to regulate the regulations, so if your were on a winning machine people would flock to that locale like flies to a fresh pile of horse shyt. Nothing new in behavior from people. I would think the same onboard would take place.
  9. I played 18 holes @ Valley of the eagles in Haines. The club pro " be cautious out there, the bear level is high" I didn't make it to the first green before I had a sighting.
  10. ya we were notified that our Spanish passage in November is a no go. But hey we already got our 10k credited .
  11. c-boy


    only a talented eye would know this is a photo op.
  12. c-boy


    brings back memories 🥰
  13. what would you have done differently if you were in charge ?
  14. lol 🤣.... I prefer come on baby ! over, who's your daddy on a well struck shot.
  15. It was an enlightening post to read. Certainly gave reason to pause and think. My money is on mankind to
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