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  1. had to go with "boy", cause I was gettin' harassed for " man ". 🙄
  2. lol... I took a large position in Kimberly Clark 2nd. quarter 18' . who woulda thunk 🙄
  3. I'm thinking that the post you responded to, that the person is confused with other "reality shows" such as Big Brother and The Bachelor...
  4. received my monthly allotment yesterday, this should last a week... lol
  5. I gave everyone a plus vote because I love wine. Currently wines of the world are on my palate. Penfolds bin 707 cab is currently in my formerly nicotine stained fingers.
  6. https://www.trvltrend.com/cruise/denied-boarding-to-msc-grandiosa/
  7. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5016
  8. perhaps football teams should adopt the 74 step program. https://www.phocuswire.com/healthy-sail-panel-report-cruising-covid-19 although I doubt any of them will be cruising the Med any time soon.
  9. This from a Oct. 8th article. "I think we're going to return to a very healthy cruise environment," said Sasso of the one-year outlook into 2021. "We will adopt to those things that are required of us for COVID safety but we are ready to manage them. MSC is looking forward to adding more ships to the worldwide deployment, and I think it will be happening over the next weeks and months." Sasso noted that while MSC's restart will, as other lines have intimated, has been a gradual one, the line hopes to be back to full deployment by October 2021. "We have another ship starting on October 19 in Europe and another in Europe over the next month in a half," said Sasso. "We hope the North American version of that starts very soon. We hope that as an industry this will evolve, and it will evolve sooner than we thought even a month ago." .... slowly adding ships to the start up. Select markets, strict guidelines in place. so far 👍
  10. wonderful news, Don happy birthday, great guy
  11. c-boy

    Sunset sailing.jpg

    spectacular !
  12. well if " over 40% of US population says they may not get Covid-19 vaccination.... Then " the logistics of just trying to vaccinate the US population are staggering and extremely timely...." I would think that the logistics with time would be significantly less
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