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  1. At the Helm With Celebrity's Capt. Kate McCue - Your AAA Network
  2. If the price increases that have been reported are accurate, I believe that they are pleased. If bookings were lower than projections, prices would be decreasing.
  3. The Florida Attorney General said the lawsuit was filed before the news conference. That doesn't mean that it is not political theater. 😁
  4. There are a lot of resorts in the islands with similar needs to cruise lines.
  5. I wouldn't count on the end of May. July or August seems more reasonable. Since your covid rates are falling and ours are rising it may be the U.S. that will keep the border closed.
  6. I agree that they have a moral and legal duty, I just don't know if they have any money.
  7. Can you travel outside of the country now without the government knowing and being in a database?
  8. It appears that the UAE is using Sinofarm which is meant to be a 2 dose vaccine so few are fully vaccinated. As I stated above they are going to give a 3rd dose of Sinofarm in some cases. I appreciate your bringing statistics to what is often an overly emotional discussion. Robert
  9. This data shows 100% of the UAE have had their first dose. Not that 100% are completely vaccinated. It may also show that the Sinofarm vaccine is not a efficacious as may have been hoped which is why the UAE is using a 3rd dose booster in some cases
  10. I am in a group of 3 couples on an Allure cruise in 2022. If we all buy the unlimited dining package and go to make reservations upon boarding, do we all have to be present or can I make the reservations for all 6? The reservations are linked. Robert
  11. Great review Noreen. I didn't see the review until swigso posted since I was avoiding cruise critic since March as it was too depressing. However as Norris - Bimmer09 can attest, I am frequently late to his reviews as well :} I like to read reviews of suites as I can't justify the expense but it is nice to see them. Robert Off to read your Reflection review now.
  12. It is true with at least two on line agencies that I have used in the past. I don't know if others are also offering the same non perk prices as they were the only ones that I did a before and after comparison. Robert
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