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  1. We were very impressed with the unlimited laundry service on our January Zuiderdam cruise. When sent out in the eve, it was always back before 5 the next day, and sometimes by 10 AM the next day. You can send it out morning AND eve, if you'd like :-)
  2. We've been on the Harmony the past two Octobers and were in the Solarium every morning. I really thought there was nice mellow "New Age" / meditation type music. It was one of the things I loved. There was an occasional group of noisy seniors who talked quite loudly for a while, but no rowdiness in the morning. I usually ate breakfast there. They didn't do 'made to order' omelets, but had scrambled and fried eggs, oatmeal behind the counter, bacon/sausage, tomatoes and beans (English breakfast), lots of fruits, pastries, muffins, breads, and other things I can't recall. Much less crowded than the buffet.
  3. Yes, there was a variety of movies to view and older episodes of some popular TV shows and a variety of music. I verified charges on our account, and I believe I also saw the menus.
  4. We did a 10 day partial Canal in January and had a wonderful time. Hadn't sailed Holland America in years and thought the crew were phenomenal! Our balcony had a bit of rust, but otherwise didn't see anything of concern.
  5. I cannot stress how wonderful the unlimited laundry for $7/day is ($49 for a week). It will cut your packing by half, if not more. Dry cleaning isn't included, but clothes were returned in less than 24 hrs, perfectly pressed and on hangers or folded.
  6. Keep an eye (or ear) out for "extra" happy hours. I was getting something at the Lido bar at 1 PM one day and heard a bartender telling a guest it was a special Happy Hour and those prices were in effect. This was a month ago.
  7. I can't praise the laundry service enough. Just did a 10 day partial canal cruise on the Zuiderdam and the unlimited laundry service was phenomenal. Clothes usually came back the same day, or before noon the next day, if sent at night. I'd definitely take advantage of this on an Alaskan cruise, where you need heavier clothes, so there's more to pack. Laundry service will cut down on extra luggage.
  8. We just finished a wonderful 10 day partial canal cruise on the Zuiderdam (January 6-16) and quickly came to look forward to seeing Zeri every evening. He was outrageously funny and made such a game of handing out the sweets after dinner. Thanks for the history on his special position...... may Holland America long continue this tradition!
  9. Just got off the Zuiderdam in FLL yesterday, and saw one other ship in port. Docked about 6:45 AM. We did do Luggage Direct, and were instructed to be prepared to disembark at 7:45. Flights out of FLL must be after 11:30 to use Luggage Direct. We weren't called until 8 am and literally walked off the ship. Customs took 2 minutes, but it seemed like it took ~15" to walk from our cabin to that point (perhaps I exaggerate). The cab to the airport took 10-12" and TSA was very efficient (we do have Pre-Check). My husband had to wait for special screening, and that took extra. We were at our gate by 9 am for our 11:55 am flight. Our friends eat breakfast in the Main Dining Room, so they are already on Deck 2 and have a very short walk to the gangway. This would save a few minutes. If you choose to do the more traditional way of leaving luggage outside your room, there "should" be plenty of time to make the flight. Of course, no one knows about delays and special problems that come up, but I wouldn't hesitate to book an 11:55 flight, even if not using Luggage Direct.
  10. We were on the Harmony a few months ago. The second ice show isn't pre-booked. It was offered several times toward the end of the week --- check the Cruise Compass daily newsletter. I saw it in the middle of the afternoon and did enjoy it. Hope you enjoy your trip!
  11. Thank you SO MUCH for all your postings. We'll be on this ship soon for a partial canal cruise, so I hung on every word you posted 🙂 We didn't rent a cabana because we're part of a group, but plan to try to get it for a day or two to give it a try. I appreciate the info about this, and all the fantastic menus and beverage info. Thanks!
  12. I STILL wasn't seeing anything about 2019, but decided to try 'refreshing' one more time and the new rates suddenly appeared!!!!! Thanks very much! Wow, those rates for winter/spring really are a lot higher. I'm so hesitant to book through ValueTrips now, after reading about problems with guests who had 3rd party bookings.
  13. This seems bizarre to me ---- when I click on this link, I still see the 2018 rates. Thanks for trying!
  14. Where are you finding this info??? I go to the ValueTrips site and am still only seeing the 2018 rate. Although I'm quite concerned about several other posts that describe being 'walked' to another Hyatt. We've booked thru ValueTrips twice and had great stays, but don't like to read about these recent experiences.
  15. I continually read that you can cancel and re-book, if a lower price comes up. Haven't done this myself, but many have posted this.
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