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  1. J&J is only one shot required
  2. The Princess rep called me back tonight to tell me it's not fixed yet, but they are still working on it. I'm sure it's a 5 minute fix for the right person.
  3. I spent 2 hours 12 minutes on the phone with them this afternoon. Still not resolved. Got transferred twice, but the last lady was at least helpful and is going to call me back tomorrow. I expect it's a simple fix for an IT person who can connect to their user profile DB, but they won't let you talk to one.
  4. There was a thread on here a while back about this, but I can't find it anymore. When I go to princess.com and log in, it takes me to a "Your account is missing some information" screen and wants me to complete it. But I read where folks did that and got assigned another captain's circle number, so I don't want to do that. I can log into the medallionclass app on my phone just fine, but you can't see FCC's balances, etc. I'm elite, but I don't think that matters. I haven't been able to log into the website for several months now. TIA
  5. I log into princess.com, and it still wants me to complete some registration information. It's been happening for 4 months now. When are they going to fix that?
  6. I saw in another thread but wasn't sure what the conversation was exactly. Are they changing the embarkation times for loyalty members?
  7. My login isn't working. It tells me I need to create an account. It's not recognizing my existing account.
  8. My frustration is I can't access my FCC's from a cancelled cruise last year, or see my other FCC's. I can't believe they haven't fixed this yet. It's been going on for months.
  9. No, not a stupid question, but yes. I called them maybe 4 weeks ago and was told that the logins were screwed up because of the app integration, but it sounds like most people have this corrected now, but not me. I will have to call them I guess. Surprised the app worked for me.
  10. I just downloaded the updated app and can log into it. But, when I try to log into the princess website on my computer, it takes me to the "complete registration" page and I know not to complete that. How can the app work, but not the website, aren't they supposed to be synced now?
  11. This? In the email I received: We'll no longer offer onboard credit based on the number of cruises taken. What hasn't changed is our commitment to earning your loyalty.
  12. Yes, for the price of the alcoholic drinks
  13. I'm still having this issue, is anyone else?
  14. I got it as well, but I still can't log into my account because it tries to make me register. 3 months now it's been that way and no idea when it will be fixed. I also hate that their "deals" all have to include the alcohol package. We don't drink, and would like an option there. Also, having 80% of your passengers drinking all day and night isn't fun for some of us.
  15. And I'm still getting the "complete your information" screen.
  16. Yep, can't believe they couldn't fix that. I didn't complete because I thought it was going to create a new account.
  17. Same. I called because the login ID on that screen is an email I don't have access to anymore. They told me to wait a couple of days and try again. They are merging this with the Medallion accounts.
  18. Depends on your definition of better. We prefer the Royal/Regal to the Sky simply for the retreat pool area.
  19. Thanks for all the replies. I didn't say this, but our girl has Cushings as well, and has to have several meds, and while it's a labor of love for me to do it, I worry that someone else might forget.
  20. We find ourselves with an aging dog (11 years old), and are struggling with the idea of going on a vacation and leaving her behind. When our dogs were younger, we would board them and/or have my FIL come and stay while we were gone, but he is now of an age that we don't want to leave him home by himself, so we don't want to ask him to come stay with the dog. Because of her age and timidness, we don't like to board her, and my wife doesn't like the idea of one of those services that comes around multiple times a day to check on them. We want her to stay home in her comfortable surroundings, we have moved twice in the last 6 months and don't want to traumatize her anymore. She is now 11, has some health issues, and isn't getting around as good as she used to, so we also don't want young neighbor kids caring for her. Just searching for any ideas. TIA.
  21. BSE is not a good deal for non drinkers. You are better off paying gratuities and wifi ala carte.
  22. BSE is a good deal if you typically would buy the alcohol package. Not so much if not.
  23. NM, I found it. Covered pool. Ugh, not for us. Thanks all.
  24. We are looking at a cruise out of LA on the Majestic Princess. I thought it was a sister to the Royal and Regal, but where the Sanctuary and Adult Retreat pool are on them, it shows a Hollywood Conseratory and pool. Is that the same thing as the sanctuary and retreat pool? TIA
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