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  1. Sorry for all those effected. We are boarding tomorrow on deck 8. Hopefully they will be able to get things repaired by tomorrow so no one else needs to have their plans ruined. We are aft on 8 so I don't believe our room is involved. An earlier post stated the pool had reopened. Did the pipes fail again, or did they just close as you are heading into port. Any idea if they are going to get to port early to allow the repairs to get started?
  2. Is it possible that the bid still pending is accepted, but not updated yet? Check your credit card. Something similar happen for us on NCL. Good luck. We are still holding out hope for one of our bids.
  3. I have never actually parked in Manhattan. Always looked at the pricing as being to much. I pay our nephew to drive us in and pick us up. Costs us a little less and our car is safe at home.(he used to have a beeter car so his additional perk was to use our cars for the week.)
  4. I agree with that. Parking at the pier is very convenient. And the $22 up from $20 last August when we were there is still great compared to Manhattan. I don't recall what we paid in Brooklyn in April but it was more reasonable than Manhattan. I prefer when we can park in the garage over the lot but with the Anthem sailing the same time they seam to get the priority for that.(at least year). Hoping the the garage i 2 weeks. But then again for my family it is a wash. We will be on the Summit, and my parents on the Anthem so someone is going to be in the lot.
  5. We love the Bayonne departure as well. Parking is much more reasonable, and agree about the NYC traffic. Out first cruise was the Horizon out of Philly and I agree the view is far superior out of Bayonne or NY.
  6. 3 years ago we did pass the the Statue of Liberty, but not the last 2 years. We will see what happens in 2 weeks.
  7. Thanks. That might actually explain why this sailing is not showing up on the X app.
  8. Anyone know why the Summit is still in port. Should have been a 4pm departure I believe.
  9. Not sure about the daily rate. We have been on the Summit 3 times with internet pre revolutionizing. I would say MLB would be hit or miss. I have been able to use slingbox, but it buffers quite often. At other time it will be fine. I am hoping that they upgraded during the drydock. We will be on Summit in a couple weeks and would like to use either slingbox or mlb for the Mets games. I try to get the replays when we get back to the room at night.
  10. That would match our planner. I upgraded 1 of our perk classics during the last sale. When looking at the planner today i was only given the option to upgrade to premium, but not premium plus.
  11. We had one last year on Summit. He tried both. One was more comfortable than the other. He is 16, almost 6 ft. Certainly more comfortable overall over a bed coming down from the ceiling.
  12. I love having a balcony. Sitting out there in the morning with my coffee, reading or doing a puzzle whole my wife is still sleeping. My wife on the other hand gets a bit of vertigo with heights so doesn't go out on the balcony beyond the door, unless we have a large aft balcony. I will usually consider either as more often than not the actual room size is almost identical with the difference being the balcony sq footage. As long as the price difference is only a couple of hundred dollars for 7 or more days it is worth it to me.
  13. During revolutionizing they dropped capacity to 2 you are correct. We had 7003 booked for later this month for 3 in the room. We were notified in December that the room would no longer accommodate our party. We were upgraded to a balcony on deck 8. I live having a balcony, but with our 17 year old son travelling with us i would have preferred the larger cabin.
  14. Call Celebrity immediately. Have your confirmations. The rooms should not show as available.
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