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  1. Thank you, yes I did see your thread and that's the reason I tried several types of bookings--see comment #3. Although I have an email that shows my cruise/price as I wanted, it does not show up on my Celebrity page that way. What was really strange was while I was looking, I only got 2 options--AI price and a Gateway Veranda price for an Oct 2022 sailing. Kind of forced you to an AI if you wanted a specific cabin. I looked today, and the prices have gone up.
  2. I booked a cruise the other night, but had read on another thread about this problem. I thought it had been resolved. I tried it two ways, one with nothing, and one with my loyalty number and "Florida". The booking with nothing gave my a choice of "Always Included" and a Gateway Veranda (you can't choose your cabin and it is a TA in Oct 2022)! Using my loyalty number, I lost all perks. This was booking directly with Celebrity. When I looked at my online TA I use, no TA OBC, discounts, or anything was included. Wow, things have changed! So much for loyalty... So, I booked AI.
  3. We did that walking/food tour a couple years ago. It was worth it. Got to see the town, get some history, and eat some food. The tour group was pretty small, maybe 12 or 14 people. The tour operators also keep the street hawkers from bothering the tour group.
  4. The newest health statement has been posted on the SC site.
  5. I've lost track of our Star Clipper cruises, maybe 11 or 12. There has never been a big presence of SC passengers on Cruise Critic. Our last one was Lisbon to Rome 2019 on the Royal, 12 nights I believe. Excellent. Our next one is Malta to Athens , 13 nights, on 24 April 2022. We had to push it back a year due to Covid. Made our flight reservations yesterday, hoping it will happen. Please come back here and let us know how your adventure was, especially if ports were open to you without requiring ship's excursions. Enjoy!
  6. Are they sailing yet? Last update was the end of July on their website under the "Health" news. Tried to chat with them yesterday. Although it said they were online, I just got an automated reply to leave a message. No response.
  7. Heads up, per the NY Times and other news platforms, the EU will be removing the US from their safe travel list. As reported, details to follow later today.
  8. That's what insurance is for, this is not a Celebrity issue..
  9. It used to be the standard that flight changes were made quarterly (in the "old" days). Now it is a different game. So many things can disrupt schedules. Airport/runway construction/maintenance. Aircraft fleet recalls. Weather related incidents that cause damage at airports. A big issue now is lack of employees, especially flight crews. Changes are usually done by computers, sometimes they don't make sense or work. To play it safe, take some personal responsibility and monitor your travel plans. And, wear your mask and be nice. 😷 I feel sorry for flight crews having to put up with unruly passengers.
  10. Today, on the initial Cruise Critic page, there is a short story about the arrest/payment.
  11. The 94th Aero Squadron restaurant chain started up more than 40 years ago. They were located next to airports/runways. Many have since closed, but a few remain across the USA. Google for locations and history.
  12. Hahaha, Your Title--you have to be kidding, and put up a Carnival picture? It's space, views, salt air, no a/c, and wind that we like. Just chilling, reading, napping, and having meals and HH out there. We don't do the pools, this is our personal space on the ships (which takes up a lot of our days). 😎
  13. Don't you DINKS know how to spell--it's Weekend. Ha, ha, just kidding. But you will be surprised at our older and very interesting music library. We are 68 and 74, and it includes artists from every era. To include, for your reference, Gerry and the Pacemakers to Dua Lipa. Enjoy the cruise!
  14. Negative, not for a year after this pandemic has lost steam. You are taking a gamble...
  15. Celebrity was founded by the Chandris Group (which we have sailed with) in 1988. Millennium class ships didn't arrive until 2000.
  16. Star Clippers sailing yachts. Love having less than 200 passengers and going into ports where the big ships (crowds) can't go. Have sailed them over 10 times. Next up, a 13 nighter sailing out of Malta in April/May 2022. Hopefully, by then, Covid will really be under control.
  17. Covid isn't the only reason people wear masks...
  18. It's OK if vaccinated people want to wear masks in certain situations. If they issue wristbands to vaccinated people, then that should solve any weird vibes. Check their wrists.
  19. I believe this would be a logistical nightmare 🙄
  20. Not so sure about this. We have been going through this airport since the early 90's. It was always "an island airport"--sometimes better than other times. The upstairs bar was always a hoot with all types of characters. It was remodeled and enlarged, and not too long after that, the hurricane messed it up big time. It takes a long time to recover in the islands.
  21. To all the people that suggested "grab a taxi and go somewhere for several hours" apparently haven't tried this here. We did several times after disembarking smaller ships, and almost missed our flight home a couple times. Lack of taxi's, some don't want go too far from the airport(missing good fares), traffic congestion, lack of communication, and plain old "island time" issues. The getting back to the airport part was much harder (and stressful) than leaving the airport. Many drivers would not return to pick you up at a set time. Just a heads up...
  22. I am sorry for all the negative issues this is creating, but it is to be expected for the the initial restart of cruising. And, probably for another 6 months or so. It's not just Celebrity's fault, so many factors, countries, and ports involved. Y'all that want to go on a cruise soon are kind of the "guinea pigs" so you will just have to go with the flow... ( I meant this in a nice way).
  23. We did a roundtrip flight last week. Destin, Florida to Atlanta to Ft Myers, Florida and return. Masks required, no one asked about vaccinations. But, it did not involve international travel.
  24. There are a lot of things to consider and at this point, Celebrity is also in a "wait and see" position. How many ships we be allowed in individual ports at the same time, how has the local infrastructure changed regarding guides/tours/transportation/shops/restaurants, and how many foreign tourists do they want on their streets at one time (some of these ports were crazy/uncomfortably crowded in the old days). Yes, many locals rely on tourism, but if they do it wrong they could end up with a poor reputation for quite some time. People who want to start cruising now will just have to take things in stride and planning will be more difficult.
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