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  1. That was the price for the Thermal Suite on Harmony last January.
  2. At the side of the walking/jogging track on level 5. I think it was aft starboard.
  3. Best price we saw for 7-day on Harmony was $23.99/day, during Black Friday sales.
  4. Yes, those are my pictures from another thread here on CC. If you saw them on another site, can I ask where? (I’m not upset, just curious.). Thanks.
  5. For our January Harmony sailing I think the best price for the Refreshment Package was $23.99/day, which was offered during the Black Friday sale. Otherwise the best price was $27.99/day, which came and went several times.
  6. Yes, I’ll bet they have! You can check port websites to see the arrival/departure times of every ship (though note that ship’s time was an hour off Mexico time).
  7. We did that once. It was great, though I was a little worried about taking a small plane.
  8. Look at The Native Choice excursion company in Costa Maya. We’ve used them twice and been happy. The further ruins are more interesting but there is construction on the roads right now that make the travel times unpredictable. Native Choice won’t offer those excursions until those issues are resolved, so you would have to take a ship’s tour.
  9. The way I heard/remember the rule was no more than one rolling bag per person on the escalator. So we were fine with a rolling bag and a backpack. If you had two rolling bags, they directed you to the elevator.
  10. I was wondering about your excursion. We went to Kohunlich and Dzibanche with The Native Choice several years ago and the ruins were wonderful. But because of the construction and the uncertain travel time, they won’t even offer that tour right now. We were ok going to Chaccobean since we hadn’t been there before.
  11. $450 PER DAY? Absolutely outrageous. There was a card in our slot a couple of weeks ago on Harmony, even before we were on the room. I just figured the steward put it there.
  12. Our previous experience in Central Park balconies were that they weren’t too noisy. After our cruise a couple of weeks ago on Harmony, we won’t be booking a CP balcony again, sadly. They’ve amped up both the pool music and the concerts in the park so that the rooms actually were rather noisy. Then there was the group that was yelling and laughing at 3 am the last night, which went on and on. The Boardwalk hoisted a family-friendly carnival one afternoon. Looking around, I was glad we didn’t have a Boardwalk balcony.
  13. Yes, same cruise. I vaguely remember from early in the week seeing something in the app for Saturday that I was going to go see, which I thought might have been the Heist show the other poster mentioned. It was something in the Aqua Theater that wasn’t The Fine Line. But then there were the problems with Tuesday’s Fine Line (which unfortunately we were reserved for) and it was rescheduled, and then it was too cold anyway.
  14. I think Heist was scheduled for the end of our 1/14 cruise but then was quietly dropped when The Fine Line was rescheduled due to a leak and then ultimately was cancelled due to weather.
  15. Park Cafe is on Deck 8 in Central Park.
  16. I don’t know if the Starbucks itself is covered, but the coffee in Cafe Promenade also seemed to be Starbucks coffee and it was covered.
  17. We just had Harmony 11209 and bed was near the balcony.
  18. Solarium might be closest. Otherwise Park Cafe (on mornings it’s open) or Promenade Cafe.
  19. Those were the two we made too. We have been on Harmony before and were skipping Grease and Columbus so I didn’t even try for them.
  20. Just had this happen on Harmony. I made the second night reservation (just picked a time; it never asked me to pick a restaurant). On boarding, we went to Jamie’s and set up our reservations for all three nights. (And though we had one the second night, it was a different time than the one I picked pre-cruise.)
  21. We made the reservations on December 4 for the January 14 cruise. (edited since I found the confirmation)
  22. We were able to book the major shows (Grease, The Fine Line, 1887, and possibly Columbus) ahead.
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