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  1. Second call where I'm having difficulty getting good customer service because the person isn't understandable due to VoIP issues. I was waiting for a half hour to get someone on the phone... and now I am having to repeat myself while their home network is strained by taking my call. I get that people are working from home... but not being able to be understood is fixable by RCI. Do a QoS audit.
  2. Oh, how awesome! What a wonderful life adventure!!! Thank you for sharing such a smile with us!
  3. Chengpk75, I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated your calm, factual posts over the years. I have opened threads purely due to seeing your user avatar is replying, because I KNOW I will learn something from your replies. You are a very good teacher, and I truly appreciate your time and consideration you spend on these Boards.
  4. You could also disallow him certain foods. Amazing how much you want X when you can't have it.
  5. Why would write such a hyperbolic email, if what you treasure are the friendships made in the RCI Lounge? You fired a salvo that is excessively easy to dodge by sorting your message into the round file. It wasn't constructive criticism as much as a declaration of war by someone who always intended to take their money vaguely "elsewhere."
  6. You pay for access to a shared sauna during the hours the spa is open. There are no reservations, and clothing must be worn. There are showers on either side of the small sauna and heated tile loungers facing a wall. Pull up the Allure spa tours on YouTube for a better visual.
  7. Thank you... that explanation lessens the sting a bit! Enjoy!! Good luck in the tournament!
  8. That is frustrating... I bid more than you for that Crown Loft Suite ($1200/person, not total).
  9. Which country is your passport issued from? Do you have multiple passports?
  10. No, we were not able to change lunch to another day. This wasn't an option offered, and the Key lunch has a set menu different from the Chops lunch.
  11. We just did this excursion in mid-June 2019 and had a lovely time. Large catamaran, but not for people who get seasick on 6 foot waves. My teenage daughter enjoyed the crew personality. Food was average, water was lovely. She swam with turtles in a group. There were about 30 people on the boat.
  12. Hit up Google Flights to see trends. You can also look at pricing for Southwest's routing of LAX-DEN-FLL-Puerto Rico currently to see what they are charging.
  13. ndabunka, you misread dleahy4444's posts, by the way. We were discussing why they were choosing to bid versus pay RCI's current price.
  14. Great joke! 😂 They got a cabin through casino play, so you are wondering at their choice to gamble on a better cabin for less money???
  15. Nanci, I also specified buying an internet package. You mentioned the backdoor being closed; if WhatsApp (or Message+) work for you both when she is off the boat, she may need to use her internet to make my strategy work.
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