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  1. Our first Celebrity cruise was in June of 1998 ,to Bermuda on the Horizon out of Philadelphia! If I remember correctly, they only sailed from here a year or two, and while there was some discussion on dredging the river to allow larger ships, it never happened.
  2. We're booked on the Pride for Oct. of 2022, after the ones for Sept. of 2020 and 2021 were cancelled. Hopefully things will be back to normal by then and we can finally go.
  3. We're booked on the Oct. 25th cruise, so this is great news! Our kids, grandkids, and in-laws are all going and adults are vaccinated. This was rebooked from last October's cruise.
  4. Good for you! Where and how? Friends went to the mass site in the Convention Center and said it was very well organized.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to update you on the vaccine distribution in Montgomery County. I pre-registered my husband on Jan. 13, 2021, and today I got an email offering an appointment for him to get it. When you open the email, you will be given a token to click on to see the appt. schedule. I notified the Montco website that he had already gotten the vaccine. There were a lot of appointments available. Good luck.
  6. My husband is 69 and has an underlying condition. I did the same as you, as far as trying to get an appointment for him on the PA site, county site, etc. But he sees Doctors from 3 different hospital systems, and he has a portal for each system. I went to each portal and was able to sign him up, and last week the Temple Health System emailed with me a schedule for appointments. I got the email last Tuesday and made his appt. for two days later. If any of your doctors belong to a health system like Main Line Health, Grand View, etc. try it.
  7. Not sure if this will help anyone, but here in PA, some counties are preregistering those in groups 1B and 1C. I signed my 69 year old husband up on Montgomery County's website. Bucks county is doing it too. Also, if you're a veteran, you can preregister in some counties. Did that too for my husband. They will administer vaccines at Coatesville VA hospital. If your primary physician is part of a health system, you may be able to schedule an appt. too.
  8. We're neighbors! I'm on the Green Lane/Pennsburg border.
  9. I've been following this, and really appreciate all the awesome advice and information from all the knowledgeable posters. Just wanted to share how we are vaccinating here at our hospital. I work for a hospital system in Phila. Pa, and our vaccination system seems to be running pretty smoothly. Staffing is definitely an issue, but the department I'm in,(HIM - Medical Records) has been asked to sometimes help out with the clerical portion: making appointments, registering, completing the lot number cards, giving information to register for the online after-v
  10. I got the email. Put in my 3 choices and am waiting to hear back . I'm already booked on a casino offer for Jan. 2021, but doubt we'll be sailing then.
  11. Hospital worker here. If anyone is having difficulty with ears being irritated, there are mask protectors that make it more comfortable. The go around the back of your head or neck and connect to the ear straps. Very easy. My nephew made them for us on his 3D printer, and they're awesome.
  12. That's the same cruise we chose! Our cabin looks pretty good...deck 7 Infinite Veranda. Curious to see what that's like, if we sail.
  13. Sorry, I'll explain further. Two days ago I got an email from Blue Chip with an offer of a comped veranda for certain cruises. I had to select 3 sailings from their list and submit it to them, which I did. Today, I got the email with documents for one of the three sailings. It looks just like the booking confirmations I've gotten in the past, however, I've not paid any deposit. It shows the itinerary and cabin number. Under booking status, it says "Offer". A while back ago I had an offer, although different from this one, and b
  14. I got an offer from Blue Chip today. Tried calling but they're closed til tomorrow morning. Does anyone know how long these offers are good for? The offer gave me a booking number with a cabin number, just not sure about how to confirm this offer. Anyone have any advice? Thank you, Eileen
  15. Well hello neighbor! We're from Pennsburg/Green lane. As for the Pride, we're scheduled to sail on the same cruise as you! This will be our 8th time(if we go), and our second Halloween cruise. They do so much during this time, both for kids and adults. There are costume contests, halloween trivia, halloween themed desserts, decorations throughout the ship, and some people really go all out with their costumes! The staff is the best, and the ship is just the right size for us. It's an easy 2 and 1/2 hour drive too! If this gets cancelled, we'l
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