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    I have be wanting to go to Seville on an Azamara cruise for quite awhile (and have had my eye on a few specific ones), but this just put it over the top. I definitely need to make it happen! Thanks for the posting.
  2. You may want to look at Azamara for the the Capetown -- LIsbon trip: they reposition a ship from Europe to Africa and back again at the end of the season. The link below is for the 2023 trip, but they are running it in 2022 as well. https://www.azamara.com/voyage/jr21r005/21-night-western-africa-voyage
  3. It really depends on what airline you are flying and the "class" of ticket. I have been exploring flights to Rome for late in the year and noticed that the British Airlines tickets won't let me select seats in advance. I've moved on to other airlines because where I sit really matters to me; and, I don't want any surprises of high rates to select the seats later.
  4. The Vatican (and most churches in Italy) require knees and shoulders to be covered. Temps should be in the 80s so light capri pants should work; I did Rome in August heat and that worked out well.
  5. No personal experience myself, but I have read on the Celebrity board (same company as Azamara) that flights for B2B cruises can't be booked online. You or your TA will have call ChoiceAir.
  6. Yes, I know exactly which flights I want. The Celebrity prices are just about the same; the ability to book the flight and delay payment is very attractive. Thanks for your info; it's good to know about experiences with specific airlines and ChoiceAir.
  7. Ditto Clearly, some people are satisfied with the service; personally, I'd rather pay more than deal with Spirit.
  8. Were you able to pick your seats with Delta? I love the idea of booking through the cruise line but I hate the thought of not being able to select my seat. I've read that some people have been able to do so while others were not, so I am guessing it might relate to each airline. I am looking at Delta flights for late 2021. TIA
  9. mchell810

    Latest promo.

    I agree Phil, I would rather have the lower price than the OBC but I just didn't want to make the move only to find that could have had both. As for excursions, if we can't move around on our own I would rather delay than take the trip. It's not until October so hoping things will work out. 🤞🤞
  10. mchell810

    Latest promo.

    I look forward to knowing what you learn. It's likely I, too, will give up the OBC but don't want to if there is another way.
  11. mchell810

    Latest promo.

    May I ask if you had a previous promo rate/special and were you able to maintain it? I booked (directly with Azamara) under a special that gave me $500 OBC. The agent I spoke to today told me I will lose that OBC if I take the new promo. While the new promo is a marginally better price -- even with losing the credit -- I was hoping to hold onto the OBC. I have delayed making the change for now. Any thoughts/suggestions is appreciated.
  12. I was scheduled for an October 2020 cruise RT Sydney (obviously cancelled); I did price and book flights for that trip pre-covid. I found the economy seats out of LAX and SFO for about $1800 p/p. Premium Economy on American was $3500 p/p. These were direct from the airlines; I didn't find any better rates on the airline flight program (and actually booked directly with American). I think searching flights right now will not give you a realistic picture since most airlines have cut 75 - 90% of their international flights. Pretty much the flights to AUS and NZ now are only for re
  13. If you book another cruise please be sure to post here so I can make sure I don't plan on being on that particular cruise 😜 But, seriously sorry you've had such bad luck.
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