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  1. Personally, I find the AFT plus cabins to be worth the cost because of the expansive views and larger balcony. The other benefits are nice, but not worth the extra cost. Others will feel differently.
  2. If you have pop up blockers on your browser the banner may not appear, but usually the prices will have strange amounts (like $84.35 instead of round numbers). I tend to track the price of excursions I am interested in so I know if the price has changed.
  3. @Miaminice Just want to say I am loving this thread like so many others. Your sunrise and sunset photos are lovely. I long for the day when I can watch the sunrise over the ocean again. You are making me feel nostalgic but also hopeful. Thank you!
  4. Speaking from experience, as part of the Cruise with Confidence Celebrity is NOT taking a fee if you cancel your cruise. You get a FCC on a non-refundable deposit in the full deposit amount.
  5. You really just need to keep checking your flights; as noted above airline cancellation or substantial change entitles you to a refund. In June AA cancelled my October flights to Australia (actually transferred them to Qantas flights). I immediately contacted American for a refund and had it back on my card in less than a week.
  6. You may want to check with Spain Day Tours. I used them in May 2019 for an Alhambra tour from Malaga. They get GREAT reviews on the Spain ports of call pages and on TripAdvisor. Personally, I wouldn't book something due to return to the ship just 15 minutes before departure. If your ship is leaving at 4pm you may not be able to make it to the Alhambra -- it's a 2 hour drive each way.
  7. DOT rules DO apply for any flight that was scheduled to depart or land in the US; San Juan, PR is part of the US. However, you may have trouble because this newly cancelled flight was purchased with vouchers recieved for a flight you cancelled. It seems to me that would be the basis for the airline to only issue a credit. Considering that Air Canada has been refusing refunds (as reported on several boards) my guess is you would be hard pressed to get this smaller airline to give you a refund. You may want to try a charge-back with your credit card company. Just and FYI: I was able to get full refunds from American Airlines when they cancelled my flights, it was no problem and they were very quick about it. Of course, I waited for them to cancel otherwise I would have had to take the voucher.
  8. Regarding Hotel Principe: I haven't stayed there but it does have a dock right near it. About 15 years ago I was able to take a water taxi from the airport which docked next to Hotel Principe -- this is why I remember that hotel. We did pass St. Mark's Square on the way -- I am not sure if that is usual or was done for our group. We stayed at the Belle Epoque which is just down the street from Principe, a little closer to the train station. It wasn't a cruise so I cannot recommend methods of travel to the port from the hotel. At the end of our stay, we walked to P. Roma where we met up with our bus. The organization I was with made arrangements for porters to move our bags so no trouble for us in getting over the bridge. It's a short walk, but I wouldn't want to do it with a lot of luggage.
  9. Assuming the cruise line cancels in a reasonable time frame when they know they cannot sail. Celebrity (same parent company as Azamara) has been playing a game of waiting until final payments are due before cancelling cruises that cannot happen. I had an Australia/New Zealand cruise scheduled for Oct. 28th of this year. I cancelled on July 28th, the day before final payment since Celebrity was still pretending that cruise could happen. They didn't cancel it until August 26th (even though it is still not listed on their website as a cancelled cruise!). Sure I could "get a better deal" if I had loaned Celebrity the full cruise amount and then wait a few months for them to give me a cash refund. I'd rather take the FCC for the deposit and hope I get to use it. The one bit of praise I will give Celebrity is they did not charge me the usual $100 per person fee for cancelling and I received my FCC in 3 weeks. I am rather surprised that Azamara is taking cancellation fees when Celebrity is not (I don't know what Royal is doing.)
  10. My first cruise was in 2007 on HAL Oosterdam. We got this photo in Juneau while waiting to board a small plane to fly over the Mendenhall Glacier. A great day and a lovely trip all around.
  11. I think location is key -- the rules are different for those in the UK vs. USA (and I am sure other countries). In the US, we have been able to get FCCs for NRDs when we cancel as part of their pandemic response. Celebrity is not taking the administrative fee.
  12. My cruise was Oct. 28th. I booked directly with Celebrity and the final payment date was July 30th. Celebrity is still excluding Australian cruises; I have no clue why, but I am done worrying about it. I'll wait for the FCC and if I never use it I will get over it. It's a loss, but not a painful one. I simply don't like the tack-ticks Celebrity is employing. I understand the slow roll out of cancellations so that they are more manageable, but not when it's designed to hurt customers. Others may disagree, but this is how I see it.
  13. Australia and NZ closed their borders to international travelers and have long indicated that isn't changing in 2020. Celebrity certainly could have cancelled the Australia and NZ cruises long ago (and should have IMHO). Even now, they haven't included those cruises on the list of cancellations! Thank you @Fouremco You summarized my point exactly.
  14. My cruise was for Oct. 28th with final payment date of July 30th. I cancelled on the 29th since it was clear Celebrity wouldn't be reasonable. The cruise was for Australia and New Zealand -- it's been obvious for months they can't make this sailing. Now I am reading that some people were given a delayed payment date so that they could wait for the announcement and get a refund; the agent I spoke to on the 29th did not give me that option. Celebrity's games are too much. Yes all companies are struggling, but others have been much more realistic, and respectful of customers, in cancelling cruises. To make things worse, the day after I cancelled I got 2 emails AND a phone call from Celebrity reps trying to get me to book another cruise; yet, I was told it would take 45 -60 days to get my FCC. Perhaps the agents trying to get new bookings could be used to process FCCs faster.
  15. They conveniently waited until AFTER final payment would have been due for all October cruises before making the announcement. Thus, forcing people to cancel and settle for a FCC, or make the payment and give Celebrity a huge loan.
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