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  1. To beat the dead horse.......great article! I'll never quite understand the hatred by many towards the cruise industry, but it is ever present.
  2. Hi Philly, I'm a Bengals fan. I know cruising is on hold for a while, but man, that comment cut deep, really deep. Ouch! 🙂😄😁
  3. Thanks Jeff and Patti for taking us along on your cruise. Another excellent review!!!
  4. Congrats Chris!!!! We'll be sailing oasis on July 4. Will you still be aboard?
  5. Thanks for your review. I'm glad you had a great time!
  6. Hi Sid, sorry for the delayed "chime in", but I started reading late and just finally caught up. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great review!!!! Looking forward to your next adventure!
  7. I can't fathom a ship with absolutely no kids on board. Dare to dream......lol
  8. I'm sailing her on Tuesday. I heard similar gripes about Sunshine and I had a fantastic time when I sailed her. Is it perfect, I doubt it. But honestly, what in life is?? Happy sailing!!!
  9. I'm not a gambler and I don't play Roulette, but I do understand math and I'm now very curious. Can someone explain why the extra "B" slot changes the game so drastically? I believe one gentleman said he'd get off the ship if there was an extra green slot. I'd love to be educated if someone was willing to take a few moments to write the explanation. Thanks in advance!
  10. Any help with the email address? I'm sailing with a group of 20 and I'm hoping to have adults and young adults at separate tables.
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