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  1. There is a gate at the bottom of the stairs.
  2. The change of Key West was made before I booked the cruise. I never found out why it was changed. Some people on the roll call weren't happy about it preferring a sea day for the last day. We did have to go through immigration in Key West before we could leave the ship. That meant we could just walk off the ship in Fort Lauderdale.
  3. I believe the Equinox docked at the outter mole dock because a ship crashed into the b dock and they were still finishing up the repairs. It looks like the Equinox is scheduled to be at the b dock for your cruise. I do know we had a new mattress.
  4. Another thing I wanted to mention. At disembarkation a lot of people were leaving the ship before their number was called. This really caused a back up in the hall way because their luggage was not off the ship yet. There were employees of the port telling them to line up against the wall until their number was called. Some people even disregarded this and were standing around a very crowded luggage area waiting for their luggage to be off loaded. We received #35 which was supposed to be called at 9:30 but wanted to get off earlier so we just went to customer services and got #13 for 8:00. We
  5. We got that little camping chair years ago so I don't remember where we bought it. It is very light and easy to pack. Those lounge chairs are packed tight. There are no little tables to put drinks on or anywhere to put stuff. People just had to climb across them to sit down. We don't sit on the pool decks so I'm not sure how people managed. That picture was taken while the ship was docked in Key West.
  6. We had select but only ate in the MDR on the two formal nights. We went at about 6:30 and never had to wait for a table for two. The food was OK but didn't really impress us.
  7. Our cabin was comfortable but we did notice that the couch was dirty. The chairs on the balcony did recline and looked new but there was no foot rest. I had read about the missing footrests so we bought little camping chairs with us. They fit easily in our luggage and worked great.
  8. We thought the ship was lovely and a step up from the cruise lines we usually cruise on. Service was also great. About the only thing we didn’t like was that there was a very small promenade deck. Only about 15 loungers per side and one side was for smokers. We very much enjoy walking around the promenade deck on sea days and we were not able to do that. This seems to be a trend on the newer ships and would not keep us from sailing on the Equinox again.
  9. Tuesday was Cozumel and we took a taxi to the Money Bar to go snorkeling. We were able to get two lounge chairs in the shade and there was a nice breeze off the water. There were several snorkel boats right off the shore a bit but there was also a pretty good current so we kept closer to the shore. Snorkeling was OK with a bit of coral and a lot of different kinds of fish. All in all it was a nice relaxing day. Getting a taxi back to the ship was no problem although he did drop us off across the street from the port. Wednesday was Grand Caymen. This is a tender port and the Equinox handle
  10. On Monday we were in Costa Maya and being August it was hot! We have done two different Mayan ruins in the past so we just walked around the port area for a bit. We stopped to watch the people swimming with the dolphins and did a little shopping. We went back to the ship for lunch and sat by the pool in the solarium for a while and went for a swim. Since the solarium has A/C it was very pleasant.
  11. Just returned from a wonderful cruise on the Equinox to the Western Caribbean. We live in Florida and cruise the Caribbean often so we like to change up ships and cruise lines. I can see why so many people sail the Equinox frequently. This was Captain Kate’s last cruise and CD Carlos’ first cruise. It was also the change over cruise for the singers and dancers. We only had one production show so the cast could fine tune each show. We also had a switch in itinerary with Key West the last stop on Friday. We usually don’t cruise when school is out but have found it is OK on ships that don’t
  12. I was just in Costa Maya last week. There are two pharmacies in the port area and one just outside the port gate down the street just a short walk. I do know the one outside the port area had retin-A as there is a sign outside that says it has it. You could check the price inside the port then go outside and check that price.
  13. The new CD is Carlos who was great. He was all over the place, very energetic and friendly.
  14. We used their transport in May and we rented a car for the day. We left our luggage at the airport in the secure room. We had to claim it by 7 PM. It worked great.
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