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  1. That would be great if they don't mess up the S class cabins. Really not too happy with what they've done to the M class cabins.
  2. Katie, interesting that you did not care for Oceania. I have friends who also cruised with them once and said the same thing--never again. Some of my friends from down here who are new cruisers are trying them out. Will be interesting to hear what they say. I'm taking my granddaughter to Alaska next month on the Solstice. Only Celebrity ship I've never been on (not counting Edge, since I won't pay those prices).
  3. Really good design is also functional. The two need not be mutually exclusive. We're not talking clothing here, we're talking furniture.
  4. Well the ones on deck 6 that open are part of an escape route, so one hopes they continue to be able to be opened.
  5. What person wants any of that? Obviously Kelly Hoppen. I'd be willing to bet she has never cruised.
  6. I wasn't aware that there was a suite in YC with 2 bedrooms. Tell us more.
  7. Cabin #? This looks quite different from most OV cabins.
  8. Yes, all of the above would be nice, but don't hold your breath. Actually, what would be really nice would be charging us for only one beverage package and one internet package but I'm not holding my breath for that either. Probably WAY more than their unsophisticated computer system can handle. And, yes, I'd love to know if the crew receives double gratuities when I sail solo but pay for gratuities for 2. My guess is no.
  9. But what you don't understand is that there is not a queue when disembarking from Celebrity. I disagree that the butler service in MSC Yacht Club is better than Celebrity. I hardly ever saw my butler on MSC. Have always had excellent service from my Celebrity butlers. Many things are better in Yacht Club, but I don't think butler service is one of them. And prices are climbing rapidly.
  10. I got upgraded from my 1A to the specific cabin I chose in CC and went from 2 perks to 4, all at no additional cost. My travel agent handled this. Solstice to Alaska in May.
  11. The problem with not reporting these issues is that then these employees go on to annoy other cruisers. Celebrity can't fix the problem if they don't know about it. An example: in the penthouse once, we had an incredibly surly and inept assistant cabin attendant. Would never do what we asked about quantity of towels, or anything else. When he came in and insisted on mopping the floor while I was in the suite, I drew the line and called it to the attention of Bogdan, the Suite Concierge at the time. I kept wondering how this person ever got assigned to service the penthouse. Well, I guess nobody ever complained about him. By the end of our cruise, he was no longer assigned to the penthouse.
  12. Actually, most of the AQ cabins were formerly CC cabins. The benefit of CC cabins on the M class has always been that they're larger than other balcony cabins. As for the concierge, It's my understanding that the concierge has always been available to anyone on the ship.
  13. Definitely M class. The canopies over the balconies have not been replaced by slats. That's the Sunset Bar you're thinking of. The picture was taken from the Sunset Bar.
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