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  1. Yes, typical Celebrity phone people lack of knowledge. I have stayed in a Royal Suite on the Summit and I can assure you we had the beds separated. You do understand that these phone reps have never set foot on a Celebrity ship and haven't a clue, don't you? For factual information, you need to come here and talk to people who have actually occupied the cabins you are inquiring about.
  2. Prior to its renovation, all suites on the Summit had beds which could be separated. Since all my post-renovation cruises on the Summit have been cancelled, I can't say with certainty what the current situation is, but I don't know why they would change that.
  3. The ability to order off the MDR menu in Luminae or Blu has to do with the proximity or non-proximity of the kitchens. I doubt seriously they are moving the kitchens around.
  4. Frankly, I think Celebrity is too lazy to do the math. Or they don't really want solo cruisers. Or they think we're stupid and can't figure out that they're charging us twice for all these "extras." I get their having to charge twice for the cabin. The rest of it is hogwash. As a formerly loyal customer (I have approximately 300 nights with them), I'm starting to branch out.
  5. Not interested in either single or inside single cabins.
  6. I'm not OK with that, but I'm not in charge at Celebrity. I can vote with my feet. Clearly Celebrity does not value its solo cruisers. That's their choice.
  7. The single cabins on Edge and Apex are smaller than regular cabins and cost almost as much as paying the single supplement. All the solo travelers I know (and I'm one of them) took a look at them and said, "No thanks." I'd rather pay a little more and get a regular cabin.
  8. Those tubs are an accident waiting to happen.
  9. The cabins are the same. The balcony of 7180 is larger.
  10. I had the same experience when booking a cruise recently. There was an extra charge for gratuities on my invoice. Told my TA and she dealt with it and got it removed and I got a corrected invoice. That is why I use a competent TA! No way I am getting on the phone with Celebrity. My blood pressure couldn't take it. TAs get paid to talk to them. I don't.
  11. The bag went away some time ago. Probably just in time. I have a closet full of them! Didn't particularly care for the new version anyway.
  12. Both times the recording asked for my CC number. Didn't lead to my getting the PUP the first time. Who knows what will happen this time? I'm not holding my breath.
  13. Yes, there are advantages. Use a good travel agent to set up the group. I've done it several times.
  14. I get both the Celebrity booking confirm and my TA's invoice from my TA. The Celebrity booking confirm shows the nonrefundable OBC I'm getting from Celebrity. The TA's confirm shows the total amount of OBC I'm getting. If you have a problem getting this information from your TA, it's time for a new TA.
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