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  1. @RaiderDuck I didn't mean to imply to just ignore the crew; my apologies if you read it that way! They're just doing their jobs as they've been instructed. Yes, if you ask they'll certainly direct you to the MDR and let you know if it's closed.
  2. Tsar's Palace should be open at noon. All the way aft on Deck 6. We've visited the equivalent on the other Jewel-class ships (Gem & Pearl) & it's a great way to begin a cruise instead of dealing with the "thundering herds" in the Garden Cafe buffet. Keep in mind the crew will try to "steer" you up to the Garden Cafe. Just keep heading aft then take the stairs down to Deck 6 to the MDR, Tsar's Palace. Have a great cruise!
  3. Ditto BirdTravels comments. Shipboard WiFi is MUCH better than it was years ago but it still has a LONG ways to go. Also since you're sharing the SATCOM link with ship's services (HiDef TV, ship's data, etc.) guess which services gets priority BW? Not your Wifi!!
  4. I worked in department store retailing at the management level for a number of years back in my youth. I had a cartoon in my office of a rather weary looking customer service representative saying to a customer, "Suppose we give you double your money back, let you keep the item, shoot the manager and close the store. Would THAT satisfy you?" That sound like this pax! As several posters have pointed out she attempted to commit FRAUD. I have zero sympathy for her. She'd better hope that NCL doesn't share their "Banned" list with other cruise lines, either!!
  5. We ALWAYS cruise at the GTY/SailAway rate. Yup, we miss the perqs but we did a cost comparison and we're still saving a LOT of $$ at this rate. We do SailAway/GTY Inside so we're REALLY at the "Steerage" rate! Cabin assignments have varied greatly over the 15 years or so we've cruised this way. I have noticed, however, that as our Latitudes status has increased from Bronze to Silver to Gold & now Platinum the QUALITY has increased also. We started out on Deck 5 & we now regularly get the upper decks, mid-ships. As several other posters have pointed out this rate is NOT for everyone; families requiring adjacent cabins, special needs and, of course, "high-maintenance" 😏 pax. We really don't care where we are so long as we're aboard!!
  6. @PelicanBill We were on the Breakaway!! We SAW all you folks waiting to board as we were getting off!! I hope NCL told you that we were going to be late!! We actually had several issues: 1) We had to make a radical course change due to a medical emergency that made us about 8 hours late to start with. They set up telephone lines so pax could call & change their flights, make hotel reservations, etc. HUGE mess, believe me!!! They revised our arrival in NYC to around 5PM with this original delay 2) As we approached NY harbor we had to answer a distress call from another ship, a "man overboard" emergency. According to the Master ANY ship in the area has to stop & render whatever assistance they are able to. This added another couple of hours to the issue. 3) Just as we got to the Verrazano Bridge we had to stop in Staten Island to offload the medical emergency pax we had aboard. Then we had to wait for the slack tide for us to actually dock. More time late. We were originally scheduled to dock at 5PM or so and ended up finally docking around 9PM. Breakaway gave us a full lunch & breakfast but started shutting down the food services around 4PM since they had originally planned to dock around 5PM. Communications between the Bridge & pax was sadly lacking during this entire turn of events.
  7. As BirdTravels accurately points out your laundry is mixed in with others. That's why when you do the BTS tour they show you in the laundry area how they tag each individual piece BEFORE it gets washed. Fragrance? We've been Platinum for awhile & we take advantage of the free bag of laundry on every cruise. To be honest we've noticed a "clean" smell but not any overpowering fragrance, per se. My 2 cents.
  8. Well, well, this sounds familiar!!! NCL shortened our Getaway TA crossing cruise this past April-May from 12 days to 10 & eliminated the 2 best ports (Bruges & LeHavre) to boot for the same reason; Getaway was scheduled to go into dry dock in France immediately following our cruise. Oh, yeah & they gave us ONE week's notice!!! We all received emails on Good Friday for a cruise leaving the following Sunday out of NYC. What also made it so galling was because this was a holiday weekend ALL the senior execs (Andy Stuart, are you listening?), "Got out of Dodge" and left all their mid & lower level employees to handle the HUGE barrage of irate pax on the phone. Not exactly the kind of company I'd like to work for! So we complained (A LOT...lol) via phone & right here on CC & they adjusted the itinerary & gave us Bruges & LeHavre back (eliminating two other ports), gave us more comp $$, etc. As an FYI we put in a compensation request in mid-May right after we got back. We got our check from NCL just last week. According to some other posters NCL had ONE person working this issue. I asked some of the senior officers while we were aboard Getaway why this occurred & the explanation I was given was if the dry dock facility can accommodate the ship earlier then NCL is contractually obligated to bring the ship there early. If they don't it's big $$. I don't know if this is true or not but it sounds logical. Your cruise is leaving in December? Well at least you're getting a LOT more notice than we did! Hopefully NCL will give you some kind of compensation. Despite this glitch I hope you have a great cruise!
  9. You also need the original reservation # from the cancelled Cuban cruise; that info should be on your eDocs up at the top. I have the same situation with an abbreviated TA last April that was cut from 12 days to 10; I have a 25% credit on a future cruise. The discount is NOT automatic! If you have a PCC you can handle it via email with him/her but you're probably gonna have to call NCL at some point. Also the discount is off the cruise FARE; it's NOT off the taxes and port fees!
  10. We haven't seen a Farewell Show since the last time we sailed on one of the Jewel class ships. We haven't seen one on either Get' or Breakaway. Has NCL discontinued them on the bigger ships? Sad if they have. I miss "Fountains" that the Cruise Director & Staff staff did on the last night!!!
  11. We were on the 12 day TA on the Getaway back in April-May of 2019 that got cut to 10 days with one week's notice from NCL. NCL promised us a 25% reduction in the cruise fare. We received that almost immediately, even before we docked in Southampton at the end. We also received a refund on our pre-paid DSC almost immediately as well. Both these transactions appeared on the credit card we originally used to pay for the cruise. Easy, peasy, no huhu. NCL promised us $300/pax for hotel fees, taxi fare and airline change fees per Vivian Ewart, NCL's Sr. VP of Customer service. We filed a claim (see smplybcause's post above) on May 12th and was told it would take "15 Business days" to process. I waited till June 30th (WAY past the aforementioned 15 business days) and sent Ms. Ewart another email with our case# requesting status of the claim. We received an acknowledgment about 2 weeks later from NCL itself stating that our claim was being processed & we'd get a check in 3-4 weeks time. We got the check yesterday, paid in full btw, for what we asked for. NCL didn't question any of our claims. So it took about 3 months to satisfy a claim we filed back in May. Bottom line: you're in for a LONG WAIT, no two ways about it! Also, consider this; NCL knew at least 10 days out that there would be issues with our TA cruise so they had some time to prepare. The incident with the Pearl was completely unplanned for and an emergency to boot. So am not surprised that you haven't gotten your cruise fare back yet. NCL has been having significant staffing issues in the past 5 or 6 months plus they're upgrading their computer systems. Ms Ewart sent a letter/email to NCL's partner Travel Agents explaining their issues in great detail. Someone posted it here in another thread a few months back; do a search & you should be able to find it. Be persistent and polite and, above all, patient, and NCL should come through...though it'll take awhile. Good luck!!
  12. We bought a "cheapie" 4 outlet power strip with NO surge protection at our local Dollar Tree & have been using it for years. I put it in my carry-on bag & have never had any issues. Before that we used a regular 6 port, three-prong outlet type power strip that we also carried aboard via the carry-on bag. Again, no issues & I am 99% sure that it had no surge protection capabilities. However, I know full well that a surge protected power strip can be a fire hazard aboard ship so I replaced it with the aforementioned 4 outlet strip.
  13. YES, but LONG DISTANCE port envy!!! Our daughter works in Hoboken right next to the Hudson & LOVES to send us messaging pix of NCL ships as they sail down river on their departures. It's usually with a "Don't you wish you were aboard...." or something along those lines message. Makes me WAY jealous!! 😫 Fortunately most NCL sailings depart NYC on Saturday/Sunday when she's not working! 🤑
  14. We've taken it to the MDR on the first night & exchanged it for a bottle of "real" wine...lol. It's usually one of the "house" wine bottles but it's better than the sparkling wine, IMHO.
  15. We were able to tour the bridge aboard the Gem a number of years ago (probably before 2015) when we did the BTS tour and i was allowed to take pix; still have them on my other PC as they come up once in a while on my screen saver... Discovery Channel had a show on cruise ships that centered around NCL Jewel which gave you some looks into the engine room area; certainly not a tour! I think that's as close as you'll come nowadays to a "tour" of these sensitive areas aboard cruise ships. Ditto the bridge. Hope you have a great cruise!
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