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  1. I go along with @blcruising and almost always book last minute; we usually book "steerage" rate (SailAway Inside cabin) and have been cruising this way for over 10 years. Once cruising restarts it will be very interesting to see if NCL can stick to the pricing policy referred to in blcruising's post.
  2. Agree with the preceding posters; the Freestyles wouldn't be worth the time or effort to read and/or upload due to the myriad of changes we'll probably see when cruising resumes. Question to the OP: is there any reason why you'd book this TA now? Am asking because we were also booked on this same TA for this past April 2020's sailing. We're also considering re-booking it in 2021 but will probably book at last minute as TA prices tend to drop dramatically just prior to sailing. I'm certainly NOT going to let NCL hold on to ANY $$ of mine after making me wait for a refund of the aforementioned TA we were booked on.
  3. Yet another reason why I'm glad we took the straight refund instead of the FCC even through we had to wait 78 days to actually get our $$ back. FWIW we usually buy NCL's trip insurance but to "take liberty" and just load it onto a purchase strikes me as unethical at best and outright robbery at worst! We actually have a FCC thanks to another NCL screw up (an abbreviated TA in 2019) so it'll be interesting if NCL tries to tack on travel insurance when we go to use it. I'll post something here if they do! As to an "NCL cheerleader" explaining this I'm sure there's some clause buried in the legalese of accepting a FCC instead of a refund that probably "requires" trip insurance be "bundled" with it...lol. The insurance carrier NCL uses is probably a part of "NCL Holdings"...
  4. @e3c1f4 Yeah, that IS weird. Did you pay with two different ccards? That may account for it... Noticed also that you're in MD like us. We're in Havre de Grace. Where do you live?
  5. We got our refund (amount was under $1,000 USD) for our cancelled cruise in April around the 65-day mark so I don't have a lot to complain about compared to MANY others on these forums. However, as many have pointed out it IS annoying to have to wait for YOUR money when you buy something the company you've bought it from cancels your purchase and then makes you wait 90 days to get YOUR money back.
  6. Has your 'friend" also told you that she's paying for the cruise from the lottery winnings she recently found out about in an anonymous email? Or maybe the money's coming a Nigerian prince who's going to give her a million USD for assisting him in "transferring" his wealth to a more stable country? As PT Barnum used to say, "There's one born every minute"...lol
  7. @e3c1f4 No we got one email for the both of us and the entire cruise price refunded to my original ccard that it was purchased on.
  8. @Budget Queen Yup! All we lost was $$ we spent on the hotel reservation. Unfortunately the hotel we were going to stay at (2 nights) was by the airport near Rome in Italy at the conclusion of our trip. And re: Allianz & the other travel insurance carriers I understand completely that they're in the business of making $$ and they DON'T make money paying out claims. However they should be MUCH more up front about the exceptions to their respective coverage(s) and not bury it in the "legaleese" statement you click OK on when accepting the coverage exceptions. Allianz was NOT up-front in the COVID-19 exception to their coverage. When I wrote their CEO I explained that was my main complaint.
  9. Got mine yesterday!! My cancelled cruise was in April also; TA ending in Rome/Civitivecchia. I got an email from NCL the day before stating the refund should hit my account in a day or so. Lucked out on the return airfare as AA cancelled the flight & Priceline gave me a refund. So the only money I lost was the hotel at the airport. That should have been covered by my travel insurance with Allianz through Priceline but Allianz weaseled out of it saying they alerted travelers to COVID-19 back in late December 2019. We'll cruise again...just not sure when. It'll also be a long, cold day in you-know-where before I buy ANYTHING from Allianz. Wrote a letter to their CEO saying so...not that it got me anything...
  10. They did on our last cruise but who knows what the perqs will be when cruising restarts. Based on past experience I'd say you'll get two offers during your 11 day Greek Isles cruise next year.
  11. Interestingly the Latitudes 15 points I would have gained from my cancelled TA back in April are still reflected in my Latitudes account; I went from Platinum to Platinum Plus! I've read several other posters having the same thing happen to them. Yeah, I had the same survey emailed to my Latitudes email address also. "Reading 'tween the lines" it looks like FDR & NCL are prepping to start charging $$ for Latitudes perqs versus earning them by actually cruising. They've already begun this earlier last year when they started offering "Priority Embarkation Package" for $150 (not sure if it was per person or per cabin?). 'Reading...' again I also think they're prepping a 'Latitudes Annual Fee' or some such. I guess $$ is more important to NCL than customer loyalty...sigh
  12. We also put in our request on April 13th and got an email acknowledgment from NCL but no $$ as of yet. Based on our experience with getting compensation $$ out of NCL from last years's abbreviated TA on the Getaway I'm not expecting the $$ any time soon! And, yes, 90 days IS way too long to wait but you really can't compare NCL's refund policies to the airline's refund policies for one BIG reason; the airlines got bail-out money courtesy of Uncle Sam, the cruise lines didn't. When American Airlines canceled my return flight from Rome, Priceline called me offered me either a refund or future credit from AA. I took the refund and the $$ was in my credit card account in 2 days. I'm hoping now that NCL has obtained additional financing and is, supposedly, able to operate for 18 months without cruises that they expedite cancelled cruise refunds. However I'm not holding my breath....lol
  13. This is a HIGHLY speculative thread!!! 😱
  14. @Budget Queen Nice catch! I meant 'Escape'...thanks!!
  15. At this moment DW & I SHOULD HAVE been sitting down to lunch on the Encore somewhere out on the North Atlantic en route to Porta Delgada and other destinations ending in Rome on May 2nd. Sigh...😕 FWIW to the OP from another random Internet stranger I also believe you did the right thing by canceling (or not making the final payment...same thing effectively). Good luck on your next cruise booking & as they said in the Hunger Games, 'May the odds be ever in your favor!" lol 😉
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