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  1. I think guests are treated differently depending on whether you are vaccinated or not.  On Carnival, non vaxed guests are tested the day before the end of the cruise.  On the Breeze from Galveston a child tested positive, so vaxed parents and non-vaxed sibling were tested as contacts.  Mom was also pos., Dad and sister neg.  Mom and son were moved to a cove balcony.  They were given a list of possible hotels to quarantine in, self pay, and also had to arrange own transportation.  I think it was the first time Carnival had actually faced this situation and didn’t handle it well.  EM

  2. 10 hours ago, codeyell0 said:

    I saw this for my cruise. I was thinking of taking the shuttle to the terminal, drop off all luggage. 
    get a ride back and sit by the pool until time to arrive and take an uber back. 
    All depending how close the hotel is. 

    I think the package hotel is in Orlando.  Pretty far to go back to the pool...  EM

  3. Savannah does not have the infrastructure to support a large cruise ship.  Or even for port calls.  There is no terminal.  I have been down on River Street when a Regent ship came in for a port call.  Also many times when American Cruise Lines came in for an overnight call.  No longer sure how large a ship can get under the Talmadge Bridge, and the turning basin is above it.  It has been suggested before, but there hasn’t been that much interest.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love it, but it’s not realistic.  EM

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  4. 2 hours ago, Mandeville said:

    Hi we booked for this year but it got canceled so we rebooked next year and have booked a guaranteed EE cabin on the Iona . My question is will we definitely get an EE cabin or could we be given another E cabin . We want to avoid deck 8 after seeing how the balconies face the deck and not the sea.

    We have checked and there are no EE cabins on deck 8 . It’s not the first time we have cruised but it is the first time we have not booked the cabin we wanted . 
    Not sure how guaranteed the guarantee is . Hope that made sense .

    You will get an EE or better, but not an EF.  

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  5. Our cabin on Seaside had a loveseat, two cushion couch.  Bigger than the chair but not as big as the full couch.  It’s unfortunate we don’t know all of the cabins with tub on that class ship.  I tried, but could only do the corridor we were on, and only part of it.  EM

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  6. It’s somewhere on that Bahamas visa website.  I printed it out and took it with me.  It’s seven pages.  It is underwritten by CG Atlantic in Nassau.  
    Trip interruption up to $500/day up to 14 days - $7000.

    Covid-19 emergency sickness medical expense up to $50,000

    Medical evacuation, medical repatriation and return of remains up to $50,000.

    Thats just the basics, but I think it explains how the two guests fromAdventure could be sent from Freeport by charter plane.  
    Sorry I haven’t mastered copy and pasta on my iPad, but go to the Bahamas travel health website, click on thr little triple black lines upper right corner.  In the drop down box, under insurance, click on North America.  You can read the policy there.  EM

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  7. Lets think this through a little deeper.  You have been on a ship for two weeks or more for a Transatlantic.  Your destination country requires the Covid test for debarkation.  Where but on the ship are you going to find the test?  So yes, the test will be administered on the ship.  You may or may not be charged for it.  The Med may be different, may depend on the country where you debark and their requirements.  Only the cruise line can answer.  If the debark country does not require it, but a significant number of guests are flying internationally and need it, it may be offered, perhaps for a fee.  So you need to reach out to the cruise line for your answer.  EM

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