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  1. Looking to book a Baltic cruise next summer on Marina. The offer showing gives us 6 free shore excursions. Reading the above posts I believe this is up to a value of $199 each. My question is can you use OBC to pay for a excursion that exceeds the $199 limit? millions.
  2. Hi all fellow cruisers, Just had a email from RC asking me if I wanted to bid for a upgrade from our balcony cabin to a junior suite on our Jewel of the Seas cruise of seven days starting next week. I decided to take the plunge and bid one of the lowest offers of 200 Dollars per person, so 400Dollars in total for the chance to upgrade. I am interested to know if this is common practice and what fellow CC members have experienced in the past? The offer shows a meter on the web page and my offer is deemed as week? So my question is also what are my chances?, and what would others pay for the upgrade from a balcony to. Junior suite? kind regards, mklions
  3. Why so many Russians? we are flying out to join The Jewel on Sunday. Mkilons
  4. Hi All, With the current US airstrike in Baghdad how safe would you feel sailing on an American cruise ship around the middle east? Next Sunday we are sailing on the Jewel of the Seas around the Persian Gulf with my family of nine and with todays news I cannot help but feel a little trepidation. Mklions.
  5. Thanks for all the great advice and tips, you can always rely on cruise critic members to come up trumps when needed. I now feel confident that our family will have a fantastic cruise. kind regards, mklions
  6. Hi All, My wife and I are cruising with our two children their partners and our three grandchildren as a party of nine next month. Sailing on Jewel of the Seas around the Emirates for a week. On booking we requested 3 balcony rooms together, only to find we have been assigned 3 balcony cabins on three different decks!. Spoke to our TA today and they have said because we booked on a "guarantee basis" they have no control on cabin selections. So a bit disappointed in this, as it would be nice to have joining cabins and feel a bit annoyed that our request has been overlooked. My other questions is about dinning with children in the MDR do they have a area for families in the MDR? Our grandchildren are 6,4 and 18 months and although relatively well behaved in general they do get fidgety after a while, and I would hate them to disrupt other dinners. It is our first cruise with children and any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mklions...
  7. We are also on this exciting TA cruise, travelling out of Heathrow 8.15 Wednesday morning, fingers crossed we should be at the cruise terminal around midday. Unfortunately In work tomorrow and Tuesday but can’t wait to join up with you all. Mklions. Dave and Jackie..
  8. mklions

    Included wines.

    Does buying the drinks package give you a better choice of wine at dinner? mklions
  9. Hi All, just read that Royal Caribbean discount there drinks packages on Black Friday and cyber MondayIs this correct ? Mklions.
  10. Toying with taking out the “Essentials Package” on our 17 day Lisbon to Rio cruise in November. I’ve read somewhere that it’s best to book on embarkation because the crew benefit from taking the booking?, that sound fine but by booking on embarkation does not give as much time to use up the 300 USD the essentials package provides on a excursions. My wife tends to use the internet quite a lot, so that provides another reason to buy the package, although we get some free minutes by being in a CC suite. Finally the drinks, we both like a wee drink or two, gin and tonic for my wife, beer and wine for myself. Does the essentials package provide with better gins and wine? Thanks in advance for all reply’s Mklions.
  11. We are staying on the QE2 for one night prior to our cruise, which incidentally is permanently moored at the cruise terminal. mklions
  12. I I probably did get the £199 deal but with the added emirates flights the balcony cost came in at £699 per person. With only a £50 discount for the three children. Still I think it’s a great price for a weeks balcony cruise. mklions.
  13. Just booked yesterday for a week sailing on the Jewel in January around the Emirates. We are travelling in a party of six adults and three children. Just looked online at our booking and see the ultimate drinks package is £41.80 per person per day. Multiplied by six adults and then by seven nights this is a whopping £1,755.60 for our party.! My question is will the online/ booking price likely to drop nearer the date? Or will it be better to book when we board? Thanks in advance for all your responses. Mklions.
  14. Thank you HGC, It maybe worth adding to your "tips" spreadsheet that you can have dinner served in your cabin on any evening from the MDR menu. Thats a pretty good tip IMO. Mklions.
  15. Fantastic, thanks for that! We are fortunate enough to have a cc suite would the dinner be served course by course by our butler? That would be the icing on the cake! Mklions.
  16. Hi all, We are sailing Lisbon to Rio on the Pursuit in November and sometimes (as on other cruises) we like to chill out and have dinner selected from the main dinning room menu served to our cabin or even on our balcony, is this an option on Azamara? Kind regards, Mklions..
  17. Thanks Lucy, The balcony hot tub sounds great! Do you have to fill it each day and can you set the temperature?
  18. Hi Lucy, we have also booked the royal suite on the Explorer 2 sailing out late August. how did you find the cabin?, and can you give me any helpful advice on the added benefits of a suite. Thanks in advance. mklions
  19. I am not sure how buying our own would work to well, as we do not tend to drink in the cabin and carrying a bottle of gin from bar to restaurant to bar each night would be looked upon very strange indeed! Mklions
  20. A gin cocktail maybe the answer then. Shame really because I am sure if you are a whiskey drinker the range would be much greater than the option of two.
  21. Hi All, We will be sailing on the Ovation in a couple of week time and wondered if they have a good assortment of Gins. In the UK at the moment Gins are vey much in vogue with most pubs and bars selling a large range of different flavours and types. My wife likes the Gordon's Pink Gin and the new Beefeater Blood Orange Gin) and I wondered if Seabourn have much of a selection on their ships? Bottoms up! Mklions.
  22. Thank you all for your responses. i will (excuse the pun) take on board your comments and try to book a table as soon as we embark,. I am also looking forward to dinning in the evening at the alfresco restaurant Land and Sea which on our last Seabourn cruise on the Encore was not available at the time. thanks again. Mklions
  23. Hi All, Today we booked our next cruise,whoopee! on 27th April ( 24 days time) sailing on Ovation. Athens to Barcelona ( 8 days) Just logged into our Seabourn account for the first time to book the Thomas Keller restaurant only to find out that there are no available tables left for the whole cruise!! Is this normal? Really disappointed as we were looking forward to dining in this restaurant. Kind Regards, Mklions..
  24. I thought the discovery in in the far east in Feb? Mklions..
  25. We are flying Thomson airways ( Dreamliner) from Birmingham to Langkawi in January to cruise on Discovery1. Being a bonded flight ( only put on for the cruise passengers) will our luggage go straight to the ship or will we need to collect it from the airport in Langkawi Thanks
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