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  1. Global Entry is a good option to have if you travel a lot. It is great for flying back from International flights into the US. I have also used twice when sailing back into the US on Trans Atlantic cruise Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Also, have used when flying into Vancouver for a sailing out of there down the west coast to LA. You also get TSA Pre-check for 5 years which is great for flying in the US. This is something you have to say is it worth it for you and your family. Just like with having a passport or not when you cruise out of US ports. It works great for the wife and I as we have
  2. try square mouth dot com for travel insurance
  3. Try looking at square mouth dot com. for trip insurance
  4. I have been very lucky to avoid the "cruise crud" over 30+ cruises.. My wife is another story. Seems to catch it nearly every cruise. Symptoms sometimes last 6-8 weeks! Came home one time with pneumonia and missed 12 more work days before doctor would release her. Read a hint on cruise critic a while back to ask cabin steward on the first day to have the air filter in the cabin changed. Seemed to help. Just in case, we travel with lots of OTC cold meds, cough drops, etc. Super expensive (sometimes unavailable) on the ship. Healthy sailing to all!
  5. Hey Wine-O, I see you are posting so I guess you made it through Dorian. Hope no major damage for you! Stay safe!
  6. After about 10 cruises, our travel agent asked if I wanted travel insurance. Not sure why, but why not? Never had it before. We drove to Galveston to spend the night before the cruise. We were supposed to board in the morning, however, at 2:00 am I suffered a heart attack. This was shortly after Hurricane Ike had flooded the local hospital so ambulance took me back to the mainland. The insurance covered the cost of the cruise, ambulance ride, hotel stay after hospital release (doctor said to stay in area a few days), meals, and covered what our medical did not. La
  7. We have had this happen when the expiration date falls too close to the actual sailing date. Often we book cruises two years out. If cruise should extend beyond the expiration date (eg: due to hurricane?) they want to make sure your card will be accepted for your charges. Hope this helps.
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