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    Yes, I read it. It's a very good, thoughtful, well written review.



    I do like to see the looks on their face when their flip flops have been removed from the saved lounge chair. Priceless. It's my entertainment during the day. :D


    Raise your hand if you've been the one to remove items from chairs and turn them into lost and found!






  2. And getting back to this comment...


    The fights at brunch makes sense, think about it, it could have been 2 hours since their last meal ! The health inspector is interesting, Im guessing because the food is not behind sneeze guards or they can't man every dish with a server?


    It makes also sense about there being no sneeze guard as the problem.



    But as for the fights, considering what happened with me, I believe it! :eek:




    Also, to Curt, they still had the brunches in early February on Silhouette. So this must be a very recent thing.

  3. I just sailed again on the Century ( I also sailed on her last year). I like Celebrity and I love the Century- have ever since I first boarded her in 2006. That being said, Celebrity does seem to be cutting corners.

    There was a buffet in the dining room (the current substitute for the traditional midnight buffet which cruise ship companies no longer offer) on the last at-sea day in 2013- this year, no buffet. There was also no live band playing at the pool area except for one day as we left our last port (they seemed to be rehearsing for the next cruise). There used to be a string trio or a quartet playing in the Cova Cafe- not anymore.

    The food is all right- nothing outstanding, but nothing terrible either. My feeling is that the food used to be better, and included more choices.

    Michael's Club is now a "private" club. Last year, anyone could go in and enjoy listening to the piano or a string quartet. Now, it is only for the extremely elite passengers.

    Let's face it, some people just like to complain. Nothing is ever going to be good enough for them. However, I do miss some of the things which I used to take for granted. Perhaps the entertainment simply varies from cruise to cruise, depending upon the length of the cruise, for example. I do understand how some passengers feel that some things have gone down hill.

    Celebrity is a great cruise option, but people are wrong to expect "modern luxury" and then get upset with the cost-cutting measures currently in place. Celebrity is NOT a luxury line. There are several true luxury cruise lines if you demand the best of everything. Celebrity provides great travel opportunities for its middle-class to affluent passengers, but again, "modern luxury" is just a line from an advertisement.


    About that midnight buffet which was turned into a Sunday brunch.


    My wife and I went to it when we sailed on Summit and we were quite impressed with the selection of food and its taste. What we did not like, however, was the huge throng of people pushing and shoving past you in order to get a picture or grab food.


    We nearly had our table stolen as well by another couple because they, and I quote, "didn't want to go to the other side of the room where their table was," end quote. Thankfully one of the waiters helped them to their table.... Though they did not look please to be helped!


    I've met rude people before, but I think they all showed up to this brunch. So when we sailed on Silhouette, we passed because of the people, nothing else. Food-wise, however, it was one of the better buffets/brunches I've been to.

  4. The tags look very much alike . They need to make them bright red for one ship and bright blue for the other or a big red x on one maybe? We tipped and bags still went to other ship. Happens every week we were told


    Again, make sure you're giving them to the right porter. Always make sure.


    I'm sure people wouldn't just walk on to any plane and assume it's going to get them to their preferred destination. ;)

  5. Ok, I have lost interest here. Any view posted that doesnt agree with ONE CERTAIN POSTER leads to further posts. I wish cruise critic would freeze this thread.



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    Because you disagree with this supposed "one view", the thread should be locked?


    We can ALWAYS move on and talk about more positive things. :) This is why I posed the question in the first place. To see if there was anything about people's cruises that were positive. No cruise, unless we're talking tragic circumstances, is 100% negative.


    I have been on CC long enough to know what people complain about, and it's NOT unique to just one line: Food, dress code, chair hogs, drunks, children, poor customer service, and feeling like you're "unimportant" to the cruise line.


    Everyone has their way of dealing or not dealing with certain things. But locking a thread because you lost interest? :p I hope not. Still too much good to talk about... if we just move on.


    What are people's thoughts about the Martini bar??

  6. momofmeg's right.


    I've seen less venom in political debates than I have in Celebrity buffet discussions. ;)


    Then maybe I'm mis-reading things...... :confused:


    With the exception of some snooty/nose-up-in-the-air comments, the buffet discussion has been fairly calm. Some disagree with how others view it, but there hasn't been any venom attached.


    Curt, as an example, has been very "matter of fact" about it. He's right about there not being much slamming going on...

  7. Lots of really great info here-thanks everyone. We are staying in the Queen Anne area the night before, and also the night after our cruise.

    We don't line up well, so I'm thinking we'll have a nice lunch & get there around 2pm, & also take our time disembarking, as we're in no rush to be anywhere.


    This is only our 2nd cruise, & part of a 4 week trip to the U.S.. We just cant wait!


    You're extremely close to the pier in that area. So a taxi will not be expensive at all.


    Also, if I may, I wholeheartedly recommend Toulouse Petit for breakfast. it's at 601 Queen Anne Avenue North. Best cajun breakfast outside of New Orleans, IMO. :)

  8. It is confusing with two ships boarding in the same area at the same time.


    Just make sure your bags go with the Celebrity Porters and not with Royal Caribbean Porters.


    My first time boarding Solstice I was mis-directed to the Royal Caribbean check in windows but caught the error after just a minute or two and went back around to the otherside with Celebrity.


    Once inside some of the greeting workers for the port are not the sharpest knife around and are not sure themselves the difference between RCCL and Celebrity, so just beware. :cool:


    This is why you should have your luggage tags on your bags before arriving to the port. Regardless of which porters take them, they'll see the tags. STILL, the OP should ask to make sure before handing them off.

  9. We are doing Alaska this year (also for our 20th). I was able to book April 2012 for our tour, I checked every day for about 6 months since I had a particular cabin in mind. This year, I know that the Alaska cruise tours for 2015 actually went on sale in march.



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    That's pretty much what I am doing! :D

  10. Opinions about food, IMO, are taken with a grain of salt (yes, pun intended)


    I was berated earlier for saying I enjoy the hot dogs on board, though I'm not picking a cruise for its hot dogs or fast food types of cuisine that they serve. I just like having variety on board. And sometimes you just want to have something that quick. I mean, how man reviews do you read where people are commenting about how the pizza is?? :p


    I've eaten at places from White Castle to Outback to Gene & Georgetti's (steak house in Chicago) to Emeril's NOLA (in New Orleans) to Sky City (Seattle Space Needle). Every single experience had their pluses and minuses, but of the places I thoroughly enjoyed I will go back to again. My opinion of these places may not match yours. Heck, when my wife and I were dining at NOLA a couple years ago, there was a couple sitting next to us complaining about how bad the service was. Now I do not know what they normally expect, but they were getting better service than us, and ours was pretty damn good!


    On board the ships, my wife and I both love Qsine, while I've seen people dismiss it as gimmicky and average. I've also seen people write about how great Tuscany Grill is, while I found it to be ok. To each their own.


    Where the food is concerned, no one's opinion is wrong, everyone likes something different to eat and enjoys different experiences when dining. You love pizza with anchovies? Great! I find it to be disgusting though.... ;) If you like the buffet over the MDR, enjoy!


    If everyone liked the same thing, it would get boring. :) Variety is always good, whether it's something you like or not!


    But now I want a hot dog.... :p

  11. As I've said several times in multiple threads, I don't really care if I hurt or care for celebrity. I post my observations and facts. It's not about coddling Celebity at all. Sure my positive posts come off as coddling them, but they are a corporation, feelings have nothing to do with it.


    I just don't find why it's so hard for so many to believe I'm actually very, very happy with my sailing experience, especially given the number of cruises in sun a relative short time with them. For this reason, I like to post my pleasure with their business model and amenities, and the few times I have issue, I post those as well. I post my positives hoping they see the changes they are making are making me happy and making me want to keep sailing with them.


    I was a loyal United/Continetnal flyer, however they have made some changes recently I don't agree with, today finally chaining their frequent flyer program to one that takes a lot away from me and many other flyers. I have emailed them and sent a written letter by post already today telling them they have just lost a loyal flyer, having been Platinum or Global Services since 2003 every year. I do post my displeasure when it's warranted.


    Curt, there are some who just flat out refuse to believe that you can be happy with your choices because they had a bad experience.


    I'm with you in regards to Celebrity. Granted, I've only had 2 cruises with them, but overall I was quite happy. Whatever minor problems I had with them won't deter me from sailing on them again. (Actually, the only problem I do have with the line is the way they handle their customer service. They just will not make things right for you if it means inconveniencing another. Even if it IS the right thing to do.)


    Anyway, keep posting those observations of yours. I, for one, enjoy seeing them.

  12. Perhaps my wife and I were extremely fortunate, but we had 0 problems with getting on and off the ship.


    We got there very early to embark (10 am). We took a cab to get there. Traffic could have been handled a bit better by those who were directing it though. Dropped our luggage off with a porter who was opening the door to the cab for us. We had to wait in line outside for a bit (until 10:30). Once inside things went very, very quickly. We were Concierge, so there was no line to speak of (I don't consider 2 people in front of me a line!). We were on board well before noon.


    Disembarking was a breeze for us. We had an excursion planned because we had a very late flight. Once off the ship (about 8:00), we walked a bit of a distance to grab out luggage, which we found quickly. Short line through customs. We were on the bus for our excursion by 8:30.


    Overall, it was quick and easy for us.

  13. #32 - Sitting at the Sunset Bar on the S-class, toes in the grass of the Lawn Club, enjoying the sunshine and watching the immense deep blue of the ocean pass by with a drink in hand :cool: paradise!


    Can't wait for our upcoming Eclipse cruise! Yes we are already looking at booking the next one - and inviting our friends to come along and become Celebrity converts ;) they focus on the positives in life, as we do, and I'm confident they'll love it.


    Yeah, that's a definite winner. :cool:

  14. Hi Keith


    What of the many others here with the SAME buffet complaint who may not have the power of the force? What do they do?


    What about the many in line who were verbally saying bad things to buffet crew? (In an accent from a certain state, I might add).


    I’m merely commenting on what I experienced as are many others.


    The ones who meekly just let it happen? They’ll let the Death Start blow them up as happened to Planet Alderaan.


    :rolleyes: Here: http://www.rif.org/



    As for your complaints, in all seriousness, they're minor. If they really bother you that much, go to Guest Relations and request to see the Food and Beverage Manager. You'd have a far better chance of things being corrected that way than coming on here.

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