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  1. I read somewhere that there are some ship cameras on the front end of the balconies on deck 12 that limit your view forward. Anyone stayed in a deck 12 suite can comment?
  2. Looks like there are cameras or something just in front of the balconies on Aloha deck. Do they interfere with the view? Any issues with them?
  3. What is TAP? I need to file complaints too.
  4. Please post what you learn. I hope you're right.
  5. Actually Celebrity is saying the 30th day for cancellations is April 10th. Not sure what calendar they used . . .😜
  6. Celebrity and Royal Caribbean did not suspend operations for 30 days, effective March 14th! They only cancelled cruises through April 10th and plan to resume cruises on April 11th! April 12th would be the 30th day for cancelled cruises.
  7. Chase Sapphire Preferred policy under “What Losses Are Covered?” (7th item on page 31) states “You or Your Traveling Companion’s lodging accommodations at the destination of the Trip being made uninhabitable”. Your cabin certainly can't be lived in if the cruise has been cancelled. maybe this would help?
  8. Have you verified with your insurance company that the doctor's decision really would qualify as an insured trip cancellation? We are ok with the cruise FCC but have a couple thousand in flights that we would cost us $800 in change fees that we will lose.
  9. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Should be more accurate than “assumptions”.
  10. Has anyone read/heard the smoking policy for the quarantined Diamond Princess and now the conditions on Grand Princess? Especially cigar smokers?
  11. Did the officer say if the suites have been done yet?
  12. Another option would be to take a Celebrity excursion in Fort Lauderdale. They usually include transportation at the end of the tour directly to the airport. Your luggage is stored on your tour bus until you get to the airport.
  13. What is in-suite specialty coffee for Sky Suite? A coffee machine or butler service?
  14. Where is the helipad on Equinox?
  15. How much was the Celebrity transportation to the airport? We have lots more OBC to use somewhere.
  16. Thanks for the link to the menu. Looks delish!
  17. Are all the medallions the same color or do they vary by cabin category or loyalty level?
  18. Can a small hole be drilled in the medallion so a jewelry loop can be inserted? Then the medallion could be worn on a chain necklace like a jewelry medallion. Obviously not like a gold piece but better than a lanyard? There are aome really nice and/or cute lanyards for sale on shopping websites too.
  19. Have you tried to delete the app and then re-load it?
  20. From what l've read, you keep your current perks if you do a move up and do not get other perks of the higher category cabin. So you may not get the free premium drinks, internet or gratuities perks that you used to calculate the differences. Hopefully someone can confirm.
  21. Chase Sapphire Preferred Covers cancellations for medical reasons BUT does not cover medical treatment or evacuation. I use a well-known online travel insurance website to cover those. It's reasonably priced by covering minimal cruise cancellation.
  22. Please post when you get them and let us know if they're the same. Thanks.
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