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  1. Has anyone filed a trip insurance claim for Princess Gift Certificates that were used to pay toward a Princess Cruise that now had been cancelled? Any advice on filing the claim amount? The Certificate value or the AARP price? Any comments?
  2. Has anyone done this recently with current options? We have not done Uber or Lyft before and used Princess transfer (not available), shuttle, or taxi. But there is always a first time so open to all. Thanks.
  3. How wide are the HC doorways? Are the a “standard” width or vary by room/cruiseline?
  4. What happens for Princess LAX-to-ship transfers at Los Angeles? Flying SWA.
  5. Are there also menus for other countries like Chinese or Thai or Korean or Japanese?
  6. There are several threads about this in the Disabled Cruise thread: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/114-disabled-cruise-travel/
  7. Looks delish! How much did it cost from room service? Thanks
  8. The adjustable height Drive rollator like in your photo comes in 3 different model heights: tall, regular, and hemi (short). Very flexible height options between the model choices and height adjustments within each model! I love mine!
  9. Do you have to remove the clip or eBay necklace to scan the medallion?
  10. Thanks. How soon before the cruise do the MDR menus show? We would like to book a night when MDR not really our choice.
  11. We're in a suite for a 7 day cruise and first night SD is free for suites. The app shows we have 2 SD credits. I booked the first night at Sterling Steak House with those 2 SD credits. Could I have used those to book another night or only for the first night, We will also have 2 SD credits from our travel agent. Am I correct that those TA-given DA credits will not show up until we board?
  12. Tou can post this question on the current and/an upcoming Enchanted Roll Call and ask for up-to-date verification.
  13. The. Beam does provide shade, which can be a good thing.
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