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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to give this great review! That's the itinerary we'll probably book next for Sept. 19-26, 2020. We'll be on the American Harmony Nov. 2-9. My goal is to give the same type of reviews that you provide. We've been on almost 30 ocean cruises but this will be our first river boat cruise. So my perspective will be as a "newbie". If you have no objections, I'll use the same basic format you've used -- it's logical and easy to follow. We'll be in an Owner's Suite so I plan to give suite details and a suite review in a separate CC thread -- I haven't been able to find much on ACL suites so want to try to help others.
  2. Thanks! I'll be watching for your review. Have a great cruise.
  3. Please leave a review of your cruise. We're planning to book our next cruise during our Nov 2 cruise on the Harmony. Your itinerary is one of our top choices for next time. Thanks.
  4. We'll be on the November 2nd Lower Mississippi Cruise on the new American Harmony. We've been on lots of ocean cruises but this will be our first river cruise. We're looking forward to something "different". It's been hard finding information of river cruises and, of course, the American Harmony since it hasn't sailed yet.
  5. We'll be on the American Harmony the first of November. Does Cruise Critic plan an onboard review when the Harmony starts its cruises?
  6. Our first river cruise is next November so I don"t know how things work. But I understand the coxktail hour is an a specific lounge and everyone goes there for drinks. If no one from the ship announces dinner time during the cocktail hour, would it be out of line to stand up at the end of the hour and quietly ask the people sitting around having a drink in your area if they want to go to dinner now as a group? Then try to get a table all together when the group gets to the dining room. Everyone at your table would be on the same time schedule and easier for the waiters to serve.
  7. Thanks. I know that's how it works on ocean cruises so good to know about ACL.
  8. Thanks for the info. Good to know there'll be someone to talk to. We'll be on the American Harmony on our first river boat cruise so many things are new to us. We have a travel agent we have used for years. Do you know how it works if we want to book onboard? Can we book the cruise with ACL while onboard and then transfer our booking to her when we get home? Or will that lose us the discounts?
  9. I see that many people book their next cruise while onboard. Is there usually an ACL rep to discuss the various cruises? If not, how is this booking handled? Thanks.
  10. We're staying at the Intercontinental Hotel near the French Quarters. Can we get a pedal cab to take us around the French Quarters instead of walking? If so, where would we pick it up?
  11. We're booked on the American Harmony for a Lower Mississippi River cruise. Where is the terminal that American Cruise Line uses?
  12. How do you get to the Krystal from the pier? I've went there years ago but can't remember. Also do they still offer massages?
  13. We have that booked in a couple weeks. what type of vehicle did they use? A big bus or just shuttle size?
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