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  1. Just booked two! One August 2021, and another January 2022. If they go, that's great, I don't mind dreaming about it for awhile! We are supposed to go on a Panama cruise in April, doubt we will. So I guess I keep adding some on the calendar knowing eventually it will work out.
  2. Such interesting recounts of how we all watched the world change. I'm so sorry for those who know some who have passed. I retired last fall and we had lots of cruises and vacations in the works! We had gone to Jamaica with friends in February and while we were there, I was reading CC during those times for fun, didn't we all? I remember telling my friends about what was happening on the Diamond. It seemed like there was no way it would impact us, that was clear over there!!! We got back on the 9th, I babysat grandkids in Detroit a week later and the news was all about the presidential election. Nonstop. Bernie was winning right and left and Bloomberg was getting trashed. And Trump about impeachment. Came home and left for North Carolina the first weekend in March. Heard a little more about it then, saw one person in the Omaha airport with a mask and his Clorox wipes, wiping everything down on our flight. I remember I had to cough once and blow my nose on the airplane and didn't want to get dirty looks. We came home on the 9th. More in the news but still, no crisis in our part of the world. Maybe the first person in NY in New Rochelle had gotten diagnosed? At the end of the week, my DH gave a big 60th birthday for me at our wine bar in town. And two days later, the walls closed in. I never would have thought my birthday party was the last of the lasts! I remember then thinking OK if 2 weeks go by and no one gets sick, it'll be OK. And they did. School was cancelled in the middle of the next week. And my son came home a week early from college and it was a few days later that it sunk in that he was HOME to stay. As we are too, with no European Capitals cruise next fall. Oh well. Stay healthy, all!
  3. I have been wondering this myself. We have a cruise that leaves from London in September. Am thinking perhaps Europe is not where we want to be. Final payment isn't for awhile yet but it's good to figure out what the options are. Our flights are through Delta, not EZ because it was really cheaper and better layover but that may be a moot point. I'm not worried about the flight - I'll take flight credit or whatever it may be from Delta to cancel.
  4. I did it....I booked it. It's stopping at quite a few places we wanted to see. So now we can get a "taste" and decide if we want to spend more time - Niagara Falls and Mac Island were two on our list...and grandkids live in Detroit. Plus we liked it goes through most of the lakes. I know we could drive to these places, too, but don't always want to make DH drive everywhere! Booking now added in the air fare and a better drink package which helped add it on. And it's a refundable deposit...(minus a bit) so that's a good choice to me.
  5. We are very interested in the one that goes from Niagara Falls thru the lakes. Have never been on a river cruise before and use a big boX as a travel agent so am a little clueless as where to go from here. Off to read this board!
  6. I just went back to put a deposit on a hold - and it won't take my credit cards! I have tried 3 different cards and all get the same "we are experiencing difficulties" messages.....I had held two - funny, the one that says pay by the 14th is still there. Guess they leave that up a bit longer that they say....but also have one that needs the deposit today. And they don't want my money … odd! Update - went back thru and it worked. Had to exit out and exit back in again.
  7. I just used it as I added it with the link to my Delta card. I have a different log in for the Hilton card but AMEX now knows that. So I was only able to use once. I purchased OBC off the Princess page. Our cruise is booked thru …. X.... so I wasn't sure if that would show up as a payment to X or a payment to Princess so this seemed the better option. Thanks! Now to wait for Princess to offer a gift card offer before the holidays to take off a little more.
  8. JB - another quick question - how long would it take to get to the port from those locations on a Monday morning? Thank you for your help 🙂
  9. THANK you for all the detail! That will be very helpful!
  10. What beautiful photos! I also wondered about London. We are coming in early in September for a Princess cruise - so do not need to stay in the cruise ship port area but have NO idea where is good place to stay. I have quite a few Hilton Honors points so would prefer to use those. Any suggestions? Something in an interesting area with reasonable transportation to port when needed. Thanks!
  11. I just wanted to say Hello to a fellow Husker! Glad you have a cruise coming up - hope it's somewhere warm as I look out the window to snow....
  12. Is this online on the Princess site or thru another option? Just asking as I see in fine print "your clients". Thanks for any advice!
  13. We just got off the Caribbean in New England and spent a lot of time at Vines. Wished I could say what brand some wines were but we like dry wines - my husband the rich dry reds and I like chards, roses and reds a long as they are dry. We had no trouble finding wine to drink (and had the sip & sail) . I did ask about some wines we had had the previous year on a California cruise and the Vines bartender said they will sometimes get different wines on the California side versus the east coast. We had some good blends (one in particular on the Vines menu) and there was a really good buttery chard I had as well.
  14. We just did this in September. The day we were at Bar Harbor, we had to go down stairs early and do a quick process with medallion and passport. Our excursion left around 845 so we had to get in line around 645. Took a bit to get it started (and the line was LONG!) but it moved fast and they looked at your passport and logged you in. When we got to NYC it was another line, quick glance at passport and paperwork and out the door. The line took much longer than the second it took to look at the passport!
  15. Have them make you a Cranberry Mimosa! The BEST! Great ideas here, keep them coming!
  16. Thank you for posting about the Island! I get so tired of all the complaints about her as we will be on her next fall for European Capitals. Looking forward to your review! In any size font.
  17. Thank you for this! We will be on her this weekend and I can't wait. We are a take it or leave it for dance shows....so I think all the comments about that won't affect us a bit and it will be great!
  18. They were there just now, I got two $100 ones.
  19. Thank you! I have to confess it's a really weird feeling. Can't quite wrap my head around it!
  20. Thanks for this! I was able to get two. It's not much off but everything is something.
  21. My last day in my office......TOMORROW! I'm a little numb at the moment. Writing thank you cards....
  22. What if you have the Sip & Sail? How does that work with the wine offered here.
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