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  1. I think they have a mistake on the September 15 sailing. Think they meant September 13 as the length would not match the September 18 departure.
  2. Unfortunately that issue with not being able to see cruises when logged in but if you put in booking number it will show has been going on for years. There was even separate thread on it awhile ago.
  3. Kernow should be able to answer that as I believe the were just in YC.
  4. I have not seen any definitive restrictions for the few lines I follow. With the info posted by DC that Florida won the case vs CDC I wouldn't think there would be any restrictions including mask requirement but maybe the lines will start slow for testing and assurance that things start well. That being said, I see their short trips in August out of Miami as the start slow plan. Those I could see limited capacity.
  5. Fitness centers usually have a vending machine with some sodas and sports drinks.
  6. Grand Cayman said long time ago they could care less about cruises. I want to say last year they said at least through all of 221.
  7. I've posted either here or another thread it took ten months from March 2020 to get fees and taxes back. It was 14 months before FCC kind of showed up, but only 100%. We've been through what, three different versions of terms for FCC. Ours was very generic and no real limits. Now we are being held to as more stringent set of terms in use.
  8. We tried both emails and got same thing which I reported at the time. CS - the issue is not on our end. It is either not right email or being blocked on their end. Other email address never responded.
  9. Thanks for the info. Another miss - It took them 10 months to get the fees back to credit card. Dropped snail mail to Ken couple months back and have heard ZERO.
  10. Thank you for your input. We did book through TA. We also found out portion paid to TA not eligible for 25%. When was your cancelation and when did you rebook? We were third week of March 2020 but they are just now getting our FCC, I think we've been caught up in the wheels of their bureaucracy.
  11. Thank you and always for your input. Of course at the time I opted for the FCC in March 2020 none of those terms were either in existence or if so, available to us.
  12. In our case, 15 months later, our FCC still not complete. Have never seen a fcc number or email from MSC other than cruise cancelled and email that we took fcc route and would be sent in 60 days.. It took 10 months for fees to get back to credit card. FCC has to be used all at once by the three of us on one reservation. Maybe person number three can't go same time as us then it is lost.
  13. If you are a family of four it just makes you book two rooms or sail someone else.
  14. Last I heard Grand Cayman said they could care less about cruises but that was at least six months ago.
  15. I'd agree. We are just learning about our FCC days of hxxx.
  16. We were supposed to sail today out of Kiel for 14 days. Have a great time and sunny days.
  17. Our FCC is still not completely figured out, but today I talked to TA about it. They told me that our FCC (only 100% at this point and coming up to 15 months) was equally issued across the three of us despite the original reservation had the third person at a reduced rate. Then TA continues to tell me that MSC says we all have to sail on the same reservation to use FCC. If only two of us go, the third person's FCC goes poof. Getting clarification if the third person would get the 100% money back. Anyone have and input on your situation?
  18. What is everyone seeing for additional adult passengers in the same cabin? We normally paid a substantial amount less but I'm looking at trips now and the price for a third is either the same as the first two passengers or in some cases just a little less.
  19. Do they use a particular pier in Port Canaveral and is it same with a YC tent and room?
  20. Isn't it a moot point since you won't be sailing MSC anymore? And let me put in a disclaimer...your opinion may defer from mine...
  21. Prices will likely only go up. I'd suspect those sailings to go. March will be more expensive.
  22. We've done YC there three times. You drop luggage at white tent and do a quick checkoff the list. Then escort on left side through security. Then up escalators, turn to right walk a bit, then right turn into lounge. We've typically waited about 15-20 minutes before getting called to desk, get card and wristband then wait from 5-10 minutes before small group escort on ship.
  23. NCL just added a couple days ago Gem out of Miami in August.
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