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  1. The bottom itinerary looks like the one we’re on right now. The Sapphire is a great ship. Weather has been perfect, haven’t missed a post. We love Princess! Go for it!
  2. We too were routed on Latam GRU-SCL. Could not get seats on Delta site, went to Messenger, typed in Latam.com, got someone in a short period of time, got the seats I requested, done within 5 min. Refreshing! And yes, the BClass seats are incredibly comfy and plenty of room in Business cabin. We didn’t have any of the Flight Attendants with good knowledge of English but we muddled through. That was the only downer but guess I shouldn’t be an “ugly American.”
  3. We recently did the same. We are on the Sapphire right now, were reserved on EZE/LIM/ATL, was very tight connection in Lima of only 1.5 hrs. Delta made changes and made it even shorter. They have a good policy that changes can be made without additional charge if times are altered. Fortunately there was room on a non-stop EZE-ATL. We are thrilled!
  4. We are on the Sapphire right now. Fortunately she made it into Stanley two days ago. We reserved a spot with Shaun Jaffray (to Volunteer Point) as mentioned above, two years ago. It was an outstanding excursion. First off, he requests no deposit up front because many ships have to cancel Stanley visit due to harsh weather in this area. Re: waiting for large crowds, our group was made up of 14 Land Rovers (4 people in each) and they travelled the same trail to and from. There was no hold up waiting for others. Caution: 50% of the ride to and from was VERY rough grass/dirt trails with frequent jarring potholes. Those with chronic neck or back issues may regret the 2 hrs each way. On a positive note, there were hundreds of King Penguins, along with Gentoo. The Volunteers present remind the visitors about respecting these beautiful animals. Another more reasonable tour though fewer penguins to be observed, is using the local bus to Gypsy Cove, $20 each way. It was a magical day! The town of Stanley is cute as well.
  5. Just looked up ship Dr charges: Paxlovid was $750., charge for Dr $99. AON took care of the above, lots of paperwork and receipts of course but it all worked out. This was from Jan ‘23.
  6. Positive update to this thread: I’m the OP and spent way too much time attempting to resolve this issue. In short, after many looooong phone wait times and calls, being shuffled from person to person, to AA, back to EZAir , etc etc (you get the drift) I took the good advice of a fellow CC member and went straight to the top. I was very hesitant to do that but after almost 3 months of multiple emails, phone calls and absolutely no resolution, had to change direction. So, started out with email: customer relations, cc to jpadgett, lwarren and csteinke. Amazingly, I got a call the next afternoon from a “Senior Administrator” who wanted to hear the dynamics of what happened, listened well, said they would follow up with EZAir, gave me their direct line and promised to get back to me within a few days. She did call back a few days later, stated “unable to figure out why your flights were changed at the last minute” and offered me two choices which were equal to the amount we paid for our return flight home. It’s sad that you have to jump to the top for a solution. But, it’s done. Whew!
  7. I need to add my two cents here. DH was diagnosed with Covid on the Regal in January this year. Since we were out of the US our plan stated they did not cover. Once we got home, we filed a claim with AON (as mentioned above) and a large portion of the medical expenses incurred was covered. It didn’t take as long as we expected. (PS Hubby did fine, we’re both boosted, he took Paxlovid and turned neg by day 5). Princess even credited him with 5 days worth FCC). 😎
  8. We were on the Emerald in June, spent an afternoon in the Sanctuary. Yes, teatime still exists. Love it! So much food to choose from. My favorite is the orange scones, complete with jam and cream.
  9. Same here, from June cruise. Am anxiously awaiting anEZAir refund and thought somehow was related? Crazy!
  10. Hi all: booked on Feb ‘24 SA cruise, ending in BA. Looking for tour on last day with possible drop off at airport. Thanks for any ideas!
  11. We’ll be there in Feb ‘24, anything else to do nearby? Thanks!
  12. We’ll be there Feb ‘24, have reservations for the Hotel Plaza San Francisco. Saw a few reviews/comments about “marginal” neighborhood. Wondering if you happen to know anything about this hotel? Thanks!
  13. Yes, that is good to know. I always check lint filter inside door before turning dryer on.
  14. I usually do laundry once (on at least a 7 day) and use the pods. My complaint is the dryers. I always have to do two cycles to get everything almost dry, and I don’t overload. Seems it’s like that on the last few ships we’ve been on. Funny story, last cruise in June was on the Emerald and we booked a suite. After hearing all the negative comments about sending out laundry, I decided not to take advantage of the suite perk. Our cabin steward came in while we were out, saw laundry (jeans) spread out to fully dry. Upon returning, we found he had put the laundry bag and ticket on the bed. Shortly thereafter, he knocked and wanted to remind us we had complimentary laundry. Told him nicely I liked to do it myself. He just sweetly said “yes ma’am.” Great guy!😂😉
  15. Laughing here! That was my DH reaction when he tested + on the Regal. He said maybe a nice strong Tequila will help.” We’ve been taking along all sorts of Covid related items (test kits, as above, pocket and larger bottle sanitizer, masks, Lysol spray and wipes for the cabin, thermometer, BP cuff, need to add Paxlovid in our cruise). We’re both medical so we grab as much as possible. PS I lucked out, did not turn + when he had it. Advice: pack prepared.
  16. Yes, I saw that…our next cruise is Feb ‘24. Been with Princess quite a while, guess I have to roll with the “punches.” Not enough for us to look elsewhere.The bottom line for them is always the focus. What can we do? Roll with it or move on, but then a good many are making similar moves!
  17. I agree with what was mentioned above. If you can, go to Brokerage’s web site, print out a statement from same day, with your name, etc. Black out sensitive info and either email or snail mail. That should do it. All they require is a confirmation that you have 100 shares of CCL.
  18. I agree! The first thing that caught my eye was the new charge for Alfredo’s. We normally eat there 2-3x per cruise. One of our favorites!
  19. Hopefully that has not changed. We upgraded to Plus on the Emerald in June, so that could use the OBC. They also refunded the $10. we paid for Medallion delivery.
  20. So, correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it a “perk” of sailing in a suite to order off the menu? Didn’t see anything mentioned about discontinuing that? But then again, very ambiguous on several things. Certainly needs clarification.
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