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  1. You need WiFi calling on your cell phone. You have to have a phone and cellular service that allows it. You need to set it before you get on the ship. We have Verizon and it’s no extra cost. You will need to have the ships WiFi.
  2. There are actually 2 forts in San Juan. We took a free trolley, got off visited one, got back on later and went to the other one. Not sure if trolley is still operating.
  3. If you are interested in history, we enjoy going to the forts.
  4. We think that the US military was Coast Guard probably from Guantanamo. It was a little frightening but felt better after helicopters came. The workers at Labadee stood on the jet ski docks looking at the ship. Guess they were seeing their money go away, I think that RCCL ships didn’t stop there for a while.
  5. Years ago we had docked at Labadee, Haiti. They did not let anyone off the ship. There were people in boats all around protesting. We stayed for a while and then left. So I would I would guess that the ship wouldn’t stop. At times there were US military helicopters flying around the area.
  6. I’m getting the same thing, emails only for January. I have December and January booked on Harmony. I’ve wondered as well.
  7. We told the loyalty ambassador on first cruise. When we got our boarding cards, it still said Diamond. Went to guest services and it had been changed. They gave us a new card with Diamond Plus.
  8. We cruise all the time in January. We have found that the larger ships like Harmony have more children than the smaller ships. I guess because they have more kid things like slides, etc. Also the larger ships tend to sail 7 days or less. Smaller ships usually have longer cruises. Remember that there are people from other countries whose schools have a different schedule than in the US. Also we find that a lot of kids are home schooled now. Maybe more now after pandemic.
  9. Water, iced tea, coffee and lemonade are complimentary. Not sure if it will be self serve. We have not been on Vision so not sure of the options. We are from the South and I will say that their iced tea is not very good for us. It’s much too strong and looks like cola. In fact, one time the waiter filled my husbands class of Coke with iced tea.
  10. It’s been a while since we were on Indy but we have been on her sister, Freedom many times. As I recall you just walked forward on the outside promenade deck. You will come to steps that lead to the helicopter pad.
  11. You can also call Royal to see if it has been applied. They will send you an email if you ask showing the OBC. As others have mentioned, you may be too far out from your cruise.
  12. We have Verizon and use WiFi calling on ships all the time. Just be sure to turn on before you leave.
  13. We talked to the LA on first leg but when we went to B2B meeting our new cards were still Diamond. We went to customer service and it had been changed to D+ and we got new cards.
  14. We go one day early but we drive. That can be an adventure as well especially if going out of FLL. Might do 2 days earlier if flying,
  15. Southern Caribbean will be even warmer. We cruise in January all the time.
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