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  1. We talked to the LA on first leg but when we went to B2B meeting our new cards were still Diamond. We went to customer service and it had been changed to D+ and we got new cards.
  2. We go one day early but we drive. That can be an adventure as well especially if going out of FLL. Might do 2 days earlier if flying,
  3. Southern Caribbean will be even warmer. We cruise in January all the time.
  4. My husband always asks for a cherry coke in the DL. They just add some grenadine to the coke.
  5. We are doing Serenade for 21 days in January 2020. We haven’t booked anything yet in December 2020 but might book Harmony so we might see you then.
  6. Great to hear from you and yes, Harry and Joyce are on with us and they are also on several other cruises in August. We are also on Dec 1&8. Would love to see you on another cruise. We really like cruising out of Port Canaveral. A much easier drive for us as well. This suite may really spoil us. We had a JS on Oasis last December and enjoyed it.
  7. Look forward to meeting you, so I guess no special sail on Suites for December. 😟
  8. Looking forward to December cruises as well. See you then. We are on Dec 1 & 8. We will be back in a balcony cabin although we got the larger balcony cabin. Back to DL as well, no SL like in August.
  9. Thank you. We are so excited for the cruise. We got one of the special prices for the GS. Only paid about what we do for a balcony. Guess that they wanted to sell them.
  10. Thank you so much. We are excited to have a suite.
  11. We have booked our first suite on Harmony. Does anyone know if Coastal Kitchen is open for lunch on boarding day?
  12. We have had 9260 on Serenade and it’s not a problem. Great view as well.
  13. Our experience is that there is parking at 18. However, they usually reserve it for the large ships. We have been sent to another surface lot which is a little further.
  14. Not sure about Miami but weapons are not permitted at Port Everglades. http://www.porteverglades.net/cruising/arriving-and-departing/
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