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  1. Dilip is wonderful! Truly one of the best! The whole Haven team is terrific ! Looking forward to following along. Enjoy every moment!
  2. Enjoy! We love the Escape Haven! Who is your concierge?
  3. I believe they use caribbean or warm water lobster…not the cold water lobster we are used to in New England. My mom tried it and it was a huge No! Totally different taste.
  4. Thank you for sharing! And for the update. We have been considering renting a villa. Appreciate this so much!
  5. @romalley99 Could you please come back and share your Miami experience when you return? We are sailing an Escape B2B from Miami a few weeks after you and would love to hear your experience! Thank you!
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am sailing with my mobility impaired mother. Could you share a bit more about the lift in the tender. This is the first Ivan hearing of it. Mom walks with a cane and needs to avoid stairs. This may open up a chance to visit GSC.
  7. We have an upcoming Escape B2B in Miami. Would love to hear how the process works/does not work there . Sailing with a mobility impaired mom in the Haven.. Thank you!
  8. @disneydave Just trying to help. This was not stated in the original post or the subsequent post.
  9. @disneydave The 2 bedroom Haven on the Prima and Viva are 2 full bedrooms ..one with a king size bed and the second with a queen size bed. So if you are a party of 3; I would suggest exploring that option. We sailed in the suite on Prima as 2 adult with our own rooms. It was great. The living room is tiny but the balcony was large so it worked for us. If she is not in a Haven room, she can visit your room but cannot use any of the facilities. As someone mentioned, possibly able to join for a meal with a fee.
  10. Bon Voyage! Very excited to follow along as we are sailing a back to back in May in the Haven. First time on Escape but hearing great things. Thank you for this great thread!
  11. Thank you for this thread! We sail next month in a Haven 2 bed….looking forward to following along. One thing that has been bugging me…many Haven Lounge photos show a glass box like structure that appears to hold plants in the middle of the lounge. Curious as to what that is Also would love to hear about the Haven theatre seating location. I am sailing with my mom who will be using a scooter. I have not seen any information showing where the handicapped accessible seating is in the theatre area. Thank you and wishing you an amazing trip!
  12. Would love to hear more about your overall Haven experience! We sail next month and have sailed Joy, Bliss and Encore. Curious on hearing your overall thoughts. Thank you!
  13. I noticed the same thing in the Haven 2 bedroom based on photos and videos posted so far…Storage is extremely limited. It will be interesting. Especially when there are 6 guests in that room. Also no hooks or towels racks in The bathrooms. Very strange.
  14. I used my Air Wrap on several recent cruises. No issues. It was in my carry on and I had no issues bringing it on board. It is similar to a hair dryer .
  15. @Galveston Cruiser Would you have any recommendations for private transfers from Galveston to IAH? We are sailing on NCL Prima and will need private transfers to the airport. I am sailing with my mom who has mobility issues. Thank you!
  16. Google CPAP or medical supply stores in the area you are in. You may be able to get a replacement before you sail or at a port. We had a cpap issue on a Bermuda sailing when my mom brought the wrong water container. That was discovered on the first night when the machine whistled and leaked and could not be used. She really needs it to sleep. I was able to find a piece that allowed her to use the machine and both of us to be able to sleep. I had to take a taxi to get the part. But it was worth it. It took google time, several phone calls, an expensive taxi ride and a visit to a tiny cottage behind a medical supply store in Bermuda…but it all worked out. I posted this in your roll call in hopes you see it. Worth a try as it did allow my mom to get Some rest the second half of the week. if anyone has a CPAP issue on a Bermuda sailing, call The Medical House. They were awesome. Good Luck and enjoy your trip!
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