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  1. Let’s not forget passing the virus through the waste lines. Ever have a problem with your toilet and a crew member magically fixes it without coming into your room? There is a panel to fix the toilet in the hallway. Ever flush your toilet and smell poop when you haven’t pooped? Those waste lines are intermingled. It has also been determined that this virus can spread through not just fecal matter but also passed gas (farts)! They evacuated an entire apartment building during the SARS outbreak because of this same problem of sewage pipes carrying the virus and infecting neighbors.
  2. Perhaps from a number of passengers who have had high fever since distribution of thermometers to all onboard a few days ago.
  3. Unless, of course, it CAN be spread through ventilation or plumbing. That would break the quarantine.
  4. Sometimes it does remind me of pancakes with butter and syrup!
  5. We'll be on Majesty next week. I will watch for it - if they have it every day (I hope!) I will eat it every day!!! I'll report back.......
  6. Bread pudding! Usually served once per cruise in Windjammer at lunch. Can’t remember the last time it was on the menu in MDR at dinner.
  7. Oh my!! those waves look rough. I hope it doesn’t last too much longer. I hope the captain is keeping you informed. Thank you for your post...wishing you calmer seas soon!
  8. Thanks!!! Looks like the worst of it will be north of you once it gets cranked up. My friend is on your cruise and said the last storm wasn't bad at all. Those Captains know what they're doing! Have fun. I love this thread!
  9. I love your ALL of your pictures, but especially the pictures of Boston. Such a fun, interesting thread -- thank you!!! Enjoy your upcoming sea days. If you have a chance, let us know how the captain does maneuvering around the rain...I'm sure he'll do fine.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to post your wonderful trip! I am thrilled to tag along, as we are another pair who had to cancel this beautiful cruise. Also, our friends are aboard, another fun reason to follow! Have fun - wish we were there!!!
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