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  1. Its been longer than that for me. Here’s where to post questions like this: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/859-need-help-using-the-forums-check-here/ Others have had the same situation but I can’t find an answer that works. I haven’t checked in a couple of weeks though.
  2. cdngrl


    i am so sorry for your loss, such a tragic experience for your family. alaska will be a great reminder of the beauty in the world and i may be a bit biased but victoria is also lovely. from the time you arrive at the airport in seattle, there will be many helpful people. once on board, you will be taken care of and directed to whatever you need to do (very little!). the rest of your vacation will be full of doing whatever you want whenever you want. on my first cruises i went home tired because i didn't want to miss anything and did all of the activities.... and it was totally worth it!
  3. i've had bad luck with moving cabins. the first time, i had introduced myself to the new steward, i told my old steward. i'd packed up. i called the desk (twice)... nothing. no one came to move me. i was ready well before 8am and by 10, still nothing. back and forth to the new cabin to see if it was ready (yup). back to the old cabin where i packed up completely and brought my own suitcases to the new cabin. it was stressful! thankfully it was in whittier where i didn't have a tour so wasn't missing anything. not once have i had the good experiences you folks on this thread did. it gives me hope that it can work out though! i have a b2b this fall and i hope first of all that i get assigned the same cabin and secondly, if i don't, that things go much more smoothly!
  4. sorry, i don't see a phone number, but you can order it online : https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-gifts-celebrations/gifts-and-services/ at the top of the page, under gifts and services, you can click on the link to order it for someone else.
  5. i book direct because i like the control. i want to get the email about a move-over offer or upsell right away. or if i see a price drop i want to jump on it. i sometimes use a travel agent who gives me money off my cruise but because i am in canada and she is in the US (she can book in $CAD), she is unable to give me any OBC or as much of a reduction as US folks (about 4%) . i have yet to find a canadian TA who discounts so i may as well do it on my own. i also usually book screaming last minute deals and my TA even says there's not much she can do for me on those.
  6. jilly08, what company did you use in moorea and would you choose them again?
  7. what does he dislike about the crown grill? my next cruise has a complimentary dinner there.
  8. here you go jagsfan: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/Onboard_Experience/Crown-Grill-Menu-Sample.pdf https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/sabatinis-trattoria/sabatinis-trattoria-main-menu.pdf
  9. your sunrise photos are gorgeous. i very much enjoy your live from's. i'm *almost* as sad as you that its soon over. thank you for taking the time to take us along.
  10. as a solo cruiser, i like this setup and how open it feels. i wouldn't like it as a couple, it would irritate me climbing over the bed. thrak, can you get a different cabin in the same category? the price shouldn't change then. i've done that a few times.
  11. great photos and the passengers are getting a beautiful warm day here! downtown is going to be hopping!
  12. i disembarked the regal yesterday and there was unlimited wifi for platinum and elite for one device at at time. i wrote my blog on my ipad but my photos were on my android phone. i kept having to switch back and forth. after about three days i think i confused the system because it then worked on both simultaneously. fyi anyone i saw with a medallion around their neck said it was barely working to open their doors.
  13. hamilton!!!!!! i am very envious! enjoy your day and thank you for doing a live for us.
  14. but it was a US insurer--aon affinity, princess' insurer.
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